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  1. "crapahuter" Came up in my paper today. Not one I had come across. To trudge.
  2. Thankfully no one did. The allies beat him. They might not have been as successful against a replacement?
  3. Guns don't kill, people do. So if you get rid of the people, you get rid of the problem. 302 mass shooting up to end of June 2024, 40,000 gun related deaths in 2023 so they are working on it. And in case you run out of bullets: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ammo-vending-machines-bullets-sales-grocery-stores/
  4. We were walking through the gardens in Nantes yesterday, looking for the new exhibit for the "green line" project. We were puzzled by the many people walking through the park clutching multiple mobile phones, staring at them with close attention. My wife could not resist asking two women, both in their 60s sitting on a bench with no less than 6 mobile phones arranged in front of them! They told her it was "World Pokémon Day". Could not stop to talk as the hunt was on. Throughout the rest of our morning we saw groups of all ages engaged in this pursuit. Had no idea it was still a thing. Anyway, we still got to see the new exhibit. Water streams from its eyes, ears, mouth and nipples.
  5. If you did not have people who like watching sports with their reasonably paid stars, this woman would not be happy. I think there are more mugs off the field than on it. Denise Coates, CEO of Bet365, paid herself £221 million in 2023. While she is not a FTSE 100 CEO, we have to give a special mention to Coates, who has ranked as the highest-paid Chief Executive in the UK for several years. Coates has now earned £1.4 billion in four years – which is almost equal to the total GDP of the Caribbean island, Antigua and Barbuda.
  6. One up, perhaps one down (if its your thing) https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/paris-ile-de-france/paris/le-cabaret-transformiste-chez-michou-menace-de-fermeture-2995697.html
  7. Would appear you are not the only one. Some helpful ideas here: https://forum.universfreebox.com/viewtopic.php?t=80718
  8. Having watched some health programmes on the TV when the fad of blood red burgers started, I understood that: Solid bits of meat ie steak can be seared on the outside and eaten raw in the middle Mince, needs to be cooked all the way through. The logic (if I understand correctly), the bad microbes live on the outside of the steak exposed to the air and are killed when you sear the steak. With mince and its high surface area exposed, the microbes are everywhere so you need to thoroughly cook it to the centre. https://www.la-viande.fr/sites/default/files/article/telechargements/fichiers/beef_burgers_recommendations_for_safe_eating_0_0.pdf Some rules in France only apply to large sellers (ie new shrinkflation rules). We have never had a problem with meat from LeClerc, though for the good of the planet we don't eat beef.
  9. Lehaut

    ALD questions

    We are in a major town (Nantes). First appointment at the major hospital for hearing test - Feb next year.
  10. We have (at the last estimate) 60 ROM camps in and around Nantes. One of the biggest in France is a few kms from where we live (we cycle near it most weeks). They are here as some of them can find work in the fields and greenhouses that proliferate the countryside. (There are many other reasons too, less legal perhaps). The Nantes council announced this week that they intend to clear the biggest one and offer more dignified housing (at public expense €12,000,000 per year) for those who do not want to return to Romania. They did not arrive yesterday ! Despite all the rhetoric about immigrants etc, the authorities have tolerated this system for years. Presumably the price of all the veg, salad etc that is grown here depends on its competitivity of it price - helped by cheap non documented labour. We passed another site being cleared yesterday, evidenced by the wrecked caravans by the side of the road that collapsed whilst being towed. They all moved 4kms up the road to another huge camp. Has the RN and other parties included these as a group who will be expulsed from our fair country or will economic sense allow their tolerance to be continued I wonder. https://www.lefigaro.fr/nantes/nantes-la-procedure-d-evacuation-de-l-un-des-plus-grands-bidonvilles-de-france-enclenchee-cet-ete-20240626
  11. Seems correct to me. We remember watching M Holland winning. The people looked to be witnessing the second coming by the joy they expressed. By the end our neighbours were calling him "M Tête de pomme de terre"
  12. Or not: https://www.sciencespo.fr/mass-violence-war-massacre-resistance/en/document/extermination-mentally-ill-and-handicapped-people-under-national-socialist-rule.html
  13. Of St Jean?😁
  14. 21 June - all down hill from here, the slow inevitable slide back into winter.💀
  15. I am sure many on here have heard this expression long before I did (only a couple of months ago!) "French leave" (in english) "filer a l'anglaise". Although the article I read expanded a bit on the way difference between the two countries in leaving a dinner etc. The English leave without saying goodbye and the French say goodbye without leaving.
  16. We do not eat out very often. When we have made a reservation we normally respect it, don't think we have ever just cancelled without calling. A lady in our block ran a winter Hotel in Courchevel. We were astounded to learn that the clientele there thought nothing of booking several places in different restaurants for an evening. This allowed them to offer a choice to their family/friends if they decided to go out. The abandoned reservations did not bother them at all! Not surprising that they are staring to ask for debit card details and taking a charge for "No Shows" The kicker is that people then leave bad reviews due to their own bad behaviour.
  17. I installed an Ikea one which has worked fine for us. One thing you cannot do with a gas hob is set a independent timer for each one of the 4 (in our case) heating units. Quite happily leave several pans simmering with the timer on and just leave them alone. I have several cast iron pans, enamelled and 'raw' black ones. I usually heat them up slowly, turning them round to ensure even heat before using them. I made the mistake of slapping my favourite small one on and turning the heat up to 9 straight away. Two minutes later it cracked in two - quite a fright.
  18. For the first time here in Nantes, a member of the public will ask the the Municipal Council a question at their meeting Bearing in mind this is an agglomeration of about 700,000 souls with all the current concerns, worries and aspiration of modern society in 2024. The question has been picked ? "Why are dogs of over 6kg not allowed on Public Transport" We are a happy lot here if that is the major concern that people wanted to raise . https://www.ouest-france.fr/pays-de-la-loire/nantes-44000/a-nantes-un-habitant-posera-une-question-en-conseil-municipal-e35ec83e-2ccb-11ef-a289-26f857fa80f9
  19. Same here. Loved cooking on gas till I installed an induction hob. All electric here, would dread to live in a complex with gas now. Very interesting. Does this balance out over the expected life time of the system and its purchase/installation/maintenance costs?
  20. I think you would be hard pushed to find a country that is not in this position, Russia, USA, China, Ukraine, Georgia, Israel/Palestine, Colombia, Venezuela, Cameroon, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Taiwan Strait, Bangladesh, Myanmar, New Caledonia (France), Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Mozambique to name a few! Although if you can believe this report, the USA is getting safer!! ( whether or not this includes the violent crimes committed by the Police is not clear) https://www.cbsnews.com/news/fbi-crime-report-drop-in-violent-crime-2024/#:~:text=The latest preliminary quarterly crime,year in the same period.
  21. Here in Nantes there have been many protests in the streets against the RN and their success in the elections. One wonders how many of those protesting voted on Sunday? Perhaps it they had, the RN would not have done so well?
  22. We all vote in the French and European elections. I always thought this, but not the case it would appear!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_you_live_in_interesting_times
  23. For the 65th anniversary our boys were in a small college in St James, Manche. There is a very impressive American war cemetery there. The then Mayor organised the children from the school to go to the cemetery and lay a posey of flowers on the certain graves of US soldiers. The criteria being that the graves had had no know visitors/flowers placed on them for some years. This was explained to the children as they performed this simple but (I found) very touching gesture.
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