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  1. Has anyone got an idea of the cost of tiling a 16 m2 terrace. It will include the cost of removing the old tiles ( Most of which can be removed by hand ) and the old chape Mortier, putting down new chape Mortier and tiles costing 30€ per m2. In these infrlationery times, a friend says it could cost 6,000€ which has shocked us.
  2. We noticed in our local newspaper that the price of second hand cars has shot up, so we dropped by our local Renault dealer today to get some information. We ended up with two quotes, one for a diesel and one for a petrol car. We currently have a Renault Koleos 4x4 diesel 10cv manual gear change, which we bought in April 2018 for 36,000€. It has 34000km on the clock. The quote for the same model diesel but with automatic gears is now 55,224€ which includes a new charge for a Malus ecolique of 5,105€. They are offering 31,300€ trade in value bringing the net cost down to 23,900€ The petrol quote, automatic gears with 8cv and is a 4x2, is 46,549€ and the trade in value is 30,700€ bringing the net cost to 15,800€. With our current car we have used the 4x4 on one occasion in the mountains. About 85% of our motoring is short trips of about 30km each time. Neither of us knows anything about cars other than how to drive them, we have never opened the bonnet on the current car. We would appreciate some advice from the wise owls on the board as to what is the better option for us is. An electric car would not be suitable as we live in a building of 12 apartments and the parking space in the garage has no electrical points. At the last AGM a proposal to install an electrical junction box was turned dowd as being to expensive. Danny.
  3. Thanks for all the responses. We have contacted two other plumbers and one of them said if we do not know the mark of the equipment then they have no solution for us. The other plumber came up with a possible solution, that was to install a normal toilet, however it will not work as it would only leave 8cm space between the toilet and the door. We have another plumber coming this afternoon who will see if a smaller toilet with a thin cistern can be installed or if a high cistern can be installed. We talked to the original plumber that gave us the 1920€ , about printing the part, however he said that the whole mechanism had to be replaced and did not think that it would be possible, in addition he could not stand over 3d parts in terms of a guarantee. Frustrated.
  4. We have a toilet that is suspended which is integrated into the wall. A small plastic part of the flushing mechanism has broken. The plumber arrived and said we had a huge problem. He has temporarily fixed the system and says he can do full repairs at the start of next year. His estimate has arrived for 1,920€. We are in shock, his explanation is the system is very old and a part can not be found so the existing toilet has to be replaced which involves destroying tiles and replacing them etc, 20 hours of work.
  5. We have paid habitation tax and tax foncia for the past two years on a property which was sold in may 2019, at the time we were told that the payments would be refunded. We sent letters , emails and recorded letters to the impots, all were ignored. Last week we visited the impot offices and made it clear our patience had run out, they told us that things were running two years in arrears, however they accepted that we were due a refund. Three days later the refunds arrived in our bank accounts, not a 100% recovery apparently some part of the Taxe Foncia is not recoverable. So our advice is go to the local taxe office and make your case.
  6. You are correct, except they tend to be the immigrants seeking a new life in the UK. We have come across lots of these people when we are on Randos, not a pleasant trip high in the Pyrenees when you are very poorly dressed.
  7. We took the risk today.Just back from a days shopping, no problems on the way down, however cars were been stopped at the entrance to the Spanish motorway, Lots of cars pulled over, the two cars in front of us had Belgium plates , both pulled over, lots of french cars also, saw the debit card machine in action. When it was our turn, they looked at the number plates, ( 66 ) and waved us on.From the 7Th June 2021, just the digital cert is all that is required, no PCR test, but it must be for the two jabs.
  8. Normally we go to Spain two times a month, however that was before Covid-19.We have both received our two vaccinations and got the digital vaccination certificates. Can we cross the border without a PCR test. ?We can not find anything on line.
  9. Is it my imagination or have property prices suddenly taken a 10% price increase over the past 6 months.In our area  Department 66, all we see are sold signs in the estate agent windows, plus on Leboncoin the prices for apartments at the sea or near the sea seem to have increased by over 10%, at least the asking prices.In our former department 17, it would appear that prices for properties have also taken a jump in asking prices. On talking to a friend, they have told us that prices have risen and properties are moving very quickly.
  10. Brilliant, I managed to follow your instructions and all is now good.Thanks a lot.Just need to cancel the appointment. Danny.
  11. Thank you for responding.Last year on the online form the boxes existed, this year they do not exist.We tried calling the helpline but nobody answers. We then drove to the tax office and talked to someone, however he said it was beyond his grade so we have an appointment with a controller who comes one a week for the 11.05.21. Fingers crossed that he understands.
  12. I submitted our return last week and the impots calculated the amount that we owed. Unfortunately it calculated the profits from renting at 17.2% rather than 7.5%.Last year we ticked boxes 8SH and 8SI which are not listed on the form 2042 this year.Other than contacting the impots or looking for a refund, how do we amend the return. We will appreciate help on this matter.
  13. We have a Renault that we bought about 3 years ago.To date we have accumulated 27,500km, it has a diesel engine.The car had its first service about a year ago at 22,500km and then they told us to come back at 26,000km to change the front brakes, which we did.Since the first service we have done 5,000km in the last year, according to the message on the screen a service is due in 14 days.We visited the garage and asked if we needed another service after doing just 5,000km, they said we needed the full second service. The garage is a Renault garage.We know nothing about cars other than how to drive them. According to the documents we got from Renault the service intervals are every 30,000km or every year.Your thoughts and advice will be appreciated.
