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  1. https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F2971
  2. Not quite sure what you mean by "used to"
  3. It'll be as bad as England soon!
  4. As all seems to be working according to plan I decided to cancel my Orange contract this week. But just received this email from Orange: Bonjour, Vous avez actuellement un transfert automatique d’e-mails depuis votre boite mail wanadoo/orange.fr vers une autre boite mail personnelle. Dans le cadre de son engagement comme opérateur de confiance, Orange souhaite procéder à une réinitialisation des transferts de messagerie pour renforcer la sécurité du mail Orange. Nous allons en conséquence procéder à la réinitialisation de votre transfert dans quinze jours environ. A compter de ce moment, vos mails ne seront plus redirigés. Ensuite, si vous le souhaitez, vous pourrez paramétrer à nouveau votre transfert automatique de vos e-mails vers la boite mail de votre choix, et ce uniquement en étant connecté en wifi ou par câble Ethernet à la Livebox de votre contrat internet. So they are about to cancel the email transfers I have set up, which currently just collect mails to various addresses into one box. Bbut I won't be able to set up any transfers, especially new ones from Orange to my new email host, until some unknown date, and will have to continue my contract to keep the Livebox until then to do so. Maybe they will be gracious enough to inform me when they are through messing with the system? What will they do next? Will the forwarding still work properly after they are through with reinforcing their security? Watch this space for more exciting tales of Agent Orange!
  5. Does this help solve the mystery? https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arachide 😉
  6. Also, if your friend has insurance on a French house, this probably will include Protection Juridique, which will cover him for legal expenses and carry out the entire procedure on his behalf. If he has this in his contract, he should contact his insurance company immediately, before taking any action himself.
  7. A procedure in France exists: https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F1787 On the EU level, this may be an update of Menthe's link. The max amount is higher. https://e-justice.europa.eu/content_small_claims-42-en.do?init=true
  8. i have: Windows 10 Home Version 21H2 Installed on 04-June-20 OS build 19044.1706 Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4170.0 I had Update set to automatically download updates but ask before installing, but that choice seems to have disappeared from Settings, as optional updates are no longer offered, and everything available is it now downloaded and installed.
  9. Sounds par for the course with Orange. No-one seems to have control of the automated emails sent out by their system. It's impossible to stop them, and replying to them just creates more confusion. I will be cancelling my Orange contract later this month. It just can't be too soon. See my contributions in the "Fibre Optic connection to house" thread.
  10. Thank you Cajal. I'd never have guessed. i wonder how it got there. Maybe just something W update thought I would like....................
  11. Within the last couple of weeks a small coloured cartoon image/icon has appeared on the RHS of the Search Box. Every time the mouse pointer passes over it a large window appears with a collection of bits and pieces, including a large image of what I assume is supposed to be news or something to waste one's time on, like "Looking for the burrowing owls", plus smaller images titled "On this day 1902", "Quote of the day", and "Word of the day" I didn't put it there I don't want it. Does anyone know how to get rid of it, please?
  12. I returned the Alcatel phone to Amazon and bought a reconditioned 2-phone Gigaset from them for €24. It works perfectly, so I now have phones connected both to the land line via the Orange Livebox and the new line via the 4G router. I'll probably leave them like that for a couple of weeks until I'm reasonably sure everyone important has the new number.
  13. I received the Paypal information this morning, and put the account number on the appropriate 3916. Strange that their information sheet I linked to above states they have no account numbers. What a performance, going through the entire declaration just to add a number. As our financial advisor in Spain once told me, "Don't bother looking for any logic, just do what they want"
  14. If you haven't already done so, I still think that you should urgently talk to your/his médecin traitant. He is the only person the hospital is likely to heed who knows your husband's medical history and what treatment and medication he should or should not be given.
  15. I posted a few days ago in another topic, that I usually go to topics by opening a new tab from "All Activity". I have found that, when I have written a reply, and there is a long delay before it appears, it is usually present in "All Activity" if I return to that tab. Saves siting waiting to see what's happening, or making a double post.
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