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  1. I have no difficulty with myself opting for this dignified way out. A bag full of nitrogen is a peaceful way to go. However, I have my doubts that for society as a whole, the legal ramifications of an individual opting for it will take some getting past. You only have to see how many older people are easily scammed out of their life savings, having "work" done on their dwellings etc to see how avoiding pressure from "loved ones" who want their inheritance needs safeguards.
  2. Taken on 21 May at the weir on the Rhône south of Beauclaire/Tarascon. If you zoom in you can see his little boat anchored just in front of the turbulent water.
  3. Our eldest did his UK MSc at ICL, South Ken. He taught maths (or rather tried as the kids were not too keen on the subject) to French families in the "French Quarter". His French education came in handy for that.
  4. That.s been our impression during the days we have been here so far. Just wanted to make sure we were not the only ones.
  5. Widening the thread, would be interested in ALBF"s take on We drove down last week to tour the area on our bikes. The picture shows the historical bit, but were are outside the walls in the main town Quite an eyeopener! Last year we stayed in London for a week and rented a flat from AirBnB in Battersea, two minutes walk from the park, then the Thames. We loved it.
  6. Any one manage to buy one? https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/article/2024/may/17/french-post-office-releases-scratch-and-sniff-baguette-stamp Wonder if they will do the same for Saint Isidore and what "fragrance" would they choose?
  7. We are cyclists, having taken up the sport some 20 months ago. I fully agree with you! We wear high viz kit, helmets, stick to the rules, even put our arms out horizontally to indicate which way we are turning (which takes a bit of skill on a roundabout). We go out 3 times a week (going off to La Baule this morning and up to Le Croisic). I try to plan the routes that keep us off main roads and more cycle lanes and cross country trails. If it was up to me, cyclists would have the same points taken off their Permis as motorists for their blatant disregard of the Code. We are all on the road and have to obey the same rules. As for cyclists when I am driving, I have installed a Dash Cam to provide me with some sort of evidence for cyclists behaviour.
  8. Came across this story in a French paper, not one I had come read before. It puts those who wrote the articles encouraging GIs to fight in France in a very different light. https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/bretagne/finistere/brest/grand-tabou-de-la-seconde-guerre-mondiale-des-bretonnes-temoignent-des-viols-commis-par-les-soldats-americains-a-la-liberation-2965511.html
  9. There has been a lot of hype in the press and demonstrations by bikers about the new rules. However, those annoying, noisy "Sans Permis" we see chugging around, often held together with masking tape, also need a CT. The initial failure rates come as no surprise! https://rmc.bfmtv.com/actualites/societe/transports/les-voitures-sans-permis-sont-soumises-au-controle-technique-depuis-avril-et-c-est-une-catastrophe_AV-202405080169.html
  10. A quick Google search says yes. I think the difference with the UK case was the mother wanted a special space set aside for the activity. https://clerc-avocat.fr/2023/06/25/a-t-on-le-droit-de-prier-a-lecole/#:~:text=OUI,aux libertés des autres élèves. Peut-on prier dans une école publique ? OUI OUI, comme il vient de l’être précisé : rien ne s’oppose à ce qu’un élève prie au sein d’un établissement scolaire . En revanche, cette prière ne doit pas être ostensible, porter atteinte au bon fonctionnement de l’établissement ou porter atteinte aux libertés des autres élèves.
  11. Could not agree more, this was taken on Colonsay two years ago in June staying with my wife's cousin who, with her husband, are the medical team there. The thing to notice is there is no one in the sea! The beaches may be great, but its wet suit water if you want to go swimming!!
  12. Lehaut

    On the flat

    Having spent the last 12 years zooming round France and Europe on a motorbike, I was a bit disappointed when we moved to Nantes as it, and the surrounding countryside, is flat. Having only take up cycling in the last 18 months, I have had to review my position as flat is much better on a pedal bike! Just come back from a week cycling round Angers. At a confluence of three rivers it gave some beautiful and interesting trails to explore, not to mention a different boulangère to try each day for their lunches and pastries (fuel!). Got to hear hoopoes, but could not see them, but saw two kingfishers and two golden orioles. Got a great app on my phone which IDs bird calls. Only an hour up the road from where we live, but well worth exploring. Part of the bike trail to Bouchemaine One of the art works dotted all along the Loire Ruins of the Mine de charbon at Montjean sur Loire
  13. I have the same potential question over my military pension, similarly taxed at source. I have the P60 too. Just to clarify, you declare the income before tax? As far as I know there is no method to declare in France how much tax you have paid in the UK.
  14. Its just another way advertising executives have come up with you part you from your money. "Go on Holiday" has run its course, so they have to think of another way to entice you. This term also attempts to "guilt you out". You are failing yourself and your family if you are not making memories. When our two boys were younger we took them all over in our camping car, sailing in our boat/dinghy/canoe etc. The youngest has no memories of these events at all. he only "knows" he did them as we have the photos!! Do your own thing, don't be part of the herd, think for yourself
  15. If I may suggest another approach. Try finding the "microphone" on your keyboard. On my android phone keyboard it is above the comma. Press that when you are composing an email or SMS and speak slowly and clearly into the phone. The words will appear in the document. The same when using google search, tap the microphone on the right of the search bar and pose your question. Mine voice input spells much better than my finger inputs!
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