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  1. In a discussion about the names of nearby, now defunct, factories, I came across this saying or pun, which I don't understand. "les usines prenaient le nom d'un lieudit, d'un hameau, d'un moulin ou d'une métairie ...... mais Cayenne reste une énigme. Cazals risque une hypothèse qui viendrait de l'argot. «La boîte, c'est l'atelier quand on ne l'appelle pas simplement Cayenne»." https://www.ladepeche.fr/article/2018/09/20/2872083-la-route-des-usines-monde-industriel-a-redecouvrir.html
  2. Yes, it was, but a pharmacy might still be able to sign you up. I just thought it might be worth a try.
  3. We had a similar problem, in that the very old cards which we had at the time we were invited to sign up had no number in the position indicated. I asked about this at our usual pharmacy and they signed us up and put a sticker on our cards. However, no-one except the pharmacy has ever added any information to our "espaces"
  4. Not quite such a sunny life for those born in the Empire just before WW2 I'm afraid.
  5. The contract which I signed did not mention any charge for connection. The Free Mobile connection via the 4G router is quite fast enough for me - it varies between 15 and 40 MB/sec - but the house telephones, which are connected to the router, only ring for about ten seconds before the call is switched to voicemail, and this is not adjustable. This is no problem if callers leave a message, which our usual callers to do, but if they don't, we can't call them back as missed calls are not recorded. This may not actually be a problem, as it filters out spam calls. The advantage is that the monthly charge is €19.99 (€9.99 for the first year) compared with at least €39.99 with Orange, and there is no monthly charge for the router, which I bought for €100 from Amazon France.
  6. It's not always that simple. I signed a contract with Orange for a fibre connection in February 2022 and the technicians arrived at our house shortly afterwards. The manhole with the nearest terminal is in the road about 35 metres from our house, which fronts directly onto the road, as do the two neighbouring houses between us and the manhole. I assumed the installers would dig a trench between our house and the manhole, as overhead connections are not allowed here, but as there was a conduit already in place under the pavement from the manhole to the furthest neighbours wall, they planned to run the cable along the front of the neighbouring houses and the wall between our house and the next. The problem was that they wanted to see written permission from the two neighbours to fix the cable onto their facades. One neighbour consented, the other flat refused, so the technicians left. When I contacted Orange their only reply was that the connection was awaiting the consent of the neighbour. Almost 2 years later we still have no fibre connection, and have to use the 4G mobile network for Internet access.
  7. I think this would be covered by a Donation entre époux I suggest you discuss it with your Notaire.
  8. Don't worry, it won't bother them living on their yachts in continuous beautiful weather.
  9. People around here manage in much the same way as they always have
  10. As the URSSAF report all relevant information to the Impots we have never had to report it on our tax declaration. We receive our credit automatically on our Avis. We don't use the service you mention, as our gardener doesn't want to register for it. He prefers to get his payments directly from us for each visit, and it's quite nice to receive our credit in one payment.
  11. Actually, it depends on what you agreed to in the sale document (Acte de Vente) which you signed, so I suggest you read it. Legally, Taxe d'Habitation is payable each year by whoever occupied the property, and Taxes Foncières by whoever owned it, on January 1st. In practice, in many Departments, it is customary for the full year of the Td'H to be paid by the seller, and for the TF to be paid proportionally by both he buyer and seller. However, buyer and seller are free to make and record whatever arrangements they agree on for the sale.
  12. Errm - cough cough I posted this yesterday with no noticeable effect
  13. Most places we stay have nice views though, this is in the Sierra de Segura.
  14. A BnB room in Figueres. On top of the crummy view it took at least 20 minutes to find a new parking space every time we used the car. But it was cheap. It was an experiment, in Figueres we now stay in fairly decent hotels with their own parking.
  15. We drove through Tours just after the main bridge had collapsed There was a diversion to cross the river by a temporary bridge, which was a shambles, and it was pretty scary to see the collapsed bridge we had driven over so many times. Tours was on our usual route from Spain to UK, but the next time we went through the main road and bridge had become mostly bus lane, so that through traffic was restricted to one lane on each side, partly blocked with parked cars, and with multiple traffic lights. Nowadays we avoid driving through there by taking the A20 to Vierzon, then using N- and D- roads through Blois to Le Mans. A much nicer journey.
  16. Maybe he was a real wally
  17. Information here https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F10613
  18. Corruption is also when an official forces people to do something for him/her by using his/her senior position, by controlling lower officials he/she has appointed, or simply by bribing people. Sound familiar?
  19. Don't worry, he has regular medical checks
  20. I always ask for a receipt, but I'm glad they no longer give them automatically. There is a Carrefour market just up the road from us, and maybe there will be less receipts thrown out of car windows and drifting into our garden.
  21. What should be done to discourage hopeless cases like these? Really severe punishments to impress their peers? 10 years of education for seems to have had little effect on this individual. https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/occitanie/herault/montpellier/il-s-amuse-avec-une-allumette-et-cause-un-incendie-le-pyromane-de-15-ans-sera-juge-en-septembre-dans-l-herault-2824088.html#at_medium=5&at_campaign_group=1&at_campaign=france3regions&at_offre=4&at_variant=Occitanie&at_send_date=20230811&at_recipient_id=459386-1651791101-1b2fba3b
  22. My query on my Impots site messagerie has been "En attente de traitement" since mid June, so I consider I have made sufficient attempt to comply with the new rules.
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