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  2. Not only have we not had any Spring to speak of but now the gales from hell are sweeping the area. A good day to fly a kite if you can stand up. Try Cap Gris Nez for the ultimate flying experience: https://www.lefigaro.fr/meteo/la-meteo-du-jeudi-30-mars-le-retour-de-la-pluie-et-du-vent-20230329
  3. Actually, Norman's bowl does better than that. The rent here is quite reasonable for his means.
  4. Seems the council in Nantes as found a new centre to discharge rubbish to: Nantes. Brève reprise de la collecte des déchets, mais les centres sont toujours bloqués La ville de Nantes annonce, ce jeudi 30 mars, à 6 h 30, la reprise partielle de la collecte des déchets. Mais elle a été de courte durée. Selon la CGT, les camions seraient rentrés et les centres (Janvraie, Etier et Grande-Bretagne) sont à nouveau bloqués.
  5. Not at all, had your new rented abode down as this place; 😇
  6. ssomon, with the info you sent me I was able to do more research. I'm sure all I need to do is bring the nutrition/ingredients label with me to a French pharmacy and find a suitable substitute if I can't find the actual product. It's not an uncommon product in France, and there are several copycats as well. So thank you again.
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  8. I bought my first bunch today, will be having it with our lunch tomorrow. They can keep their white ones, I'm a sucker for those delicate green heads, the soup I make with the cooking water and the rest, even the smelly pee afterwards. Spring has sprung.
  9. I sympathise. I'm guessing, over your years of experimenting, that you have tried reducing, or splitting your lantus?
  10. I bought our first asparagus of the season on the local market this morning. Not cheap, but reasonably priced - €6 for 500gms, which will give the two us 3 lunch portions. Lovely it was too!
  11. 😞 I think she may have been a moderator when I first joined (2006). RIP
  12. It's the Swedish tall ship Götheborg
  13. I apologise unreservedly to AB for my post above. He has an unenviable job. Maybe I should read my posts more than once or twice, or in some cases, read and submit the next day.
  14. I've gotten all the information I need. Thank you so very much, ssoman. No need to start a war over it.
  15. L’ Hermione? Saw her being built at Rochefort, fascinating process.
  16. Sorry, I should have said the Seine is not tidal in Paris! Obviously it is farther downstream, near Le Havre! PS I saw a TV programme once about those magnet fishers; incredible what they find…
  17. Quem deus vult perdere prius dementat.
  18. Yes she will be a loss to the Forum
  19. Don't know about mud larking, but we do have these here in Nantes " Pêche à l'aimant" Fishing with very powerful magnets on the end of a rope. We have seen them gathered at the port are in Nantes dragging loads of old metal objects out. Like many things in France which we may think is harmless, it is, in fact, regulated as this article mentions. https://www.lagazettedescommunes.com/692860/peche-a-laimant-quelle-reglementation/
  20. Our first locataire was over 70 and we would have had her rent for ever, but unfortunately she died. Her only failing was insisting to pay by cheque each month. As they years passed, she increasingly forgot to sign them. I took to doing it, which the bank never queried. The second one was in her 60's, she died too.
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