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  1. An update on my bank's system's being unable to understand 2SV codes input either by voice and keyboard: I called the Orange helpline a couple of days ago, and had a similar problem when their system asked me to key in my telephone number. I was told the number does not exist, but there was a clue when it was repeated back to me: 00 44 66 88 77 88 ... etc. It seems that an echo generated by the router is causing the problem, but it is not noticed by people I talk to, although they say my voice sounds slightly distorted. I can put up with this for a while, as I'm saving €40/month over the fibre contract offered by Orange, but when I have time I'll ask Huawei's service about it.
  2. Just tried to post, usual response: Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again.
  3. UPDATE Having received no specific reply to my letter to Orange Service Clients, on July 18 I wrote by LRAR to Recours Consommateurs Internet Orange, complaining about the performance of their resiliation process, the lack of response from their Service Clients, and the bills I continue to receive. I enclosed copies of all previous correspondence and recent bills. On July 21 I received a call on my mobile from Recours Consommateurs. I was told by a very pleasant lady that a refund to my bank will shortly be made for the period of June 7 to 30, and that the €50 cancellation fee would be waived. She asked me if I was content with this arrangement, to which I replied that I would be content when the money arrived in my account. She also asked me to make sure to give her a good report when I receive their satisfaction survey.
  4. A bloody great palace for the little man in the badly fitting suit.
  5. ssomon


    Get Well Soon, Menthe!
  6. Apologies for hijacking this thread, but I have to mention a problem I recently found with my Huawei router, and cannot post a new subject. If I use the house phone connected to the router to enter a numerical code for my bank's 2SV (two step verification), either by voice recognition or via the phone keypad, the bank's system can not understand what I put in. However, it works perfectly well if I use my mobile phone. The bank's helpline tells me their system shows an incorrect code, and their technical people say all I can do is use a mobile phone for this procedure. The router seems to be distorting the signal. In order to have two possibilities for 2SV I have registered my wife's mobile number with the bank in place of the house number.
  7. Update. From May 23 onwards, I made 3 attempts to end my Orange Livebox contract by following the instructions on their website. Each time I was called by an agent who assured me it would end on June 6. As I had not received any confirmation, on June 5 I wrote by mail to the Orange Service Clients address on the factures, and was eventually advised by SMS and email that my contract would end on June 30. I received no reply to the letter, so I don't know whether the resiliation is a result of the phone calls or my letter. My fixed telephone from Orange stopped working on June 30, and they have just credited back the portion of my last facture for the days beyond that date. However, I requested the resiliation for June 6, so after waiting 30 days from sending my above letter, I intend to write to Service Recours Consommateurs Orange Internet asking for a refund of the money paid for the period from June 6 to June 30. I understand I have to wait 30 days for a reply, and if none is received, or I am not satisfied, I can then write to complain to the Médiateur des communications électroniques. Needless to say, I am extremely dissatisfied with Orange.
  8. I can't waste my time making up a list, but if a hat fits ....................
  9. I think the question I posed two months ago has been adequately answered by the responses, and the fact that posting on the forum has dropped close to zero. Posts now seem to be only from the tolerant, the totally insensitive, and trolls.
  10. Don't worry. You've managed to avoid that so far.
  11. Sorry, I didn't read the article correctly. I think the problem may be the production by manure of nitrous oxide = "nitrogen", following the daft practice of referring to carbon compounds as simply "carbon" "Manure is the second largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on a dairy farm after enteric methane (CH4) and is responsible for 7% of both agricultural CH4 and nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions" SOURCE
  12. I think they may be referring to nitrogen oxides in vehicle exhaust gases.
  13. Plastics for all uses can still be made from minerals such as coal and oil, which have always been believed by many to be really much too valuable to be simply burnt as fuel. The minerals might become more expensive once the respective industries do not use them for the high profit fuel market, but the price is likely to be kept low by the existing massive production facilities.
  14. Not much time allowed for editing!! It is not clear from your OP whether you simply signed a document provided by the agent, or officially, before a Notaire. If the latter, I suggest you go and see the Notaire.
  15. I just checked the agreement we signed for our last house purchase, on 21 July 2010. It is referred to as an "acte sous seing privé", and is entitled "acte comportant VENTE CONDITIONELLE du bien", so may or may not be different in legal terms from a Compromis. It states that the signature of the "Acte Authentique", the sale itself, will take place on 15 September 2010, that is in 8 weeks time, suggesting that the date was agreed by the parties, and probably within the legal maximum. It also states that reaching that date without completing does not annul the contract, but it is the starting point from which either party can oblige the other to complete the sale by sending them a registered letter. After stating the obligations of the buyer on failing to complete, it states those of the seller: He can force the completion of the sale, claiming all damages and expenses to which he is entitled. He can also receive 10% of the sale price as a penalty, which the seller must pay him without delay, and has also to return the deposit paid. If you have reached that stage, and do not speak French, I think you may need a lawyer.
