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  1. Thanks for all your efforts.
  2. We had 42°C in Nantes at the height of the July heat wave. Our apartment on the 5th floor has 3 south facing bedrooms with external shutters. Closing them at lunch time and then the north facing living room balcony door has kept us cool ( there is no shutter needed on this window, so we never lose our view of the Loire) An evening/night cross breeze (we sleep with all the windows open) cools the place back down for the next day. One oscillating tower fan for the evening. I have just installed a ceiling fan in the bedroom for the odd night when there is no breeze. We did not give it any thought when we bought the place in 2016, but looking at the new developments where they crowd many building in a small footprint, the chance of a clear passage for cooling winds seems to reduce. They keep the parks open 24/7 during these periods, it is surprisingly cool under the leafy trees. Still getting our daily walks in though, starting a bit earlier to keep up the 8-10 kms a day.
  3. 1364 error at 1508 when trying new topic
  4. I did not know this, and many who hold only UK passports might not either: Just for info then following a case in the paper for a woman refused a flight to Spain. Why the line about ‘issued within the previous 10 years’? For many years, until September 2018, the UK had a generous policy of allowing credit for “unspent” time when renewing a passport, issuing documents valid for up to 10 years and nine months. So a passport issued on 31 October 2012 could show an expiry date of 31 July 2023. This was fine around Europe and the world for decade – until Brexit, whereupon a longstanding rule kicked in. For non-members of the EU hoping to enter the Schengen Area, a passport must have been issued in the past 10 years. With a passport issued on 31 October 2012, regardless of the expiry date, you will not be allowed to enter the EU from 1 November 2022. Until September 2018 the government appeared unaware of the problem. Once the issue was identified, the practice of giving up to nine months’ grace ended abruptly.
  5. Well, goodbye to everyone and thanks for all the fish, just in case!
  6. I am a keen biker and try to keep my bike in road worthy condition, either myself or through a garage. The mechanic there said many of the bikes he has in to do tyre changes would not past the CT. Here in Nantes you see quite a few delivery scooters held together with masking tape - not a recognised repair. Its difficult to justify, but the fear of more manifestations seems to do the trick in this one instance.
  7. I don't want to throw petrol on the Brexit fire, but I cannot help but laugh at the situation at Dover. The French did not vote for Brexit, the UK did and now are getting what they wanted. We went to the UK on the motorbike in May/June. Out of habit I treated the Border Control point as I do a European one. The staff were busy chatting so I drove straight through! Won't make that mistake again. Coming back into France at Roscoff from Cork it took 45 mins to get off the ferry. Everyone was checked, bikers with full face helmets had to take them off for the face check (French or not).
  8. Only posting this here as we cannot start new topics. We booked flights from Nantes to Gran Canaria early this year with Volotea. Direct from Nantes and not expensive, only down side was late departures. Our outward flight was cancelled after standing for 90 mins with in the queue with the plane visible in front of us, The usual mucking about and lack of info followed, eventually got out the next day. A week later, the 0030 return flight was also cancelled, again with the plane on the ground in front of us. Equal chaos for the replacement flight, with the Garda coming twice to calm the situation. There was nothing we could do but collect information, I was determined to claim compensation when we got back. After numerous Emails and claims submissions to Volotea , I am happy to say we got the full 800€ each for the two flights - more than the holiday cost! And a half a night in a 4 star hotel with breakfast. Well worth the effort.
  9. An update on my initial post about Barclays Bank. My wife got a letter from them yesterday telling her that her account will be closed as they will only offer accounts to those with a UK address. Mine will probably arrive shortly.
  10. stp, you may surprise yourself. Couple of years ago my wife wanted to use the toilet in a McD's in Marseille (we like their coffee). As she approached the ladies, a very attractive eastern European woman came out of the gents, and advise my wife not to use the ladies or the gents as someone had "decorated" the seats and surrounds. Only seeing a urinal behind the lady, my wife asked if she had use that, and how! Don't worry, said the other woman, you will figure it out, gave her brief instructions and left. Needs must, so she figured it out!
