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  2. If your move is a permanent residential move then you just need to contact the French customs and they will let you know about the formalities, you will also need to get customs clearance from the country your moving from, some blogs of moving companies have interesting topics that will give you some tips, try: https://www.swfl18.co.uk/swfl-blog/ but remember as long as your declaring a permanent house move to Frank you should not be subject to any kind of tax. I hope this will help.
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  4. https://www.gouvernement.fr/tout-ce-qu-il-faut-savoir-sur-la-nouvelle-carte-nationale-d-identite Date of Birth Expiry Date Date of issue are three phrases in English on the cards
  5. Gluestick


    Bloke in a pub with his chums, all a bit peed, says; "There's only two good things ever came from Wales!" "What are they?" asked a chum. "Rugby players; and loose women!" A very large guy at the end of the bar, says, "Oi! You with the mouth! I'll have you know my wife is Welsh!" "Really? says the talker: "What position does she play?" 😄
  6. Their decision to cease accepting Visa credit cards from Jan 19th has been withdrawn. They fronted Visa regarding their charges to Amazon for use of the credit card back in November, and Visa blinked today. Way to go Amazon. đŸ–ïž
  7. For those who didn't realise, the Private Messaging (PM) function is now up and running.
  8. Perhaps the ID cards should be printed in French and North African Arabic, to be realistic!
  9. Ahh, funny, I hadn't heard of that!
  10. French ID cards are in French. Will that change...who cares ? CDS are in French and English. Most adverts on French telly thease days are in English. 😀......with English music 😆 Zemmour has more important things to worry about at the moment like....banning handicap children from 'normal' schools. Yes, that is correct. he wants to do that. Vivre La France.
  11. Err...How please? Since the Private Message facility doesn't want to work and unless a member has another member's email... Carrier Pigeon? Message in a bottle and pray, perhaps? Actually, it would seem the PM function is now working??? 😆
  12. I ought to have written "Waste", rather than drain, BTW. With a hand basin, for example, failing to ensure it has been washed thoroughly after treatment can result in splashes of the caustic soda solution being diluted into the water used to wash your little face. And, more critically, leach into the eyes...
  13. She has been unable to get back onto the Forum. Norman is or was in contact with her. If you message him you might get an answer.
  14. Care to elaborate on that opinion? By stating some facts on the matter.
  15. Has anyone made contact with her by phone??
  16. Our house is called "Chante Merle" ... can't say I've seen that many blackbirds around .... we are in a small hamlet and ours is the only one with a name, others zre known by the owner's family names.
  17. Only connecting to the Forum .... Happy New year 2022 everyone (we have until the 31st to present our best wishes ...). Health and happiness to all.
  18. ..... they are having you on ....
  19. Last week
  20. Dont sit on the drain, then!đŸ€Ź
  21. Ooops! Forgot to mention! First thing next morning, thoroughly irrigate the surrounding area to the drain, since caustic soda sort of dissolves skin!
  22. Carrefour stock caustic soda solution (i.e. Sodium Hydroxide). Or if you like, Hydroxyde de sodium. https://www.carrefour.fr/p/deboucheur-soude-caustique-26-vinckel-professionnel-3490570200653 Sink, Shower and Bath Traps tend to build a nasty mass of hair and grease from soap etc. A small quantity of this liquid, left overnight in the U Bend is a good maintenance routine once a month.
