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  1. We went to book our third vaccination this morning, respecting the 6 month rule. The pharmacy was heaving with people doing the same thing! Evidently the new delay is down to 5 months as of 5 days ago. Did not know this. For over 65s, the current continued validation of the Pass Sanitaire is predicated on you having the third vaccination at or before the 6 mth anniversary, plus a leeway of an 4 extra weeks. This works for us as we are booked on an SNCF train with a valid pass. If, however, they change the 6 mth rule to align with the new 5 mth directive, it could catch some people out over the holiday period. As of 29 Nov the old rules still apply. Hopefully they don't change the Pass Sanitaire rules.
  2. Strange how quickly the daily deaths become the new norm. 100 a day at present in the UK, about half that in France.
  3. As far as I know, all boats used in France have to be registered. The last one we bought was registered in Marseilles and we brought it up to Normandy and had to re-register it there. https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F2071 Is the one for inland craft. If you are looking for a searchable one you would, I think, have to address the relevant department.
  4. On radio 4 this morning, following the mass drowning, there was a spokesperson for the Calais Organisation. I cannot prove what she said was true, but I did find it interesting. According to her, only 3% of those who reach Europe come up to France to get across to the UK, the rest seek asylum in other European countries. Secondly, the drive to get to the UK is due to the fact that asylum can only claimed once you are in Britain. Perhaps the French could "lend" part of Calais to the UK so that they can be processed on (diplomatic) UK soil before they get to the UK and disappear into the system. Those that do still come across could then be legitimately taken back to Calais. I understand the those who voted for Brexit also voted to get rid of the right to return these people back to Europe!
  5. Well done! Pleased/relieved you took the post in the humorous manner it was intended! Glad you have some hair left to play with.
  6. This works if you are on a modern smart phone and are running Android (I cannot say for I Phone as I don't have one, but should be the same). Open Google Play Store Search for TousAntiCovid - an app picture of a red and blue QR code. Download, install and open. On the open page there should be a blue section with Health Pass as the title, underneath is written "Open my wallet" Don't open that yet, stop playing with your hair and listen! There should be a smaller blue area under with "Scan a QR code" written it it, yes you can open that one by tapping on it. This will open another window with a square outline linked to your phone camera. You can use this to scan all three of the QR codes on your vaccination certificates which will then appear in your "wallet". You can also scan in the QR codes for your better half and vice versa so you have proof on both phones should you forget one. Now you can go out and play. Hope this helps! 🙂
  7. Did you receive the goods you paid for? If they are not sending you letters by "accusé de réception" then, in my experience with SFR, they are trying it on.
  8. I have ordered computer parts and yesterday a new coffee machine arrived. All these have been despatched in the manufactures box with just my address label stuck on. Completely obvious what was in the boxes. Amazon used to allow (well for Prime anyway) the customer to comment on the size of the packaging etc. I left several photos of small items in large boxes. That service is no longer available.
  9. There is nothing to stop an individual installing their own charging point in the garage area of a block of flats in France. I am on our CS for the residence and we are going through the procedure for an someone who is doing that. It has to be submitted to the Syndic or AG with the tech specs, cost and separate supply to the communal one for the building, with its own counter. All this is at the charge of the person wanting the installation.
  10. Lehaut


    Having moved regions over two years ago, thought it was about time to move banks (CA Normandie to CA Loire-Atlantique (or LA as the hip term!)). The bank mobility programme has swung into operation to change over all the virements etc, so far so good. However, the change notice for the Mutuelle also came in with the costs for next year. We have only the basic level one cover with the bank, and its going up 11%, far ahead of any inflation or price indexing wages, pensions etc. A quick google showed that the government asked the providers to limit their increases to 4%, but a toothless request. Our mayors office has a "Mutuelles solidaires : l’accès aux soins pour tous" system which, on paper, provides a similar cover for a lower (30 € a month) premium for 2 people. Anyone had any experience of these?
