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  1. I have access to your email addresses which I use to weed out the commercial pests but there is no way that I could see if an account had been hacked, provided that the email address remained the same.
  2. Macron has taken a very difficult decision and is being pilloried for it; whichever, someone had to do it, the Socialists are too lily livered and Le Pen wouldn't dare. Time the far left unions grew up. Oh and perhaps their links to Moscow might be investigated?
  3. Please name these millions.🥵
  4. As usual, the nutjobs are out in force; their first target is fuel depots so fill up folks. My local supermarket is not sure what deliveries it is likely to get so maybe fill the basket at the local market. Apparently electricity supplies were hit in some areas but not much information as yet. ALBF, keep us all posted svp.
  5. Neighbours out slaughtering their gardens and, and, Paris Nice cycle race. Bobo is back in his Heaven
  6. Been beachcombing, guys? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/mar/03/french-narco-tourism-alert-as-washed-up-cocaine-draws-beachcombers
  7. Others will know better than I but I think le fisc is the right place.
  8. As I only live an hour from Calais I find it easy to take either the Tunnel or DFDS. But recently my credit card has been refused for payment for Eurotunnel; it is a Nat West Mastercard. Never any problem in the past and it has plenty of time to run. Any ideas?
  9. Sounds as if the internal administration and registration procedures have not been completed. Probably seriously sclerotic!
  10. Another problem seems to be the sudden demand for an increase in the width of the track; could this be a try-on by those claiming rights who want a hand out? This the notaire could not have anticipated.
  11. Thank you Dave, we do seem to be picking up a bit and members always seem to turn up at appropriate moments. But I would like to see more chat about France and French issues if possible. Moderating is hardly onerous! I shall be looking for a new moderator after I have had a chat with the Gods.
  12. I am deeply saddened to have to inform the membership that my fellow moderator, Jean Eckersley, known as Hoddy has passed away after a short illness. She had been associated with the Forum since the early days and was a good person.
  13. Why did the scorpion bother? Ryanair were stinging everyone anyway!🤪🤢
  14. Thank you betise, I completely missed it.🤢
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