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  1. Totally agree.. Macron has no right to choose when I want to die.
  2. I hope he his a better liar than Borris and dishy rishy. Country is irrelevant, they all lie through their teeth. Macron wanted to bring back national service…that did not happen. Dishy now wants to do the same. That won’t happen. I am voting AI or that babes teeth.
  3. Ok….back to France then. 🤔 We have three of these posters right next to my daughters school. One is not enough….you need three. She has loverly teeth. The loverly teeth party.
  4. I done it….I created the UK election thread.😋 I have only voted once in the Uk. And that was for the idiot Tony Blair. Look where that got us. War. Anyway, would I vote Keith Stammer….not in a million years. And I am a Labour supporter. But I don’t have vote anyway. And Stammers sidekick ? 🤣 It is like poundland politics. So yeah I would vote conservative even though I am not conservative. How does that work?
  5. I have lived where I live now for 12 years…and the area is totally unrecognizable from when we moved here. 6 years of that is Macronism. Bless him. It is interesting to watch from a sociological point of view mind you. Terrible to have kids in France. I don’t see any future for them here. Thankfully they have duel nationality.
  6. Never been to Avignon…drven passed it. Has a sweet name that makes you just want to visit. Guessing outside the walls…it aint very pretty or safe. So might give it a miss. Like most places in France. Its funny you spoke about London. You don’t realise how such a fantastic a place London is until you live in France. We were in South Kensington late last year, and everyone was speaking French. Lol…not everyone but you kinda felt like you were in France. Maybe South Kensington is the real Avignon. Yeah…London is coool. It shows the world how intigration can work. It is not perfect…but not far off. That really pisses off French politicians….although they probably all own a pad in London. Who are the biggest investors of property in the UK…well apparently it is the French. Go figure.
  7. I am no expert of drug addiction…but I rekon it is the middle and upper classes that make up the majority of drug demand in France, the Uk or whatever Kids fighting, stabbing, shooting each other to fuel that demand and just pawns. legalise drugs is the only way forward.
  8. Statistiques…drug crime kids killing drug crime kids. The most dangerous places in Europe are not in the Uk. Marseille is most far more dangerous place than London….with a far less population. I would not let my teenage kids go out in France at night. I would not let them travel to Paris for example. London…no problem. Tours at night…..not in a million years. Like most parents here. And Tours is considered a safe area.
  9. When we go to London we often stay in Stratford which I think was redeveloped during and after the olympics. It is cool place to visit and stay and you are only 10 mins into central London. Big fantastic shopping centre and a very cheap and vey big cinema. You also have Abba world…..which OH and daughter loved. Recommend ! Very safe area by my standards. Who the hell in their right mind would go anywhere neat St Saint Denis before or after the Olympics ? From what I understand they have redeveloped the area and built new flats but they can’t sell them. Remember that Liverpool match a year back at the Stade de France ! Where local youths gate çrashed the event, robbed people, sexually assaulted women, clashed with the police…..and everything was blamed on Liverpool supporters. Stade de France is in Saint Denis. Yeah…give the French olympics a miss if you have any sense. France has become a very violent country. It is is terrible to see.
  10. Well…as you know…we have lived in Paris 3 times over the last twenty five years. Everytime was fantastic. 1990’s Montpansse was one of the best places I have lived in my life. It was magical. That said…I would not waste my time visiting…dare the thought living in Paris again. Paris has become a shìt hole. It really is truly awful place. The olympics…well….we shall see. It could be a blood bath or France might get away with it. I personally would stay well clear of that place during that period. French police are very stretched at the moment. I dunno how it will play out.
  11. Big debate in the Daily Mail again… https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13432823/french-officials-remove-britains-union-jack-dday-normandy.html Maybe they just ran out of bunting. 🤫 But you do get the feeling that this has Macrons paws all over it. They have plenty of EU bunting for **** sake. How many people in France need, buy or want EU bunting ? Not exactly sort after is it ? Lets be clear…Macron could start a fight in an empty bar, lose the fight…and cost the French tax payer 2 billion euros to clear up the mess. That is basically his legacy. Except it is more 10 billion euros over 6 years so far. Marons paws…no idea. Probably. You get the feeling that history is changing….and that the d-day landings will soon only be celebrated by Russian speaking French and Germans politicians. Well that is my history debate for the day….I wish you all a very happy bank holiday weekend.
  12. I don’t….but now I do. Certainly will visit next time I am there. She lives near the rogate woods….which judging by the pictures is about the same.
  13. Went to see my mum in West Sussex a few weeks back…and her garden is blooming. Its a sight to see. Its like a Monet painting. Surrounding countryside areas where she lives is just lush green.
  14. Bordeaux is a dump…who cares if Ryanair pulls out. Every Tours - Stansted flight we have taken is packed out. I flew with my son to Stansted a few weeks back…18 euros each way. Then the baggage and all that. So lets say…250 euros return for both of us. Try doing Tours-Paris return on a tgv for the same price……good luck with that.
  15. Reading around the French forums today…..it seems that Ryanair is getting it in the neck. For what exactly? For being a cheap efficient airline? Well…I’m coming out….I love ryanair. I have flown with them for 20 years…..never had a problem. Vivre..Ryanair. And please don’t close the Tours route to London.😀
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