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Toilet Problem


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We have a toilet that is suspended which is integrated  into the wall.

A small plastic part of the flushing mechanism has broken. The plumber arrived and said we had a huge problem.

He has temporarily fixed the system and says he can do full repairs at the start of next year.

His estimate has arrived for 1,920€.

We are in shock, his explanation is the system is very old and a part can not be found so the existing toilet has to be replaced which involves destroying tiles and replacing them etc, 20 hours of work.

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Get another plumber to look at it.

Flushing mechanisms are not normally specific to particular toilets, and with perhaps a little experience and imagination it should be possible to fit one which is available.

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Danny ........

Quite frankly, this bloke is ‘having a laugh’ ......... potentially at your expense.

The idea of charging €1920 to fix a toilet involving 20 hrs of work, beggars belief.

I’m not clear what “suspended & integrated in to the wall” exactly means, but it can’t be that complicated.  To give you a rough idea, we’ve just had our bathroom completely re-done.  I had already bought the new toilet (which included all the fill and flushing mechanisms) costing €180.   But if it had been just replacement mechanisms, the cost would have been <€50.

Our artisan’s charge for fitting the whole lot was €150 and that was probably a bit OTT, because someone who knows what they’re doing, could do that in an hour or so.

IMO, you should give this charlatan €50 for his trouble and tell him to p!ss off.

Your problem then is finding somebody who can give you a realistic quote and a realistic timescale for doing the work.  I’ve heard of some attempted ripoffs before, but this one takes the biscuit.

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Thanks for all the responses.

We have contacted two other plumbers and one of them said if we do not know the mark of the equipment then they have no solution for us. The other plumber came up with a possible solution, that was to install a normal toilet, however it will not work as it would only leave 8cm space between the toilet and the door.

We have another plumber coming this afternoon who will see if a smaller toilet with a thin cistern can be installed or if a high cistern can be installed.

We talked to the original plumber that gave us the 1920€ , about printing the part, however he said that the whole mechanism had to be replaced and did not think that it would be possible, in addition he could not stand over 3d parts in terms of a guarantee.


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Wall hung toilet on a metal support frame as most are?

Unless its a Geberit then there will be alternative parts that could be used but it sounds like you have a fitter rather than a plumber. 

Worst case would be to buy a suitable replacement cistern, the flush valves all work on the same sizes of pipe, two actually so most are produced to convert.

If yours has a remote push button flush the these are also available as universal replacements for €25-35. Fitting is straight forward in most cases as they all work the same way, except Geberit.

Without photos it is tricky to see what the problem is but it certainly isnt the kind of money you are being quoted. I am back in the UK now but otherwise I would have fixed it for half what you were quoted including the long journey cost!

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