  11. Asking this question as there has been some activity on this thread. Have a feeling of impending doom as far as this forum is concerned. Is there a way we will know that management has lost interest totally supporting it and just shut it down? It would be a shame if I could not say goodbye to everyone one. The forum helped us a lot in the early days. Is there a Facebook page, for example, where we could check in if the forum suddenly stops?
  12. If you wondered were you fit in with all of this; you are MH (if your forum name is an accurate indication of your orientation/gender) MH - male heterosexual. You can put this on your name tag. (2SLGBTQ+: What does it mean? Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning and additional sexual orientations and gender identities)
  13. The Halifax has it sorted, and if you don't like it, leave! https://www.theoldhamtimes.co.uk/news/20246125.halifax-hits-back-criticism-pronouns-included-staff-badges/#:~:text=Halifax has told customers to,%23It'sapeoplething."
  14. Ole Humlum! "He predicted in 2013 that the climate would most likely become colder in the coming 10–15 years."
  15. I don't think we can "kill the planet". What we are consciously doing is deliberately making the environment on earth unsuitable for the current inhabitants, be they human, plant or animal. The planet will continue on its way regardless. When the sun eventually goes super nova, that will kill the planet.
  16. I have been trying for 2 weeks, same problem.
  17. I was under the impression that the increase in KWH was limited to 4% for the last and next increase in prix? I think there is also a sneaky increase in the standing charges too. However, this should not lead to a doubling of prices. We had our AGM for our residence this week. Our budget forecast for communal electricity was based on a 4% increase (twice) for 2023, again this did not double the anticipated bill. We are also on all electric for the 110 apartments, independent not communal heating (thank goodness). We pay a standing order with Total, their monitoring system for usage is quite informative. We will come in just under their suggested amount for 2021/22. Will have to wait till next month to see what they suggest for the next year. If its double that will be very hard to justify, imo.
  18. "Thanks for the info, are you suggesting it would be possible to take the sim from the router and put it in a mobile phone to make calls?" A "Wi-Fi hot spot" uses any mobile phone with a decent 4G contract to act as the router you have bought. The opposite to what you have done. The best thing to do to answer your own question is to take the SIM card out of the router and install it in a mobile phone. Make sure the size of the SIM card is compatible (the new ones are breakable down to the smallest size but are not so easy to rebuild back up to full size). Any mobile phone not locked to one service provider will do, you can even borrow one to try. Do let us know how you get on.
  19. From what I have read, I do not think so. It appears to be solely a method of ID. I also do not think it is possible to have two lines on the same sim, nor two sims for the same number.
  20. On topic; Embarrassed to be British’: Brexit study reveals impact on UK citizens in EU https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/may/04/brexit-study-reveals-impact-britons-in-eu
  21. I know why the sun never sets on the British Empire. God wouldn’t trust an Englishman in the Dark.– John Duncan Spaeth
  22. "In any case, i understand that Orange will delete all my email addresses with them as soon as I cancel my contract." Connectez-vous à votre boite mail Orange dans les 6 mois suivant la résiliation, avec votre identifiant et votre mot de passe ; Paramétrez la redirection automatique de vos mails en allant dans la rubrique « Mes préférences« , « Mes mails » ; Cliquez sur « Transférer mes mails vers une autre boîte« You have 6 mths before they cancel the address. I am still getting emails (mostly spam) from a neuf email address. I cancelled the contract with them 10 years ago!
  23. Great following your setting up. Do you know that you can import incoming emails to Gmail from you other Orange accounts, just in case you miss updating any? If you use the "settings" then import accounts its easy to set up. I do not use a 4g router, but looking on the internet, in the UK they seem to use a "Ring Capacitor" for older phone that do not ring when connected to a 4g set up. Might be worth looking into.
  24. Having nearly 40 years of service to HM between us, my wife and I are also proud to be British (one English and the other Scottish). We are equally proud of the fact that we are capable of being accepted into French society as French Nationals - even if Monsieur le Préfet greeted us with words "Ah, Perfidious Albion" during our chat after the ceremony.
  25. I was intrigued by the question, this is the answer I found on the Bouygues site; Bonjour , C'est un numéro de ligne mobile comme sur les sim data Nomad par exemple Il faut bien que la sim ait un numéro qui serve à son identification sur le réseau Bonne journée By this it is just an ID rather that mobile phone number as Martin963 indicated.
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