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  1. Well, that is of course rowlocks ALBF, as I’m sure you well know. As has been said by ET & others, there are loads of really nice places in both France and the UK ...... and equally, loads of really horrible places in both countries. Same applies to any country that you’d choose to mention. Retirees to France would generally tend not to choose the really horrible places to buy a place ! That doesn’t mean that they don’t recognise that they exist. Unless you’re doing a wind-up, (and that would be ‘form’ for you), even you would accept that most buying and choosing to live over here have done a teeny bit of research before taking the plunge. Of course, you don’t always get it right, but mostly.
  2. The UK is definitely going to rack & ruin ! Our DIL has just messaged to say that the turkey that they wanted to order from M & S is ‘out of stock’. Turkey panic buying! I’ve offered to bring one from here when we come over at Christmas, but we’d probably get rumbled by the Border Police. Does a dead turkey represent a health threat? If it’s a French turkey, it probably does in the eyes of the authorities. Actually, this could be an opportunity for a ‘poulet de bresse’ - often wondered whether they’re worth the money. Mark you, this could all be academic. How long before France declares the UK as dodgy and stops travel except for ‘essential purposes’?
  3. FWIW, I think you’re both right. Yes, more testing in the UK, but also less regard for the ‘disciplines’ that we’re pretty much accustomed to here in France. At the end of the day, the infection rates in the UK are (last time I looked at the numbers) 10x those of France. We’ll be returning for Christmas / NY with family & friends, but whilst not ‘spooky’ about it, we rather feel that we face greater risks than we do over here.
  4. Well, we watched our recording of the 1st programme the other day. Not the greatest bit of viewing, but not the worst - in our opinion. We’ll record tonight’s programme and see how it turns out. Hey, there are a lot worse things on offer on any day of the week, are there not ? Anyway, we don’t have to agree about whether a TV programme is good or not, do we?
  5. I envy you WB. Before we came to France 17yrs ago, we used to grow raspberries quite successfully in the UK. IMO, generally a much nicer and tastier soft fruit than strawberries (with the exception of early season Garriguettes down here). Tried growing them down here, but it’s just too hot in the growing season and couldn’t get enough water to them. Maybe if I tried an Autumn variety, which presumably these are?
  6. None here locally so far. I’ll be certain though that fresh fish from Boulogne (and that neck of the woods) will be a lot more expensive on the market down here tomorrow. Answer ? You don’t buy it. You settle for Med farmed fish - perfectly fine.
  7. Danny ........ Quite frankly, this bloke is ‘having a laugh’ ......... potentially at your expense. The idea of charging €1920 to fix a toilet involving 20 hrs of work, beggars belief. I’m not clear what “suspended & integrated in to the wall” exactly means, but it can’t be that complicated. To give you a rough idea, we’ve just had our bathroom completely re-done. I had already bought the new toilet (which included all the fill and flushing mechanisms) costing €180. But if it had been just replacement mechanisms, the cost would have been <€50. Our artisan’s charge for fitting the whole lot was €150 and that was probably a bit OTT, because someone who knows what they’re doing, could do that in an hour or so. IMO, you should give this charlatan €50 for his trouble and tell him to p!ss off. Your problem then is finding somebody who can give you a realistic quote and a realistic timescale for doing the work. I’ve heard of some attempted ripoffs before, but this one takes the biscuit.
  8. Nothing more to add.
  9. I baled out for the first programme. Not my cup of tea. Recording the Carol Drinkwater prog. Hopefully better than the earlier one.
  10. We’ll never know for sure, of course. Cash ...... a bit doubtful, given the small Police presence. Something ‘nuclear’ .......... anything like that is moved in the dead of night. Prisoners ........ seems the most likely to me. Why 3 vans? It would make it more difficult for an ‘intervention’ for the bad guys to select the right van. But I’m clutching at straws. It’s money, nasty material, or people. What else?
  11. I wouldn’t really describe it as ‘crude’ Norman. More like ‘plausible’ and sadly many people will get taken in. Really nasty thieves.
  12. Well, you’ll never know unless you ask them! In my experience and from what I’ve seen of other people’s situations on here, the Mairie is usually pretty good at helping out, unlike your average French civil servant ! As Ericd said above, you’re going to have to specify the dates (mm/yy) from which you bought the property to when you sold it, and explain that the property was empty and uninhabitable. I don’t know, but I suspect that there’ll be a limit as to how far back you could get a refund for, but 1st step is the Mairie.
  13. If you click on the person’s emoji ‘circle’, then it brings up that person’s profile. Within that is the ability to message that individual - not sure whether that’s a ‘PM’ or an email. The latter I’d guess. You can also ‘report’ a post by clicking on the three asterisks in the trhc - you then have ‘report’ as an option on the dropdown. I’m stating the bloomin’ obvious here, but some narrative to help with site navigation would have been helpful. Not the fault of the mods - they should have been the first to know!
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