  16. I thought someone with direct knowledge experience might respond, but as this has not happened, I can make the following comments. I presume you are referring to a Compromis de Vente, which is the common contract signed when an offer is accepted. After a quick search, the only information I found is that the maximum period of validity of a Compromis de Vente is between 3 and 4 months. SEE HERE It could not find it stated, but I presume that the period of validity should be mentioned in the Compromis, but there is possibly a legal limit to the validity, which I suggest you check directly with your Notaire rather than with the agent, who could be reluctant to lose the sale. For good information in English, start HERE and click on "Contract Types" when you get to the bottom.
  17. Almost anything around that time is immeasurably better than the dross served up these days. Most of it could well have been produced by the nitwits on The Apprentice.
  18. I experienced this in about 1968, when my wife and I were driving across France en route to Spain, and became separated. No great problem except I had all the Passports, both young kids and most of the money, it was cold, she was driving our 1952 MG, and I had our nearly new Audi. We had arranged to call my mother in England if this ever happened, but public phones were rare, there were no mobile phones then, and neither of us knew what message to leave, as we didn't know if the other was in front or behind. I went to the nearest Gendarmerie for help, my wife went to the Police Nationale. They did not communicate with each other, but at least the police left a note my wife gave them with a cop on the bridge in Tours, which I had to cross. He was brilliant, spotted my car, and gave me the note, which reassured me she was OK, and could make it to the Spanish border. She had no money for a hotel, so drove through the night, slapping her face to stay awake, and I caught up with her in Hendaye, having wasted much time checking with the Gendarmerie at every opportunity en route. Police Nationale - 1 A+, Gendarmeris - ZERO.
  19. I have been using a Free Mobile SIM in my Huawei router on their 210GB contract HERE since April 23. So far, so good.
  20. I decided to cancel my contract whatever obstacles Orange throws my way, so started the process on Monday 23/5. After finding the not immediately obvious place to do this in my espace client, I read the instructions and found that as I am not considered to have a legitimate reason for cancelling, I will be charged €50, and had to click on a button and enter a number on which they could phone me. I was called immediately by a lady who asked me why I called. I replied that Orange had called me, as I wanted to cancel my contract. In answer to her questions I replied that I don't need a fixed phone as I have a mobile and I don't need an internet service as I also use the mobile, and I would like my contract to be ended as soon as possible. She said this would be done on June 6th, which was 10 working days as mentioned in my contract. Since then I have connected the main house phone to the 5G router with the Free SIM and put the new phone on the Livebox. I have made many local calls and some to UK and New Zealand and have been told that the quality of sound received is not as good, slightly blurred, with some echo, but acceptable. For a saving of €40/month we will just put up with this. I have checked my "conso" on Free, have not been charged for any calls, and am hundreds of GB's in credit, so all seems well. Meanwhile, we are hardly getting any emails to our Orange addresses, so I seem to have given the new ones to everyone. As Orange blocks so many legitimate emails as Spam I have to check my account at least a couple of times a day, and while there have checked their forwarding system, which is still not functioning. Today, in my Spam folder, I found an email from Orange themselves! suggesting I download their email app. I expected to get an email or message from Orange to confirm my cancellation, so clicked the "Resiliation" button again yesterday. The lady who replied confirmed that it was in effect for June 6, and that I would "eventually" receive instructions for returning their equipment. The organisation seems to be falling well below the standards I would expect.
  21. https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F2971
  22. Not quite sure what you mean by "used to"
  23. It'll be as bad as England soon!
  24. As all seems to be working according to plan I decided to cancel my Orange contract this week. But just received this email from Orange: Bonjour, Vous avez actuellement un transfert automatique d’e-mails depuis votre boite mail wanadoo/orange.fr vers une autre boite mail personnelle. Dans le cadre de son engagement comme opérateur de confiance, Orange souhaite procéder à une réinitialisation des transferts de messagerie pour renforcer la sécurité du mail Orange. Nous allons en conséquence procéder à la réinitialisation de votre transfert dans quinze jours environ. A compter de ce moment, vos mails ne seront plus redirigés. Ensuite, si vous le souhaitez, vous pourrez paramétrer à nouveau votre transfert automatique de vos e-mails vers la boite mail de votre choix, et ce uniquement en étant connecté en wifi ou par câble Ethernet à la Livebox de votre contrat internet. So they are about to cancel the email transfers I have set up, which currently just collect mails to various addresses into one box. Bbut I won't be able to set up any transfers, especially new ones from Orange to my new email host, until some unknown date, and will have to continue my contract to keep the Livebox until then to do so. Maybe they will be gracious enough to inform me when they are through messing with the system? What will they do next? Will the forwarding still work properly after they are through with reinforcing their security? Watch this space for more exciting tales of Agent Orange!
  25. Does this help solve the mystery? https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arachide ?
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