  23. You could say it's a small world, Harnser. I've had one of these Lidl 'dĂ©boucher de tuyaux' jobeys for years and never had to call on its use, that is, until Thursday last. I needed it to unblock a bath in a bathroom that gets very little use. Try as I may to pump-up the air pressure, this bit of kit was having none of it, so I unscrewed the pump mechanism and the tube and valve were both bone dry. A squirt of liquid soap smeared around the valve and tube and it became fired up and ready to go. It required 3 blasts of compressed air then the welcome sound of glug, glug swoosh resonated to my ears et voilĂ , au revoir d'eau. Reminder to self - run hot water down infrequently used bathroom drains frequently. 🙂
  24. We also have a downstairs toilet than is prone to getting blocked. Rather than dig up the tiled floor and repipe it we have always used a big powerful wet vac with a custom plywood panel faced with neoprene sponge tape to seal against the top of the toilet bowl. Block off overflow with a cork in the cistern, vac through centre hole in plywood and it drags all the unmentionables back into the bowl, loosens it and usually works to be able to flush it all away. I saw that Lidl had one of these (in the video) for sale so risked €6.50 and bought one. The next time the toilet got blocked with the bowl full, rigged it up with the biggest round adaptor, pumped it up as hard as I could, inserted it through the water and pushed down hard until it sealed against the bottom of the bowl which isn't round but it still seals and fired it. It creates a shock wave in the water and shifts the blockage - It works. A brilliant effective tool. It also worked on a slow draining kitchen sink, remembering to block the overflows and have the sink with 2 -3 inches (50 to 75 mm) of water to get the proper shock wave. It is, for a Lidl gadget, strong and robust. Oops - forgot the link to the video -Yer 'tis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJAY3EAnlOs
  25. https://dailymmo.fr/certificat-ramonage-obligatoire-pour-vendre/#:~:text=Oui%2C le ramonage est obligatoire,non par un arrĂȘtĂ© national. Oui, le ramonage est obligatoire avant de rĂ©aliser toute vente immobiliĂšre. Cette obligation a Ă©tĂ© dĂ©finie par un arrĂȘtĂ© prĂ©fectoral ou municipal et non par un arrĂȘtĂ© national. Les acteurs concernĂ©s par la maison avec assainissement non conforme Trois acteurs entrent en jeu lors de la vente d’une maison avec assainissement non conforme. Chacun remplit des rĂŽles et des obligations respectifs. Le propriĂ©taire ou le vendeur Le propriĂ©taire est celui qui possĂšde le titre de propriĂ©tĂ© et qui souhaite la cĂ©der. Parmi les documents nĂ©cessaires Ă  la vente, il y a les certificats de conformitĂ© de la maison en rĂ©alisant les diagnostics immobiliers obligatoires, dont le diagnostic d’assainissement. D’aprĂšs la loi, des travaux de remise en conformitĂ© dans un dĂ©lai d’un an aprĂšs la vente sont obligatoires en cas de non-conformitĂ©. MĂȘme si cette obligation ne concerne pas l’acheteur, il est en droit de dĂ©sister ou de nĂ©gocier un rabais sur le prix. Ainsi, le vendeur pourra se mettre d’accord avec l’acquĂ©reur afin que la vente puisse toujours avoir lieu. L’acquĂ©reur Il s’agit de la personne qui va acheter la maison en question. D’aprĂšs la loi, avant de conclure l’achat, il doit vĂ©rifier la conformitĂ© de la maison. Cela Ă©vitera Ă  l’acheteur de devoir entreprendre les travaux de remise en conformitĂ© qui peut se rĂ©vĂ©ler coĂ»teuse. NĂ©anmoins, aucune forme de sanction n’est prĂ©vue si le dĂ©lai d’un an n’est pas respectĂ©. Le notaire Le notaire est le spĂ©cialiste qui s’occupe de la vĂ©rification de tous les documents relatifs Ă  la vente de la maison afin que celle-ci puisse avoir lieu. Le notaire pourra ainsi rĂ©diger l’acte de vente avec la signature du vendeur et de l’acquĂ©reur. En tant qu’intermĂ©diaire, il pourra aussi donner des conseils aussi bien au vendeur qu’à l’acheteur au sujet de la vente. We sold our house three years ago. Both chimneys had to be certified, fuel heating system too. All the grey water and WC discharges had to be verified too. Might help.
  26. Judith


    It tends to be good bottles of red that I get, but I can live with that .. though a nice bottle of bowmore would not go amiss either!
  27. Couldn't agree more, Alan! It is the marie, liaising with the local SPANC who can order that a fosse needs emptying. Not an imobilier. Furthermore, it is a statutory regulation that chimneys need regular sweeping. Indeed, if one suffers a chimney fire and the chimney has not been swept regularly the assurance provider can repudiate any claim. Once again, if a prospective buyer requires the chimney swept and the fosse emptied, then these should be entered into the Compromis de Vente as clause suspensives and form part of the conditional offer to purchase.
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