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  1. When I check Darty for my zip code, it says they will take away the old mattress/furniture/electronics, etc. They always have for us. Here is their blurb: Reprise de votre ancien matériel: Conformément à la règlementation (DEEE et loi AGEC), nous nous engageons à collecter gratuitement votre ancien équipement électrique et électronique ou votre ancien meuble. Pour les équipements électriques et électroniques : lors de la livraison de votre produit, nos équipes Darty s'engagent à reprendre gratuitement votre ancien produit pour traitement ou recyclage. Si vous le souhaitez, nous pouvons reprendre jusqu'à trois autres appareils d'une famille de produits vendue par Darty*. Pour les produits retirés en magasin, la reprise peut être effectuée dans le magasin de retrait. Pour en savoir plus, consulter la page recyclage Darty *appareil d'une famille de produits Darty, disponible dans les mêmes conditions d'accessibilité et d'encombrement. Pour les éléments d'ameublement ainsi que les produits rembourrés d'assise ou de couchage : nous nous engageons à collecter gratuitement votre ancien meuble chez vous pour toute acquisition d'un meuble neuf livré chez vous. La reprise se fera sur un produit usagé équivalent au produit acheté (en termes de fonction et de volume), sur rendez-vous auprès de notre service client.
  2. Yes, normally each commune will have a specific day of each month in which they will pick up 'encombrants.' You do have to reserve in advance and often, the item needs to be outside ready for pick up between certain hours. Your Mairie should know the details. In our experience, this has always been a free service. But, as you said, most places that sell beds will take your old bed upon delivering the new one - free of charge. You just have to tell them you want that done when you purchase the bed - so they know to have space for it on the truck.
  3. People. Too many seem to have lost the plot.
  4. I hope you didn't get rid of them because of the induction thing. They are okay on induction, you just have to be careful with their weight as the induction plaque is glass. So, I'm always careful when I use them. They are heavy as he** though. I don't miss the gas canisters either. I have used several different induction plaques and there can be a huge difference one to the next. I invested in a really nice one when we redid this kitchen. I've been very happy with it, thank God as it wasn't cheap. We love our gas grill and have been extremely grateful for it when the power goes out (and it has MANY times since we've moved here). Each time a storm is forecasted (like this evening), we now get out something to prepare for dinner, in advance of the storm. Once the power goes out, the fridge and freezer are not opened for fear power will not be restored for a long time (once it was 17 hours ...). So, if you didn't take something out, in advance, you'll be eating something from a can. Having the grill is wonderful and having heavy cast iron skillets that can be used on the grill is great too.
  5. Same here. Used to love gas, now adore induction. If you have a really good induction cook top, the precision of heat control is amazing. Would never go back.
  6. Yes, around the same here this morning. Breezy and 17 out there now. Quite chilly. Last year, same time, we were sweltering in sunshine.
  7. No idea. It means Okeedokee. You don't know this term ? 😄
  8. Okeedokee. Good luck. See ya on the other side ... if it all works. 😉
  9. If only I had your faith. When I see women and minorities supporting Trump, we have a problem. I do agree that the Democrats made a HUGE mistake giving Biden the nomination. But, as said, there are not really any strong candidates. Who would want to be a part of the ridiculous joke of American politics? Only people with a power hungry agenda. None of them seem one bit interested in the American people or the country they represent.
  10. Ah yes, his favorite phrase, 'It wasn't me.' Along with 'It's a witch hunt' and 'I'm being framed by the Democrats' and 'The Judge is corrupt and so are the jurors and so is the Justice Department.' Etc., etc., etc., etc. The man has never committed any crime anywhere at anytime. He's a saint, don't cha know ! And his son, upon hearing the verdict, says America has now become a 'Shi* hole.' Yet, his Father still wants to be President of such shi* hole. I presume so he can take his revenge on everyone on earth.
  11. I see. I hope they can improve on that treatment. Lasting several days sounds really difficult. Though I realize without that the patient would most likely be suffering in a far more serious manner. I think it should be assisted so that it doesn't take so long.
  12. Thank you for posting that Betise. I'm sorry for the loss of your family members. It is good to know that there may be some assistance here in France. Now, if they can expand the assistance so that patients are not forced to wait until they are in extreme and constant pain and misery before doctors act, that would be a big improvement.
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