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  1. Maybe the rabbits would come back sooner if they stopped shooting them ...................... Just a thought. https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/occitanie/aude/comment-les-chasseurs-de-l-aude-veulent-faire-revenir-les-lapins-decimes-par-un-virus-hemorragique-2734726.html#xtor=EPR-521-[france3regions]-20230319-[info-bouton6]&pid=459386-1651791101-1b2fba3b
  2. I could think of many reasons, but hesitate to list them.
  3. You've spewed out your rubbish about Gary Lineker, so why not have a go at Fiona Bruce now - after you have figured out who she is, read around on the subject, and become an expert, of course.
  4. Bet he does, though 😁
  5. I think we can assume that if there were a legitimate reason, it would be given
  6. In the interests of balance...... JONATHAN PIE
  7. Whilst looking for a holiday apartment around Roses we visited one in one of the largest, and oldest, blocks there about20 years ago. There was notice board for residents in the entrance hall, affixed to which was notice advising them that it was forbidden to re-tile their apartments by laying new tiles over the old, as the building was becoming overloaded.
  8. I hope your balcony is strong enough to support a full jacuzzi, which can weigh between 1.5 and 4 tons. Recently a grossly overloaded balcony fell off an apartment, I believe it was in Narbonne. Could be quite exciting if one were in the tub 🙄
  9. If so, this is not allowed, as the downpipe is for rain water, which has to be drained away on private land or on the road. Dumping waste water from a jacuzzi or spa into this system is a health hazard. It must be disposed of via the sewage system. https://www.ligne-spa.fr/comment-vider-et-hiverner-un-spa/
  10. Are you referring to the downpipe for rainwater from the roof gutter?
  11. I suggest you visit or phone your local France Services office, they are there to help with any bureaucratic issues. https://www.ecologie.gouv.fr/france-services
  12. After a longish spell in England, I had my Lloyds M/card blocked once because the "system" decided there was fraudulent use being made with it due to a fairly large grocery purchase in S France after driving there. Luckily we had several cards at that time and used another one. When I got around to calling them, my bank pointed out that on the back of the card there is a number to call to resolve such problems. They said it occasionally happens when a card is used for a largish transaction in a new, distant location after a period of not being used outside the UK.
  13. If you had closer to normal intelligence you would know that "correct my grammar" was the reason for my edit, not an invitation for daft comments. If your post was not a complaint, it certainly had every appearance of being one. Idiots like you, who seem to spend their time looking for things to criticise rather than being constructive, are the prime reason for the mass abandonment of this and other forums. Me, I've had enough. Goodbye to all.
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