  14. Got the bill today, 198€, so not so bad.
  15. No bills yet. The first plumber will not be paid as we had to have two parts replaced under the sink by the second plumber.
  16. The plumber that came yesterday did not return. Got another plumber, he used a large snake type device and solved the problem in 20 minutes.
  17. The drama continues.Yesterday Foncia sent around a company that deals with blockages, they used some form of wet hoover cleaner, after an hour he was not able to solve the problem, however he concluded that the blockage was inside our apartment.So yesterday we found a plumber who came around this morning.He brought some expensive version of what looked like caustic soda and poured that into the sink, smoke bellowed out of the plug area of the sink for about 15 minutes, it appeared to be quite toxic, he then ran the water however it was still blocked, he then used some form of plunger to get rid of the water that did not drain away.Unfortunately the white substance that he used burnt through a pipe that connects the overflow pipe to the down pipe in addition the small container under the sink was also destroyed by the white substance.He then had to leave to go to another problem and will be back tomorrow, if the system is still blocked he proposes to cut the wall in our bedroom placard to access the pipe and do something about solving the problem.
  18. Thanks for responding. We had a plumber around this morning, his proposal was to remove and replace all of the pipes which would have involved removing the washing machine, kick boards and a very long cupboard which would mean taking out the integrated cooker etc. his devis was for 620€ plus.I have this evening forwarded on the details that i have given above to Foncia and expect them to reply to us hopefully tomorrow.On the other matter regarding the leak into the duplex below us, the matter is nearing resolution after visits from 4 so called experts. We have been told the work will commence in two weeks time to repair the cracks in the outside wall. Apparently the last expert to give an opinion has 33 years experience of dealing with building cracks., he also said that the membrane on our terrace is in perfect condition. Will keep you advised.
  19. I have a blocked pipe under the kitchen sink.  The procedure I followed to resolve the problem was as follows. 1. I inserted the snake into the lower pipe, it is 5 meters in length. I managed to get in 2.60 meters which is the length of the start of the pipe to the wall. 2. I then turned the snake with the handle until it passed the wall and I assume descended, I got in total 4.60 meters into the pipe. 3. I repeated the same procedure 5 times, each time removing very small amounts of limestone. 4. Then I closed off the plug at the start of the pipe and then opened the tap and let water into the system. 5. The water overflowed in the washing machine pipe and did the same in the sink drainage pipe, ie it did not drain properly from the sink. 6. I again drained all of the water out of the lower pipe and used the snake as indicated above 5 times. 7. I then filled the washing machine pipe and the 2 drainer sink pipes with 2.5 liters of hydrochloric acid. 8. I left the acid to sit for 3 hours. It is recommended that any blocage should take 20 minutes to work. 9. I then ran cold water into both the sink and the washing machine pipes, however, the water did not drain away. 10. I then removed the acid from the pipes and inserted the snake again several times. 11. I have dis-assembled all of the pipes under the sink and cleaned all of them, however, they showed very little evidence of a blocage. The pipes are still blocked. Can anyone offer advice?  I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building of 12 apartments. The distance from the start of the drainage pipe to the exterior wall of the building is 2.6 meters.
  20. The expert that Foncia selected came around.Subject to something different in the written report, his conclusions were as follows.1. The external crack on the external wall between the Duplex and our terrace is the cause of the problem.It is a communal problem and everyone has to pay.As a temporary measure they intend manipulating or extending the membrane under our terrace as the painting and repairs to the building is due to commence in March 2023.Foncia also confirmed to us that when the membrane is due to be replaced ( 5 to 10 years ) that it will be a communal charge. Danny.
  21. Hi Gardengirl,The information that you have provided seems be in tune from the feedback that we are getting from Foncia.We saw our insurance company today ( Groupama ). They understood the problem and explained the complexity of the situation, they gave us some documents to complete ( Constat amiable Dégat des eaux ) . We have to get this documen completed by the 4 insurance companies involved. Essentially this is to cover the damage in the Duplex with the tenants.Foncia have appointed a named person to liaise with us. They have appointed an expert to locate the leak and make an assessment of costs and I assume repair the problem. So far Foncia have not said that the problem is ours to fix and resolve. I do remember a couple of years ago, we had an electric shutter destroyed by a storm, our insurance told us that we are not covered for such damage as the shutter was considered as part of the structure of the building and was eventually covered by the insurer of the building. In an other case one of the owners in the building told us this morning  that when they had a balcony leak between them and the apartment underneath, everybody paid a share of the costs. This would support what you said in your response to me.Danny.
  22. I have taken your advice and have contacted Foncia who look after the building, they have responded immediately and have appointed an expert company called Société Durini to investigate the problem.Thanks for your advice.
  23. I agree with you, if the problem is ours then we will pay. I have contacted Foncia who look after the building and we will accept what they have to say.The most important think is to get the matter resolver as soon as possible to protect our tenant.
  24. Thanks Guys for your responses.I have contacted Foncia who look after the building and they have responded very quickly. They have asked us to come to their offices to complete a water damage claim form for the damage inside the duplex which is to be claimed against the building insurance. Sounds somewhat complicated as it covers 4 insurance companies , ( The building Insurance, Our Insurance company, the duplex insurance company and the building next door insurance company.Foncia have appointed an expert to visit us to determine the source of the leak.Hopefully it will be a communal repair as our terrace membrane is used by nearly all of the apartments and the building next door. I am sure Foncia will inform us of who has to pay as they look after the affairs of the building next door, if it is on our head, then we will pay.The priority for us is to make sure our tenant does not suffer. danny
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