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  2. Well, if your initial post was to enliven this forum the it has helped tremendously. I was totally fed up reading about flowers though now it seems it's going to be Turkeys!! Some people like their comfort zones I suppose!! As for comfort zones: Leigh on Sea, yes I know it. Southend is just down the road and that is the posh part of the coast with Leigh on Sea being a nothing place to visit. As a young cockney kid Southend always had its attractions; the Kurzal, whelks and kiss me quick hats. Leigh on Sea, just another retirement home on the coast! Now a quick ad. for the Pays Basque: Very few Brits, in fact I don't know of a single one so I don't get to hear any whinging apart from here! No fish and chip shops or pubs (there is an Irish one in Bayonne though!!) Fantastic scenery and a frontier with Spain that offers very competitive shopping. The language can be a little bit of a problem at times given that Basque is usually spoken by most 'natives' though most are bi-lingual. I often have to repeat like a parrot when talking as my cockney accent still dominates! A great place to live.
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  4. Well put. Healthcare in the UK is fine; all provided one can afford the outrageous costs of private insurance or can self-fund. "All I see at the moment is a bunch of spivs running the UK who wouldn't know the truth if it smacked them in the face. " Sums them up pretty well! 😁
  5. It was intended to be bone-breakingly amusing...😝 In my defence, I am writing on the fly, when I ought to be working; well not much more as I have just realised it is nearly 7.00 pm in blighty and almost time for some food! Cor! Don't time go quick when you are having fun!
  6. Now this is plain silly! Marseilles Population 2021 1,500,000 est. (Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. Population just 23,000.) It is the HQ of the Union Corse, a major port with links to Africa, a main point of import for the European proscribed drugs crime gangs etc. Not a sensible exemplar, therefore. Paris is now a tip in parts; with much to still commend it outside the problem Arrondisements. London more of a tip with little to commend itself, thanks to its Muslim mayor, wokeness and determination to destroy London's earlier cultural heritage. Only a few years back, Leigh-on-Sea was tipped as a most wonderful and peaceful place to live... https://www.standard.co.uk/homesandproperty/property-news/where-to-move-in-2019-leighonsea-named-as-the-happiest-place-to-live-in-britain-a126741.html Before he was so sadly murdered, Sir David Amess made the following comments: https://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/19352480.sir-david-amess-says-war-crime-isnt-working-stabbing/ Stabbings (Please note plural) and recently, a young man was murdered by stabbing. A wee bit unusual I would suggest in a population of just 23,000: no?
  7. "quasi-humerous" (that's spelled wrong by the way, it shouldn't have an 'o' in it) - Were you thinking of the collarbone, or the shoulder? 😇 every forum needs its resident pedant...
  8. Which was rather the idea, Wools. I just wanted to check if it had all but died, or like the Phoenix was waiting to arise from the ashes... My OP was made very much tongue in cheek and was intended to be quasi-humerous.
  9. Well, that is of course rowlocks ALBF, as I’m sure you well know. As has been said by ET & others, there are loads of really nice places in both France and the UK ...... and equally, loads of really horrible places in both countries. Same applies to any country that you’d choose to mention. Retirees to France would generally tend not to choose the really horrible places to buy a place ! That doesn’t mean that they don’t recognise that they exist. Unless you’re doing a wind-up, (and that would be ‘form’ for you), even you would accept that most buying and choosing to live over here have done a teeny bit of research before taking the plunge. Of course, you don’t always get it right, but mostly.
  10. Well after nearly 25 years of living in France since my mid twenties.. A French wife and three French kids. All I can say that when I go back to the UK, I think it is wonderful. It is a delight to go and visit. To live I dunno, back it can't be worse than France. You retired folk have no idea what France is like.
  11. You'd probably be safe with the turkey Gardian. I don't think the UK has got its act together on border checks yet. I brought fresh meat back from France to the UK a couple of weeks ago, no questions asked.
  12. The UK is definitely going to rack & ruin ! Our DIL has just messaged to say that the turkey that they wanted to order from M & S is ‘out of stock’. Turkey panic buying! I’ve offered to bring one from here when we come over at Christmas, but we’d probably get rumbled by the Border Police. Does a dead turkey represent a health threat? If it’s a French turkey, it probably does in the eyes of the authorities. Actually, this could be an opportunity for a ‘poulet de bresse’ - often wondered whether they’re worth the money. Mark you, this could all be academic. How long before France declares the UK as dodgy and stops travel except for ‘essential purposes’?
