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  1. We all wear masks wherever we go accept at home. However.... ....we have all been ill over the last few days or so with a 'very bad chesty cold'. It is a real **** of a cold. Nasty !. ALBF son number 2, has been off all week. So masks don't save ya...if you have kids. This is where the wave is coming from. Kids at school. Just saying.
  2. Who on earth would sit back and watch pregnant woman and young kids (and others) get on an inflatable dingy in freezing weather to cross the channel ? Well the police did yesterday and many days before that. It seems another boat left this morning. One day after yesterdays events. This loss of life was always going to happen sooner or later. These boats can be stopped. This situation can be sorted out if we had humans running the show. But we don't have humans running the show. We are as much at fault for voting in the likes of Macron and Boris. The EU are no better. Boris screwed the UK with his Brexit shรฎt. Macron wants the UK to pay and suffer as much as possible for voting brexit. It seems that a few migrants drowing in the channel to acheive this is fair game. Macron could stop all this tomorrow. But he won't. I wonder if all the licences for the French fishing boats were granted, this migrant business in the channel would stop ?
  3. Macron and Merkel with their renunciation of the AZ vaccine. Looks to me like it is going to bite them in the bum. They won't be held account of course for all the deaths that their comments have attributed to.
  4. Ken Before you embarass yourself further. Eurotrash (ET) is the most polite, the most helpful person you could ever meet on a French forum. Just as important, their knowledge of France and language skills surpasses anyone I have met on a French forum. She is always the first person help someone when they have a problem. Particularly technical. She loves and adores France. Her knowledge of France is better than most French folk. So please be quiet Ken.
  5. To be fair Harnser, there are plenty of illegal 'British' immigrants living in France. I met two on Brittany Ferries a few months back. Of course they had the luxury of going BF rather than on an inflatable dingy. They were illegal immigrants living in France nevertheless.
  6. I did say that in my post Debs. Can I remind you that Sarkozy had a functioning centre knocked down in Calais. That is the one who has recently been convicted for coruption. Nice chap. And whilst we are on the subject, as the migrants explain themselves when being interviewed, the French government makes it as uncomfortable as possible for them on French soil so their only real choice is to risk their lives going to the UK. I personally commend the UK with the way they rescue and then home migrants seeking asylum. The UK is not the bad guy here. But it can't carry on. The UK is full. It is that simple.
  7. This whole migrant business could be stopped within a few weeks if the UK and France worked together. Anyone who reaches the UK by boat should be returned to France. then put up in a centre paid for by the Uk and France. Processed, then either claim asylum in the EU or sent home. No one is going to pay 7000 euros for a trip on a dinghy if you are only returned back to France. It cuts the trafficking instantly. It is a win win for France and the UK. Who is going to go to Calais if they can't get to the UK ? They will give up and go home. It is not rocket science. The trouble is, Macron wants to punish the UK anyway he can. He is no better than Lukashenko It is so sad. Pray.... Macron does not get back in power.
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10217027/Migrants-cheer-clap-restart-boat-engine-cross-Channel-French-police-stand-by.html OK it is the Daily Mail.....but ??? Does any Brit living in France agree with the behaviour of the French in this matter ? I dont.
  9. Please do not buy a Renault.....ever....again. JUST DON'T. OK...enough said. The prices they are quoting you are stupid.....because they think they can get away with it. Given you no nothing about cars, they just might. Those prices are BMW prices. Go buy a BMW if you want to pay that money. If not....and save some cash... Have a look at the Skoda range. Mazda ??? We recently bought a new car (Mazda) and went petrol after driving (Sokda/VAG) diesels for a long time. The Mazda marginally out performs our diesel car. Diesels are not good for short distances. Not good at all for the engine of the car. The filters get blocked and all sorts. Personally I would go Mazda 'petrol' nearly new. Or Skoda. We bought our mazda (nearly new) from Belgium and it was delieverd FOC. Saved a fortune over buying in France. Hope that helps.
  10. But you have to rebuild it or find the missing 'piece' in amongst the one thousand pieces or whatever. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I remember a story not so long ago when lego did the same to one of their customers. Not sure a French company would even answer the email nevermind care.
  11. One of the main reasons I go to the UK now is to eat. It would be cheaper to learn how to cook Chris. Or...become a veggie like me. Just saying. There is nothing in a French supermarket that I would even contemplate taking to the UK. Uk supermarkets rock.
  12. The French did manage to catch a small legally fishing British trawler in French waters to be fair. The Gendarmes are not all that cr&p. Kinda missed 20,000 migrants heading to Dover this year mindyou. All the fuss now is the 4000 odd migrants stuck on the Polish border. The EU saying that Balarus are using them as political pawns and Lukashenko will let them free into the EU unless....we are nice. Hang on minute, France set free 20,000 migrants to the UK. The EU does not seem to mention that with all their threats. Funny, I mean horrible world we live in.
  13. Gabriel Attal is an excited 12 year old ๐Ÿ™„ Not sure I would take any words he says seriously. He is good at talking though. He talks an awful lot. You can't stop him.
  14. I'm guessing Star Trek went way above your head.๐Ÿ™‚ We live in a multi-cultural world Ken. We should embrace it. I read an article in the NY times not so long ago saying that London was an example to the world when it comes to multicultralism. They were right. Shame Boris is trying to spoil the party. BTW...you would freak out in the places I have lived in France. In some areas, French was not really the first language. I liked that. Hearing different languages.
  15. You are a foreigner living in a foreign country complaining about foreigners in your home town in the UK. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Your not racist. Hypocrite maybe ? ๐Ÿ™„
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