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  2. So yes, the money is not transferred to you on the date of signing/ handing over of keys, but a few days later.
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  4. During the "recession" or "austerity" call it what you will, Learjet and Bentley had over flowing order books. The pawns are lied to as usual.
  5. Bon pour les cochons, it says. I must nip down to the abattoir and tell the animals that what is coming is good for them. The veggies will be very confused! Yes, MP, it is the battleship King George V, something I have been working on for quite a while having found it in a cupboard. Got it at a sale in the dim and distance past. Also working on a tanker too.
  6. Et alors... Well it was a sad tale, I'm afraid, Woolly. Once upon a time there was a piggery and a lovely little sow met a boar and they underwent a coupe de foudre and decided to get married as soon as they could. Unfortunately, the farmer, a nasty greedy farmer called M. Argent decided the sow and the boar had had their time and they were the two little pigs who went to market. In due course they both sadly finished up as chair à saucisse and the rest is history.
  7. Is that a battleship in the background? 😀
  8. The Notaire transfers the money to your account once he has calculated the taxes, his fees and expenses, and any other charges against the sale amount. In our experience this usually only takes a few days. The payment of 1) the Taxes Foncières and 2) the Taxe d'Habitation are the responsibility, respectively, of 1) the owner 2) whoever was living in or had the use of the house, both as of January 1st of the year of the sale. Proportional sharing of these costs is possible by agreement between the buyer and seller. Often the seller agrees to pay the habitation, and the Foncières is shared on the basis of the number of months each owns the house, but this is customary, not a legal requirement, whatever you are told, and details of any arrangement made must be included in the Acte de Vente
  9. How can a sausage be ‘engagé’? Is this a trick by Mr Zemmour? I asked a couple in the supermarket and even they were……. well, laughing.
  10. Even more staggering hypocrisy for me, Martin, was Bozo the Clown, taking a private jet from Glasgow and the COP26 nonsense, to fly to London for "Important Meetings"... Whereas, https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/nov/03/johnson-takes-private-jet-from-cop26-to-london-to-attend-dinner
  11. The core problem, of course, is that Governments are faced with either telling the truth and facing massive panic and civil unrest, or trying to logically deal with the problem. Hm...Governments being logical? A non sequitur, I fear! The MSS (Main Stream Media) are today, sadly, noted as trying to publish biased erroneous information to mainly increase circulation or site hits. I have discounted info from the WHO for some time now, as it has become political. For me, the very best source of unbiased knowledge is now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) based in Atlanta, Georgia. Mainly since their infeed, emerges from leading global research labs, top epidemiologists, Immunologists and Micro-Biologists. Q.V. https://www.cdc.gov/
  12. If the figures for new cases round here are anything to go by I suspect that the French have many more cases than they are admitting to. This ‘distortion’ is probably caused by a lower level of testing.
  13. It depends on how deaths are reported, UK death figures are people who die having tested positive in the last 28 days, a fair percentage of those people usually have other problems the French don't say how their figures are arrived at.
  14. Hi All Could someone please tell me when money is transferred to my bank account by the notaire - does this coincide with the handing over of keys to the buyer as in the UK? And what about the tax I have paid- Fonciere and Habitation - are these in arrears or in advance and do they refund if the latter? With many thanks
  15. Too late!! Panic is the starting point these days. Mass hysteria encouraged by the press is the norm! I read the comment by the doctor some days ago, it was way down on the pages of newspapers and just a couple of lines, not even reported in others.
  16. The South African Doctor actually treating people said so far the effects are very mild, fatigue is the sign.So dont panic!
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  18. Our youngest daughter in the UK is a hospital manager in a large hospital in Manchester, she reported a couple of days ago about thirty covid patients with one or two in ICU. Virtually all are unvaccinated, so not too much cause for concern she said.
  19. Good to have some figures put to this, which most of us were aware of but couldn't actually quantify. Another example here, breathtaking hypocrisy, but that's the Greens for you, green on the outside and very very red below the surface. Although the guy apologised, as always I suspect that he only apologised because he got caught. Sickening attitude. https://www.heraldscotland.com/politics/19704444.cop26-green-brighton-council-leader-took-hour-long-flight-glasgow-summit/
  20. Strange how quickly the daily deaths become the new norm. 100 a day at present in the UK, about half that in France.
  21. There is conflicting information concerning this new variant. Just as there was from the start of this two years ago. I read that this new variant is super contagious in one newspaper and in anther it isn't something to worry about! Often it is the way the 'news' is presented that frightens the life out of people. As of this moment, for example, hospitalisations, and deaths are as before; more or less yet the reporting of it has been, as usual, panic inducing!! Having had my three jabs I feel reasonably secure and happy to try and live 'normally'. Even went to dinner last night at a friends where there were several others; Even cuddled the host when I left, or rather she cuddled me I should say. It did seem strange after nearly two years that someone should 'touch me' Paranoid? Probably, If I start sneezing anytime soon I shall think it's the end!!!!
  22. We all have to be vaccinated. And the vaccines have to be updated. And we have to be cautious. And mask up. And keep sensible distances. And keep out of crowded places. And…….. phew!
  23. My wife and I had our booster jabs quite some weeks ago. The problem seems to be, Lori, that the current range of vaccines may well not prove effective: which is the worrying aspect. Two reported cases in the UK, now.
  24. Apparently, around 400 private jets flew into Glasgow for the recent COP26 Hot Air Talking Fest: and according to some analysts these airplanes generated more CO2 than the whole of Scotland in one year! Now, we proles are being sort of ordered, by St. Greta and others, to stop eating meat, stop heating our homes with gas, junk our nasty motor cars and buy expensive EVs, hang our polluting little heads in shame and so on. But have a gander at this, folks! 😧😮 https://www.cnbc.com/video/2021/11/26/the-rich-are-getting-richer-and-its-fueling-a-private-jet-boom.html
  25. Thank you ....banana! As you see it's still ongoing! gb
  26. At Saturday 27/11/21 ….et encore “It's not over till the fat lady sings” - and she ain't done singin' yet! I wrote a few days ago that I thought we were into smooth waters. Well, we're not! Receipt of funds The notaire, at the signing “ceremony”, said sale funds would be transferred to my bank 3 or 4 working days later. She had had my bank's RIB for over 2 weeks. On the 5th day, yesterday, I enquired whether or not the transfer had been effected. A reply from the notaire's accountant's department indicated it had not. This lady revealed that my wife had to receive her half share of the proceeds into her account and mine to my account as we were co-owners of the property. I wondered why the notaire's office, who are the supposed experts in handling property sales whereas I am not, did not inform me that the funds needed to be split. This would not have been a great issue if we had known: my wife would not have closed her bank account. Today I have proposed a solution: my wife gives the notaire authorisation to transfer all funds into my account. I have scanned and sent by email such authorisation. However, I suspect this will not do! My next option is to contact my wife's bank to see if it will re-open her account.
  27. I am even more impressed than earlier, a great piece of work.
  28. Interesting article. I guess it will never really end. Will life EVER become 'normal' again? We'll be hunting down our 3rd dose this coming week.
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