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  2. Have organised a proxy vote this year .. my proxy has had confirmation of her being my proxy, the last time we emailed each other, but no poll card as yet, but I expect it will arrive soon.
  3. Menthe, I think you've already had your answer, but yes, we got a new mattress just before Covid, bought from the UK becaue of the base size. A friend with a large van took it to the dechetterie for us .. no problem.
  4. No, those guardsmen or whatever they are called look like toy soldiers with their silly bearskin headpieces and gold braid on all those red tunics! Shades of the dastardly cad Captain Troy in Far from the Madding Crowd. It's no wonder someone or other will pass out in the hot sun. Anyway is it Britain or Ruritania?
  5. Lori, that is extremely helpful. I will buy the bed from Darty. Great choice as I want individual pocketed springs and possibly a divan this time. Have a traditional bed with headboard and footboard but also have some lovely bed spreads which are no good to use as the nice borders of the bed spreads have to be tucked in at the end of the bed and cannot be seen. ssomon, when we moved to France, we had some lovely 1930s furniture as our house was art deco. Didn't want the cost of bringing the stuff over so we just put them out in the front garden with a note asking people to help themselves. It was great because, as you have said, every piece was gone within 2 days and I was SO happy because some of the furniture were collected over years and the workmanship and quality were simply too good just to throw away.
  6. Ours arrived Monday 17 June. Posted back to UK the next day.
  7. I recently disposed of two old mattresses, which were still in reasonable condition, by putting them on Le Bon Coin as donations. They were both collected within 2 days.
  8. So, Minteroonie, we now know you like men in face masks; any other accoutrements like leather, tight shorts and animal fur? You must love the Trooping of the Colour.😵‍💫🤪🤣🤡
  9. Anybody, French residents who are registered to vote in the UK election had their UK voting papers yet?
  10. When I check Darty for my zip code, it says they will take away the old mattress/furniture/electronics, etc. They always have for us. Here is their blurb: Reprise de votre ancien matériel: Conformément à la règlementation (DEEE et loi AGEC), nous nous engageons à collecter gratuitement votre ancien équipement électrique et électronique ou votre ancien meuble. Pour les équipements électriques et électroniques : lors de la livraison de votre produit, nos équipes Darty s'engagent à reprendre gratuitement votre ancien produit pour traitement ou recyclage. Si vous le souhaitez, nous pouvons reprendre jusqu'à trois autres appareils d'une famille de produits vendue par Darty*. Pour les produits retirés en magasin, la reprise peut être effectuée dans le magasin de retrait. Pour en savoir plus, consulter la page recyclage Darty *appareil d'une famille de produits Darty, disponible dans les mêmes conditions d'accessibilité et d'encombrement. Pour les éléments d'ameublement ainsi que les produits rembourrés d'assise ou de couchage : nous nous engageons à collecter gratuitement votre ancien meuble chez vous pour toute acquisition d'un meuble neuf livré chez vous. La reprise se fera sur un produit usagé équivalent au produit acheté (en termes de fonction et de volume), sur rendez-vous auprès de notre service client.
  11. Phew! another of life's mysteries solved🙂 I understand that Mbappe is going to play wearing a sort of nose shield. I don't follow football as a rule but do have a passing interest, if only because you simply can't entirely get away from the ghastly Euros. Having said that I do like to watch Mbappe, he is to football as Dupont is to rugby, in my humble and uninformed opinion!
  12. Thanks both. I will ask at the mairie. I looked at beds in Darty (a lot more choice than the local LeClerc) but there is nothing said about taking your old bed. The firms that say they will remove the old one charges quite a bit, certainly well over 100€
  13. Yes, normally each commune will have a specific day of each month in which they will pick up 'encombrants.' You do have to reserve in advance and often, the item needs to be outside ready for pick up between certain hours. Your Mairie should know the details. In our experience, this has always been a free service. But, as you said, most places that sell beds will take your old bed upon delivering the new one - free of charge. You just have to tell them you want that done when you purchase the bed - so they know to have space for it on the truck.
  14. I can confirm that the nose (nasal passage) contains both bone and cartilage. As a kid I had difficulty with breathing through my nose and I underwent surgery of partial cartilage removal, the bone scraped and adenoid removal to cure the problem.
  15. Makes sense, Dave. Cartilage alone wouln't hold it in shape, and once that goes in death, the bones remains with nothing to hold them in place. . Thanks.
  16. I seem to remember from school that there was at least two bones in the nose and they were connected to the skull with cartilage. The reason why you don't normally see them after death is that they've 'fallen through the hole'. Same with the bones in the ear.
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  18. Our dechetterrie will take a bed no problem and the communitie de communes has a service where your 'encombrants' can be collected free of charge
  19. .......when you buy a new one? Has anybody bought a new bed recently? How did you dispose of your old one? I know LeClerc will take your old mattress (at least they did when we bought a new mattress some years ago) and it was free of charge. If you took your old bed to the déchetterrie, could you dispose of it there? I'd have a problem in any case, finding someone to do it for me (with payment, of course)
  20. Menthe, I see what you mean. I hadn't thought of that .. but then, how do you get a broken nose? Which is where we came in .. bit of investigation called for perhaps ..
  21. Judith, I do think the nose has no bone because, if you looked at a skull, the place where the nose would have been, is merely a triangular shaped hole. If there was bone, there'd be, well, a nose bone on the skull, won't there?
  22. Lehaut, I REFUSE to think like that. Mind you we haven't actually had summer! But I don't mind because it's the heat that I dislike, that and many, many scheduled walks being cancelled. Have never known anything like it ever in France. In Wales however, we never cancelled walks because of the weather, otherwise we will simply not have walking clubs.
  23. Yes, Lehaut, traitor as I am, I use filer à l'anglaise myself! Though I always explain that WE say French leave. So everybody laughs and no harm done. As to leaving, I think it's rather the English who say goodbye and not leave. Or at least, they linger in the garden, at the gates, before getting into their cars, etc. I have been known to say, albeit jokingly, have you no homes to go to?
  24. 21 June - all down hill from here, the slow inevitable slide back into winter.💀
  25. I am sure many on here have heard this expression long before I did (only a couple of months ago!) "French leave" (in english) "filer a l'anglaise". Although the article I read expanded a bit on the way difference between the two countries in leaving a dinner etc. The English leave without saying goodbye and the French say goodbye without leaving.
  26. Last week
  27. Menthe, well mine feels a though it has bone! I suspect otherwise it would have no shape and not be as rigid as they are. But I didn't study biology longer than I had to, or even anatomy, so who am I to say!
  28. That could explain the small number of really bad reviews for establishments which otherwise have a majority of very good ones, and on visiting, seem perfectly reasonable. As well as bad reviews posted by competitors or "enemies", of course.
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