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  1. Correction. Sorry, it's always on 2 fev; I meant to say it's on Thursday. Our gym session is closed, alas, so no hopes of anyone bringing in a pile of crèpes.
  2. This year, it's on Thursday 2 février. I am just wondering if someone can give me a recipe and instructions on how to make pancakes like the French? Have asked lots of people and no one has ever given me quantities or how to make other than to say "I use my crèperie". One women said, just get the batter to the consistency of emulsion paint! I have more or less given up making them. I find American pancakes are the easiest to make as you use some bicarb and the pancakes are smaller rounds and puff up nicely.
  3. No, no cajal, I never lived in 16. I was Sweet 17 because that was my département, Charente Maritime. Sweet was tongue in cheek, I was far from. Betise, the one that always confused me a bit was Ron from the Aveyron. Either he didn't live in Aveyron or he couldn't pronounce Aveyron. Oh well, we were all new then, on the forum, in France. I'd made many many errors in French some of which were hilarious but some were downright embarrassing😂
  4. No need to be overly worried about mistakes Hectorsdad, we all make them? You would know about the different French départements though, wouldn't you? You could then hazard a guess that Gardian might live in the Gard. The early forum had a smattering of people who called themselves using variations on the names of their départements or regions.
  5. This writer has never heard of laïcité then? What good is it praying for the French? The only thing connected with religion that does interest my French friends are the "religious" public holidays! 15 August comes to mind, apart from Easter, Christmas, etc.
  6. Lehaut, if you are already doing your tax forms, why not use your secure messagerie to ask the impôts people? It's a bit early for me to do my déclaration but that's what I intend to do if I still don't know by the time I do get on to do it.
  7. I agree, idun would be the person you need. However, just thought I'd mention that, the last time I was in touch with her, she did not seem overly eager to post on here. Still, if she saw your post, I am sure she'd come on to help🙂
  8. Online service has been available for at least 5 years. I applied for OH in 2018 and, like you, I was amazed at how well it worked. I applied for mine last November, even though my passport was valid until December. With all the talk of postal strikes and so on, I thought I'd do it a bit earlier. In fact, it came back in a fortnight. BTW, if you had a red EU passport, you could use it till the last day of expiry.
  9. menthe

    Les Deux Alpes

    Fabulous pictures, Lehaut. I can almost feel myself there and it made me shiver. Mind you, it's perishing here, has been for days now and I have a job keeping warm. Did you walk witmh raquettes? TBH I prefer raquettes or ski de fond....no need to make great big scars on the landscape and no need to build lifts etc. Then, in summer, it is all meadows again. Wish I could just go down to Bordeaux and take a plane to Geneva, just like old times. I do not know les Deux Alpes so will do a bit of research. Great that you and Mrs L could get around and enjoy yourselves.
  10. Thank you, DL, certainly I'll try another browser. Don't know what I'm doing wrong, but there it is; these things are sent to try us.
  11. HD I hadn't realised that you didn't live year long in France. Do you come with Hector, your filial and affectionate son? Does he exist or is he purely imaginary? No, don't answer if you think me impertinent and my questions too personal! I am only pulling your leg and having a laugh with you. Years ago, when the forum was young, the members used to do things like that, joshing each other, inventing imaginary friends and comic neighbours and, in Woolybanana's case, eccentric family members. Now the forum has grown old as have the members. It's become staid and straight-laced and PC and, dare I say it, a bit boring.
  12. Can we fall back on talking about the weather? Can't upset anybody, can't bring out rudeness or insults, nobody need argue with anyone else....is that OK? Where I live, snow is as rare as hen's teeth. The last time we had any amount in any sort of quantity was over 10 years ago. But after fog and cold and damp for days on end, this afternoon we have snow. My neighbour rang me with barely concealed excitement, isn't it joli she asked. OH's cat was completely nonplussed or nonpussed in his case and ran for shelter under the car. Great big fat flakes now settling on everything. Anyone wish to talk about THEIR weather?
  13. Hey, HD, it works...tried it on my kiné this morning. We had very reduced visibility on the roads, there being thick fog everywhere. So, I began by saying that the weather was très mauvais, that the fog made the roads dangerous that despite all that, the French drove their cars à toute allure. He laughed and made the sound of a growl of car engine. So now you can use it with complete confidence on your neighbour😄
  14. Alas, although I think you are right, I have been unable to do anything effective. Even tried signing on as a different user but the damn site seems to know every email address I have ever used. Shame that despite its impeccable memory, it never has any recollection of my password?
  15. You could equally say he was the author of his own success. So Debbiere is right to point out that this is a case of having to ignore the connotation.
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