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  1. I lived and worked in Vienna for 3 months back in the 70’s. Wonderful place and I can add little to what has been said already. The only was that I was never keen on the ‘knodel’, which comes in all sorts of variety and disguises. A more recent experience though. When returning to France from our younger son’s home in southern Czech, we were looking for a lunchtime motorway stop. We pulled off at a place about 20kms before Salzburg - no expectation of anything special, just a typical motorway service station we thought. Wrong - but in the best possible way ! Most have probably heard about the much-lauded Service Station in the UK at Tebay. Well this place is loads better ! A superb retail area, with lots of things that you’d want to buy, and plenty that you didn’t need to buy, but did. Even better though was the cafe / restaurant, which had seating on a balcony overlooking the nearby lakes. The food was delicious, beautifully presented, but also expensive. Worth it though. In summary, Austria doesn’t do scruffy - it just isn’t ‘them’.
  2. This weekend then. Ireland are ‘head & shoulders’ above every other team. Nothing more to be said. Wales did well to hold them to what they did. England were awful. The Scots were really good. That much was obvious to anybody. How much longer can English rugby hold out on this nonsense of not considering a player ‘plying his trade’ abroad? Fr vs It - best and most exciting match of the weekend. Probably a fair result in the end ............. but it would have been really good if Italy had turned them over. Italy don’t deserve to be bottom of the table.
  3. What happened is well documented. There appears to be be little doubt about what happened. I really have a great deal of difficulty in understanding why somebody isn’t grabbing this problem by the neck and dealing with it. Immediate (and significant) compensation for those hundreds of people affected. At the time, why on earth somebody in senior management there wasn’t saying “Why are there loads of postmasters being found to have ‘fiddled the books?”. It made no sense. But that question can be answered later. Here we have one, if not the, biggest scandal in UK modern times. The people affected need to be exonerated and (quickly) recompensed. BTW, I have no personal involvement in any of this. Just an overwhelming sense of injustice.
  4. ALBF misses the point, does he not ? As LMP has pointed out, what you’re surely looking for with a surveyor (and a structural one, as Mint has said) is either detail or a guide (the price will vary of course) as to where there may or may not be a problem. There’ll be good ones in France, just the same as in the UK. Ideally, find somebody in France who has found a good surveyor - then (and only then) it might be well worth while paying for travel expenses etc. Looking back at the OP’s post, I’ve no idea whatsoever re fees, but you’ve got to be thinking in terms of €500/ day + expenses.
  5. For me, the best bit about the weekend’s three matches was that little lad’s singing of ‘Ireland’s Call’. So accomplished and seemingly nerveless. The matches? Pretty forgettable really.
  6. Now to the 2nd weekend - often the best. Sc vs Fr - possibly the best fixture in the Tournament. This could go either way (statement of the bloomin’ obvious), but I just rather fancy France in this. They’ll be desperate to claw their way off the bottom of the Table. There won’t be much in it though. Eng vs Wa - we’ll win, but I don’t say that with any high degree of confidence! Both sides are ‘re-building’.. Ire vs It - this could well be a wipeout. Italy usually have their best game in their first match and then deteriorate. Sad, but true. Injuries are usually a factor - not much backup. Just what I think, fwiw
  7. Not totally unusually, I’d like to digress from the ‘speech things’. What is it with the specs on top the bonce? It seems to ‘de rigeur’ with most female broadcasters these days. The specs almost never descend, so surely its just a ‘fashion thing’, or am I being totally unreasonable?
  8. Down here, I always think of Spring starting on 1st March. That’s when you always see the plants budding. It probably won’t be any different this year - anything budding earlier will probably get ‘nipped’ by the cold nights, which we can still expect.
  9. Strangely enough, I enjoyed Italy vs England the most of this weekend’s 3 matches. Fr vs Ire was predictably (for me, at least) one-way traffic. France are suffering from injuries and Dupont’s absence. Wales vs Scotland was just bonkers - talk about a game of two halves! England were OK, but not much better than that. They’ll struggle against Ireland, and probably France & Scotland.
  10. Just to return to the current disruption, you’d think from the BBC News that Paris was the only place affected. Now it may well be of course that most of the rest of France is currently unaffected. However, down here, we certainly are affected. Motorways and many roads unusable (the A9 between Orange & Montpellier has been closed since Thursday) and local towns of any size are inaccessible. Starting to see shortages in local shops.
  11. Wooly ......... Well down here, it’s the price that they’re getting for their produce. Usual thing I suppose. Apparently Friday is going to be the ‘big day’, but they obviously kicked off early in the Pas de Calais. In many ways I don’t blame them, but we’re supposed to be in a ‘free market economy’ in the (so-called) West - that, I always understood to mean, that you need to be able to match competitive imports for price and / or quality. If you can’t, then .............. I fear that this is just the start of it.
  12. Just for anybody travelling in the next couple of days - things are apparently quite difficult, with farming protesters blocking access. According to friends coming from the south, trying to get to their hotel in Calais this afternoon (prior to a Tunnel crossing tomorrow), it was a nightmare. Probably not many in any way interested, but you never know !
  13. I was just wondering how many of you are horrified at the thought of him being nominated this year and more than likely (vs Biden) becoming re-elected as President? Some of you might be happy at that idea and I totally respect that view (well, sort-of!). I think that I can predict the ‘general view’.
  14. Me too. Colissimmo generally pretty reiable.
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