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  1. Been living in 'unreal' France for last two months renovating the 300 year old family French house in Charolais. Yes her ancestors having been living there that long. 😀 We have the genealogy to prove it. Cows and flies to keep me company. We are thinking once it is done (two year project) we might move there. Unreal France here I come. 😂
  2. France needs 60 % rain a year. If not, we will either burn to death or starve to death. The situation in France is that critical. We need it to rain everywhere constantly for the next 3 years TBH. If it does not, my kids have no future.
  3. Hmmmm..... not so sure. France is not on the whole a quiet village in the Dordogne. Just watch the French news. Which I have stopped doing BTW because it is is too violent to watch now. But that said, 'unreal' France is very nice. I do agree with you on that point. Is it reality ? Also, is it liveable long term/for life for immigrants/expats ? No.
  4. Tourism ! Tourism is killing France. But, France can not have it both ways. Just imagine the demand on water supplies (loos, showers, drinking, food.. etc) with the millions of folk visiting France in the summer ! It is mad out there on the roads. France is packed full of tourists. Campsites, hotels, Brit Gîtes, French Gîtes, Dutch Gîtes and all the other gîts....that is where your water is going in France.
  5. Lori...if you don't like the heat avoid these areas of France. Really, don't move to these regions. It is only going to get worse. The Gard is the hottest place in France ! And beside that, it is not even very nice. I just spent a week in that area and it is far far tooo hot. Could not wait to get away. Forget what you thinking and move NORTH !
  6. France is in a catastrophic mess...and they just re-elected the ring leader for another 5 years. In terms of the UK...Boris needs to go. But the UK government/media look quite decent compared to what is happening in France. The violence in the French state has become intolerable. Where is this going to end ? Not in 5 years I guess. I warned you with Macron. I told ya.
  7. I really don't know where to start with this one. You know, the violent mess at the Stade de France the other day. It has taken a few days for me to digest all this. That was just shocking......... and what has France become as a country. Russia ? Ok....forget football for the minute, how does a self respecting French policeman tear gas/pepper spray kids or elderly people who are trapped behind grills. Or anyone for that matter that are not posing a threat ? And then kids, elderly, women and and anyone else about gets mugged by the local French youth. What has France become ? Thugs ? Still want to holiday or move to France ?
  8. The problem also is that France is one/if not the most visited countries in the world. Now think about this. Millions of people will be visiting France this year. - That will mean plane pollution. - Car pollution (1000's of KM's roads will be jammed all over France every weekend). - Massive demand for water (people taking showers and flushing loos and drinking more etc). Where is the water coming from ? - Massive demand for food....and there is not enough to go around at the moment. A lot will be wasted. Resouces to cook it etc. - Lots of waste...plastics and all that. ... I could go on. But you get my meaning. So yeah, Mr Macron who is now concentrating on being green forgets the massive environmental impact thar tourism has on France. But that is OK. Do the economic benefits outweigh the environmental costs ? I'm not so sure.
  9. Macron ? Long before the war broke out in Ukraine, the British press were calling him poundland-putin with respect to the way he behaves to the French and other countries. Scary bloke. And we have him for another 5 years. Then he
  10. It is a good time as any. In fact it is quite a good time. It really depends where the land is and if it constructable. Around ere, land would sell within 24hrs. Probably less. You don't need an agent you can sell it yourself on 'Le Bon Coin'. But you will still need a Notaire. Valueing it is going to be the hard part. So in that respect an agent maybe a good idea. Or sell it with the Notaire. Notaires sell property and land like everyone else.
  11. It is far far far too hot in France. We are most certainly in a climate crisis. There is no doubt about that. This is not good at all. If this heat lasts through to September then....well....I think we are doomed. Crops are dommed in France and we are already in a food crisis with the Ukraine situation. How many times have I read on forums that peeps want to move to France from the UK for the weather. Well, you really really don't. Please rain ! I like the rain.
  12. I can live with that my friend. ? And I would still buy you a pint if we disagree ? And that is how the world should work.
  13. I don't agree....except this maybe a generational issue. Believe me, there are no probs in my or those of lower age groups. Also, people don't take notice of political leaders anymore. Especially French ones.
  14. Please, there is no problem with the Anglo French relationship. I should know more than most. Remember, more French live in the UK than Brits in France. The French are one of the biggest investors of UK property. Young kids want to move to the UK. I would if I was a young French kid. My kids will certainly want to move to the UK. French news is always covering UK social news and current affairs. Do they cover other countries ? NO. The French media loves the UK. The French like the British and vice versa. The problem is the attitude of French politiciens towards the UK. They are the ones causing all the animosity. They are just jealous because they can't control their own country and half of them end up in jail or on corruption charges anyway. So yeah, Macron is just another vile French politicien. Please folks......everybody hates Macron in France. He is hated. So on that note alone, the British, the French and everyone else in the EU have something in common.
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