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  2. What happened is well documented. There appears to be be little doubt about what happened. I really have a great deal of difficulty in understanding why somebody isn’t grabbing this problem by the neck and dealing with it. Immediate (and significant) compensation for those hundreds of people affected. At the time, why on earth somebody in senior management there wasn’t saying “Why are there loads of postmasters being found to have ‘fiddled the books?”. It made no sense. But that question can be answered later. Here we have one, if not the, biggest scandal in UK modern times. The people affected need to be exonerated and (quickly) recompensed. BTW, I have no personal involvement in any of this. Just an overwhelming sense of injustice.
  3. The Scientific Advances’ study’s conclusion is predicated on a single climate model, the Community Earth System Model (CESM), projecting far into the future and it’s also predicated on an amount of ice melt that has not happened in our lifetimes. Even then, the CESM had to have its pump primed with unrealistic meltwater data in order for the researchers to come to the conclusion they got. What they did was to run the model, then add modeled freshwater very gradually to the modeled North Atlantic, presumably simulating a melting of the Greenland ice which might shut down the AMOC. There’s only one problem; the amount of freshwater from melting that they injected into the model is about five times the actual amount of ice available in Greenland to melt." So it's very much a fake news scenario. https://climaterealism.com/2024/02/no-cnn-and-other-media-outlets-climate-change-is-not-causing-the-ocean-circulation-to-collapse/
  4. Patrick hasn't posted here in 13 years so I doubt he's still looking at the forum. I suggest you pm him. If his email address is still valid he'll get an alert.
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  6. To Patrick K If i could have the document you refer to above I would be extremely grateful. [email protected] Many thanks in advance kind regards.
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  8. As far as I am aware from the scant info on the news item I read - it's that the gendarmes/police will have mobile access to the information which they haven't had before, some sort of mobile device - tablet perhaps?
  9. A predicted catastrophic event which will have devastating consequences for places further south than Scotland. Would be ironic if the climate refugees started a reverse trend in boats across the Channel!
  10. Pfffff....they won't be stripping off when the AMOC switches off 🤣
  11. I have found people across all of France welcoming and open. Well..apart from Lyon.
  12. Lori, I'm delighted to hear you say that. Before we moved here, I had a French friend who grew up in Périgueux and she always said that the Dordognais were "très chaleureux" and "ouvert" and so it has proved to be. She visits me now and again to remind herself what it was like living here.
  13. Agree with menthe. We've only been in the Dordogne for 14 months now, but we are amazed, on a daily basis, how friendly folks are here. It was NOTHING LIKE THIS in the Vaucluse and certainly not in Paris (no shock there). Quite the opposite actually. Very happy here so far.
  14. Yes, that's one thing we noticed, and still do about the French. Always polite and, in our rural part of the Dordogne, it's still the practice to say "bonjour" to everybody you meet, whether you know them or not. So, while passing on the pavement, while joining the queue in the post office, boulangerie, doctor's surgery etc etc. We have a C of E church very close to us and, TBH, it feels weird when Brits come and go and you never get a "good morning" or a "hello" nevermind a "bonjour". It is all very charming, we loved it and still do! Edel, hurry up and find that house and, if you could find a property via leboncoin or a site for private sales, all the better. Estate agents fees are ridiculously high and could push a property outside of your budget.
  15. Ah it is a lovely time househunting isn't it - and while it's exhausting and stressful, you get to see so much of the real France and the differences in the towns and regions. Plus I'm so taken by the friendliness and politeness of the French (plus they're actually letting me practice my bad French :)). The location of Mussidan is great alright - we got the train which is fab from Bordeaux (and tram to airport for only 1.80) and it does have great links. Delighted you're loving France and glad that you have such lovely memories. Thanks so much 💖
  16. Edel, if you're still thinking about Mussidan, it's actually well located and well catered for in terms of transport. There is a mainline station (in Bordeaux readily and the car park is still probably free!), plus it's not far from on a direct route to Bergérac with (I think) daily Ryanair flights. Sorry, my info is not up to date, haven't been there for quite a long time. Good Luck with your decisions. Your posts have brought back happy memories for me....from the times and visits my husband and I were ourselves househunting in France🙂 PS they even have DENTISTS (young and enthusiastic!)