  11. Gluestick, we tried the national pension advisors help lines and several other sources. They told us that there is no binding agreement on the Pension companies to take on board the Governments pension reforms. Its up to them whether they do or not. So there was nothing they could do to help us. Hence one company who were very easy to deal with and did everything the Government reform promised and another who just ignored it. We have looked at overseas options, but on balance, my wife would rather keep it in the UK with a system we understand. We are fortunate enough not to need the income, but are interested in protecting the capital to hand down to the family at death.
  12. If you're not a UK tax resident you'll get the 40% back, you have to declare the lump sum here but there is a fixed rate of tax (currently 7.5%) and a 10% allowance on the whole amount so the overall tax hit is really 6.75%. I am a UK tax payer on a government pension, so think we would have to take the hit. Even if we could get the lump sum (which we don't want) where would we invest it to get the same level of increase a UK Pension fund gets?
  13. We have been fighting my wife's pension company for years. When she eventually wants to touch it they offer either annuity (no thanks) or you take the lot in cash with the 40% tax bill, no draw down or anything else offered. Her second pension plan offers draw down but will not accept the transfer of the other pension pot as it is "new business" as we live in Europe, despite her already having a plan with them for years before we left the UK. Once Covid dies down we have to go the UK to pay a financial advisor several thousand pounds to do the transfer on her behalf. Yet every year they send all the bumf telling her all the options she has. And when you write to take them up they say its just the normal stuff they send every one, but does not apply to her. The Governments much vaunted reorganisation of the pension scheme is not compulsory, just advisory on pension companies. My blood pressure soars just typing this.
  14. Lehaut


    Actually it's a BMW X5 and the French don't do personalised plates. Shame that but there you are! Many years ago when we sold all our shares in France telecom we made enough profit to buy my wife a 306 convertible. The Peugeot dealer had a cousin in the prefectures office and was delighted to show us the registration plate of the car which had organised to have 306 in it!
  15. Just shown this to our youngest who is starting to write his PhD Thesis, as is his older brother. He did laugh. This type of plagiarism should be harder these days as quite a bit has been invested the the educational authorities in software which scans new papers and compares it to older papers, made more effective with AI.
  16. +1 on ditching all your aluminium pans. In laws houses I have been to where the treasured aluminium set was still used, the internals all chipped and scrapped with the residue going straight into the food. Wonder we are all still "compus mentis"!
  17. I read in my daily paper here in Nantes about drug related street crime every day (or seems like it). Only this week they have confiscated 350kg of drugs and people have been shot at or had their lives made a misery by the gangs taking over their streets, parks or apartment blocks. But the question as you quite rightly pose is what to do about it. The lower level people don't have anything to take away (money, possessions, housing etc) only their liberty. The amounts of money involved probably keeps the authorities away from the upper level dealers. Don't think anyone has a quick or indeed long term answer other then levelling up society so individuals have some degree of self worth.
  18. You might like to look at this forum and the question you pose at this link. (Don't know where your property is situated) as a starting point. https://www.forumconstruire.com/construire/forum-15.php If you have to enter into the world of litigation in France, I wish you the very best of luck.
  19. Lovely flowers at this time of the year, but I have never seen a carpet of them. Picture taken just on the outskirts of Nantes this morning during our walk.
  20. Zemmours campaign even made it onto Radio 4 this morning. And https://www.rt.com/news/358766-french-writer-israel-gaza/ French Goebbels? Writer claims French Army will clear Muslims from France as Israel did in Gaza. Thought it was just me that saw the physical resemblance!
  21. The technician who installed Free fibre in our flat let me watch the whole process, including joining the fibres, very interesting. We pay 29.99 for our unlimited 1Gb, but the same offer is now 34.99. Included VIOP phone calls, mostly free to other countries. What is also worth looking at is what else comes with the offer. My wife has a 100gb mobile phone Europe and some parts of the world contract with free, should be 19.99 a month, but being Free client we only pay 15.99. Also, for the 2€ limited phone card (good for the occasional visit to France) it is free as a client.
  22. Pretty good here today in Nantes for a 7.5km walk by the Loire. Down to shorts and T shirt by 10h45.
  23. If you still have the part, find someone on the internet who can scan it and 3 D print it as a replacement. For example; https://www.sculpteo.com/en/ As an idea.
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