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  1. I’m more Parklife…than Pond life. You know wot I mean ? Hey Ken, did you used ta drive a Ford Granada back in the days. ? Around Camden and all that. I imagine you in a Ford Granada. Parming it around.
  2. The architecture of the house in question is quite unique. Look at the physical features. They are your main clues. If you google and click on images of such houses in and around Cahors they do tend to have the same characteristics ! Cahors is a good shout.
  3. Will the real slim shady…please stand up…please stand up
  4. I cant see the weird thing that you are describing ?? I have spent enough time trying to track down this house. It is a needle in a haystack unless we have more info. There is nothing in those photos that gives us a slightest clue.
  5. Colour me with burnt sienna… Kids today won’t reach retirement. Either they will be dead through global warming or the retirement age will be pushed up even more. Madness are pensions. You had it lucky. Not having my kids future in the hands of idiots.
  6. C’est vrai my old mucker. An ex member of this forum used to try and write French all the time in their posts…..because they say ‘I am losing my English’. Although that particular member has the highest post count across all British French forums. Lol. Anyway, I was only messing about.
  7. Peeps voted for Macron to keep MLP out. It was a call of duty. Nothing about his policies. And that is where France is and has always been. If peeps think that increasing the retirement age to get a full pension is a solution then they need their head examined. Relying on a government pension is the most stupid thing you can do in life.
  8. Thats me…I am barking well above my pay grade. But I admit it.
  9. Macron is finished both internationally and domestically. Will he walk….no. So France is stuck for another 4 years. This shīt will be going on for months. The cost to the taxpayers and the economy is enormous. And we have the Olympiques next year. That is not going to go well. France is not in a good place.
  10. This is something different. Very different. This won’t end until he is gone.
  11. Macron want’s to pîss off people that he knows hate him. It is a Trump thing. This is not about retirement age.
  12. Blimey, everyone in our middle class circles (you know what I mean)…hates the man. I don’t know one person that likes him. He is so hated that he is off topic. I think this whole palaver is about Macron. Retirement age needs to change if you fall for the pension scam. Everyone knows that. But this latest mess is just another mess about Macron. He needs to stand down for the sake of France.
  13. Macron He is hated in France by everyone. This is about Macron not about pension reforms. Until he goes, this ongoing 6 year nightmare will not end. Macron knows this…..but he won’t Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health condition in which people have an unreasonably high sense of their own importance. They need and seek too much attention and want people to admire them. People with this disorder may lack the ability to understand or care about the feelings of others.
  14. Sorry my friend, but this is France. Everyone wants to rip you off. Being a johney foreigner does not help. I would never ever ever buy a flat to rent out for holiday rentals. You are just asking for trouble in France…..which you have just learnt the hard way. Sell up, or put it back into order and enjoy your second home. Dont go down the legal route…..it will cost more than the flat is worth. Put it down to experience. Good luck.
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