  13. Well pardon me for breathing! I'm definitely happier here than I was in the UK. We arrived in 2004 and live in a country village. It's all very well to highlight troubles in Marseilles or Paris, but I don't live there, and I didn't live in London previously, so whilst I can't give an accurate comparison that covers all instances, I'm very happy with my lot, thank you. I picked where I live for a reason, peace and quiet. I've got a friend currently waiting 3 months in UK for the results of a scan and cardio exam; she had a recurrence of her problem this weekend and had to wait 8 hours for an ambulance (but her husband took her the 7 miles by car) and then spent 8 hours on a trolley in the A&E corridor, before being sent home because the hospital pharmacy had closed. Does that happen here ? Not in my experience. My wife was treated for breast cancer in 2015 and I can't praise the staff and treatment highly enough. We watch the French news in the mornings followed by the BBC News a little later. All I see at the moment is a bunch of spivs running the UK who wouldn't know the truth if it smacked them in the face. Our UK family with university-age children have lost the chance to easily spend a year in Europe doing modern languages. The country is on its knees from where I'm sitting. Those who miss "good ole Blighty" can always pack up and go back. I find the benefits far outweigh the disadvantage and we're here for the duration. Amen
  14. I don't normally post on threads involving the UK as I am American. However, the above quote falls directly in line with the way I feel. We are very happy in France. We see the changes that have taken place over the years. Some good, many not good. We're still happier here than we were in the U.S.A. EuroT summed it up quite well for us.
  15. I agree on that point. But if I see another post on a French forum dissing the UK I will personally take up arms. LOL.🤣 I mean seriously. France is a dump as much as the UK. France is more of a dump IMHO...but that is my opinion. Talking of which, my kids and I spent the night in a family room in the posh IBIS hotel in the centre of Caen before cathing the boat. It was a very nice hotel.....from the outside. However, the room looked liked something from Prisoner Cell block H. One person could only stand at a time in the room. The walls were toilled de verred in orange...and there was no soap. It was horrendous. It cost 100 euros per night. When we arrived in the UK we stayed at a travel lodge on the A303. Right on the A303. It was like 5 stars compared to Caen. It was clean, comfortable, big beds, coffee machine and all the rest. The staff were so so nice as well. It cost 59 pounds. I am wafferling of course. But don't give me any of this 'France' is best business. OK....😀
  16. On this, I would say that neither is right and neither is wrong. The stupidity is that each of them seems to think that what is right for them, must be right for everybody. Although in this case since the bloke has no experience of living in France, he shouldn't be talking about what living in France is like in the first place. Me, I seem to be in a phase of yo-yo-ing back and forth. I lived last year in the UK, I lived this year in France, and next year who knows. I love them both in different ways and for different reasons, I am happy in both places but equally I can see things wrong with both places and there are things about both places that get on my wires. I certainly don't get any Schadenfreude from looking across to the UK from France and seeing problems. Why would I, one person's problems don't make my life better. I find it very unattractive when people seem only able to measure their success by another country's/person's failure, and unfortunately there was a lot of this in UK media during Brexit, people seemed more gleeful at the prospect of Brexit doing damage to the EU than the prospect of Brexit being good for the UK. Let's not turn it round now, and big up France because of problems in the UK. Success shouldn't be about how well you are doing relative to the rest, it is about how well you are doing in absolute terms. If one kid gets 4 out of 10 in a maths test, the fact that nobody else got more than 2 out of ten does not mean that the first kid did well; any more than if he gets eight out of ten and everybody else gets nine or ten, that means he did badly. The best way for everyone to climb higher is by helping each other and giving each other a leg up when you can, not by trampling on everyone else and trying to kick them down to the bottom.
  17. I bet myself a euro this morning that you would come back with a response like that. LOL. I owe myself a euro. It is a standard response by someone who has no idea about the country they are living in or trying to justify to themselves why they are living here. In terms of moving back or elsewhere else, we will (French OH included) move 'back' or somewhere but France when the kids have finished education. Life is to short for France. I was on the Caen boat a month or so back (I am trying to go to the UK as much as I can at the moment) and there was this dumb witt Brit bloke taking to a French woman with her kids who was going back to the UK where she lived with her husband. I was earwigging this conversation. He was boring her to death about how much he loves France. The food, the wine the culture and all the rest of the cliches. (Insert being sick yellow thing). Anyway, the bloke who boring the French woman to death wants to move to France with his kids. She was basically saying to him (apart from please go away) that she would rather stick pins in her eyes than live in France. She goes once a year to meet her family and that is enough.
  18. Do you always see everything in blackest of black or the whitest of white, with no shades in between, or are you just going through a tetchy patch right now that's making you irrational? Just because a thing isn't perfect, doesn't mean it is awful. Britain is not utopia. France is not utopia. Nowhere is utopia. Sensible people recognise this and choose the non-utopia that they feel the closest affinity with, that best suits them, their needs, their cultural outlook, their emotional preferences. If there are a lot of things about a country that you love, you will forgive it many faults. Like people. Would you never choose a partner if you could not find a perfect person with no faults at all? May also be pointing out that France and Britain are not the only two countries in the world to which one can move?
  19. We watched both the Carol Drinkwater and the Brits in France programmes last night for the first time. If viewed with some tolerance for people who are not experts on France or cannot speak perfect French, but are making the best of their life here without becoming serial complainers, we found both programmes entertaining and interesting.
  20. So if life in France is so awful, then move back to the supposed utopia of Britain! Which was the core ethos of my first post.
  21. It seems from my search on line that this is not so. Someone posted it on Facebook on - April 1st.
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