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  1. https://dailymmo.fr/certificat-ramonage-obligatoire-pour-vendre/#:~:text=Oui%2C le ramonage est obligatoire,non par un arrêté national. Oui, le ramonage est obligatoire avant de réaliser toute vente immobilière. Cette obligation a été définie par un arrêté préfectoral ou municipal et non par un arrêté national. Les acteurs concernés par la maison avec assainissement non conforme Trois acteurs entrent en jeu lors de la vente d’une maison avec assainissement non conforme. Chacun remplit des rôles et des obligations respectifs. Le propriétaire ou le vendeur Le propriétaire est celui qui possède le titre de propriété et qui souhaite la céder. Parmi les documents nécessaires à la vente, il y a les certificats de conformité de la maison en réalisant les diagnostics immobiliers obligatoires, dont le diagnostic d’assainissement. D’après la loi, des travaux de remise en conformité dans un délai d’un an après la vente sont obligatoires en cas de non-conformité. Même si cette obligation ne concerne pas l’acheteur, il est en droit de désister ou de négocier un rabais sur le prix. Ainsi, le vendeur pourra se mettre d’accord avec l’acquéreur afin que la vente puisse toujours avoir lieu. L’acquéreur Il s’agit de la personne qui va acheter la maison en question. D’après la loi, avant de conclure l’achat, il doit vérifier la conformité de la maison. Cela évitera à l’acheteur de devoir entreprendre les travaux de remise en conformité qui peut se révéler coûteuse. Néanmoins, aucune forme de sanction n’est prévue si le délai d’un an n’est pas respecté. Le notaire Le notaire est le spécialiste qui s’occupe de la vérification de tous les documents relatifs à la vente de la maison afin que celle-ci puisse avoir lieu. Le notaire pourra ainsi rédiger l’acte de vente avec la signature du vendeur et de l’acquéreur. En tant qu’intermédiaire, il pourra aussi donner des conseils aussi bien au vendeur qu’à l’acheteur au sujet de la vente. We sold our house three years ago. Both chimneys had to be certified, fuel heating system too. All the grey water and WC discharges had to be verified too. Might help.
  2. According to the Office for National Statistics, in early 2021, the average rent in the UK was £730 a month. Its figures show that the average house price in September 2021 was £270,000, with the average monthly mortgage payment being around £750.
  3. In many "rich" countries it is now a choice between owning a house or having children.
  4. 2-roues bruyants: le radar anti-bruit entre enfin en service! Paris and now Nice have installed a form of detector that compares the noise made by motorbike exhausts to the manufacturers db. level on the Carte Grise. 135€ fine if in breach. Installed round Paris in some areas and also in Nice. Our bike (Honda Pan European 1300) is fitted with the factory exhausts and is very quiet, so we are not affected. Anything that can possibly reduce the horrific noise produced by those smaller bikes is a plus in my book. Wont stop this though!!
  5. You could not really make up a story more confusing or interesting than these pair, now deceased. Ironically as "scientists" neither were vaccinated against Covid and have paid the price.
  6. Ah, good question. I put season 6 and the rest on my Kindle and have read them up to 8. Will not actually watch the TV version until we have all the series 6 to watch in one week, on the big screen of course. Have sated our combined appetites for Sci/Fantasy over the holiday period. Foundation, Wheel of Time, final series of Lost in Space and Dune ticked off (wildly excited about "Rendezvous with Rama" in the pipeline). the Witcher Series 2 for this weekend, (the Witcher 3 game has amazing visuals), Silent Sea, Station 11, and Star Trek Discovery still to go. Plus PC Elite Dangerous Odyssey in VR for a "real life" Sci Fi experience! From my point of view and age, its fantastic to see that film/TV makers are going back to the older Sci Fi stories for films. John Carter of Mars series was a major milestone in my early readings. Arguably many later films 'Star War, Avatar etc) took inspiration from ER Borroughs books but he never gets the credit. I enjoyed the film, shame no more were made. PS Still doing our tour of duty on the education front as youngest, after living away for 5 years came back to do his PhD in Nantes!!
  7. You rarely see a thin person drinking a diet coke!
  8. Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear to all too. We got back yesterday evening (24th Dec) from our walking holiday in the winter wonderland that is the Alps at Bourg St Maurice. Much to my surprise Oui, OuiSNCF, RER and the metro all worked without a hitch and ran perfectly on time. The trains were all packed but the actual ski lifts etc were quiet, only a few Brits managed to make it across before the dead line. We did all our train tickets on line and linked them, as recommended to our Covid passport. Three out of the 4 trains were checked. At Bourg St Maurice however it was just a free for all to get on the train, no check on tickets or passes. We don't get the snow anymore that I remember from my childhood, so walking 16 kms in the conditions below, starting a -4°C was, for us, a wonderful warm up to Christmas.
  9. 300,000km in our 2001 Peugeot 406 HDI with original turbo. Never used a drop of oil between services. Only got rid of it to get the Eco bonus paid our by the Government.
  10. Be careful what you define as "the West" when it comes to marriage ages. Most states (in the USA) have a minimum marriage age for minors with parental consent, ranging from 12-17 years old. However, California and Mississippi do not have minimum ages for minors to be allowed to marry with parental consent. Massachusetts has the lowest minimum marriage age with parental consent of 14 years old for boys and 12 years old for girls.
  11. https://sosvillages.fr/ Place to consider if you fit the criterion.
  12. Lehaut


    We tried at our local pharmacy that did the two others, no slots till January. We took ourselves off to one of the walk in ones to the north of Nantes, queued 30mins in the cold and damp, no appointment needed, got our third booster that way. First time we had been to a centre, quite interesting to see the organisation to set your info checked, jabbed and the issue of the subsequent paperwork. Scanned in to the app to keep it valid. All done and dusted in about an hour.
  13. The good folks here in Nantes (well Catholics anyway) took a firm stance against a renown musician playing her "sataniste" music in her usual venue - a church. Anna von Hausswolff was due to play here but such was the pressure from 60 staunch traditional Catholics that the 370 people who had bought tickets to hear her play the organ in N D de Bon Port could not get in. She has played all over Europe with few problems. To some, the Covid, poltics, the economy and even Miss France take second place to such perceived sacrilege. A new problem for the State however, as stifling artistic expression is frowned upon.
  14. Ken, the lack on interest may be linked to the number that can vote?
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