  17. Hi Le martin-pecheur - thanks for that. I agree - the diagnotics report is great but peace of mind is a big thing as it's a nerve wrecking enough time as it is 🙂 Crazy money the first surveyor wanted - sounds like he wanted a holiday oyt of you 🙂Sounds like you're having a good time in France 20 years on - many thanks and much appreciated.
  18. Hi Menthe - thanks a mill for the info. I got the diagnostic report which was really really detailed (75 pages !!) but on the otherhand, for me I think it would be good in cases like this to speak with someone who can explain things to me in lay terms as some of the text is very formal and I just might be missing something (there's also some things I had questions about which aren't in the report that I could ask a surveyor that I'd get) so for a few hundred quid for peace of mind when paying out such a large amount for a house, I think it's definitely worth it (plus it's what we're used to and I'd feel without getting my own surveyor, that I hadn't done my own due diligence). What do you think of Mussidan? We went to it twice over the past two days. It seems to have lots of things going for it (lidl, netto, intermarche, garden centre, summer pool, theatre and cinema) but it does seem to be a decaying town with a lot of maintenance needed. I did like it and the fact it has a train station to Bordeaux is a major plus as we don't want to be driving. Thanks a mill for all your info and advice - I'm really grateful.
  19. Thanks a mill Gardian - really good to know. Much appreciated 🙂
  20. That's brilliant info Alb. Thanks to you I asked the immobilier for the diagnostics - she didn't have them at the time but got them to us yesterday. You are right - they are really detailed - it's a 75 page report ! Definitely a lot more detailed than I've ever gotten from a surveyor in Ireland or Spain. The report does say no asbestos identified but then does say that they weren't able to get access to lots of places ("2nd floor - Attic All No access hatch/RdC - Space under stairs Too much space/1st floor - Bedroom, 1st floor - Bedroom 2 Basement of the floors Investigation impossible without destruction/Throughout the property Floor, walls and baseboards/Presence of furniture and objects not movable") so I guess it's still a question mark for me to look into. There were signs of termite infestation in one bedroom etc plus lots of electric work to be done. Interestingly, on a second visit yesterday the immobilier only told us that the toilet has a septic tank (it's not in the country so I was surprised - apparently it's just under the toilet ....yikes) and it's non-conforming of couse (it's in a row of houses and I asked the previous day and she said it was on the mains but she just received info on our 2nd visit that it's not). That's not in the diagnostic report which I'm surprised at. So all in all, thanks for the info about the diagnostic report being a requirement. The report is really detailed and I can see why it mightn't be necessary to get a surveyor. On the other hand, for peace of mind , I can see that it can be helpful to get an English speaking surveyor as well (my French is Ok but I'm sure there are lots of nuances that I miss (eg 'perceived' vs existing etc). Eitherway, I sadly guess this house is out .....onward with the search 😞 Thanks a mill for all your advice which was really helpful. Much appreciated.
  21. Hi all - thanks so much for all your replies and info. Sincere apols for the radio silence - we were in France when I posted but we ended travelling more than expected to other properties (and a vineyard ;)) on Wed and Thurs - it was a hectic and packed few days so I didn't get a chance to read anything properly (we just got home to Ireland in the early hours this morning so with coffee now at my side, I'm going to read everything fully now. Apols for the delay and thanks so much for your help and taking the time to reply 🙂 I really appreciate your insight and knowledge which is invaluable 🏚️
  22. Black catting, good news for those who want to move to Scotland https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-68119951
  23. It’s been 14 at one point in North West England
  24. It's normal for here. There are days even in January when the sun shines, the temps rise, it feels like spring and then everything evens out again. What is guaranteed is that when the tulips are flowering, we have a spell of hot sunshine and the show is quickly over 😁 Don't worry, ALBF, it's going to cool down again over the weekend and next week....
  25. It was 18 here yesterday. Pretty much the same today. I expect there will be more of old man Winter yet to come. This really messes with everything.
  26. Have you ever seen 20 degress in February in France ? Well….we had 20 degress today in February. Bring on the summer…..not. 40….45 degress perhaps ?
  27. I have seen many French people buy and sell as they get on on wiith their lives. Just saying.
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