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  1. Hiya Gluey, well, it depends where you are on the pile in UK, I guess but not having actually lived there for 25 years I am probably out of touch. If you have a decent disposable income, no debts, home in a decent area and, if appropriate, kids in a good school, then you are doin’ fine. Many folks are not like that though. Best tip is not to listen to the news or read the newspapers too often. Or is it that the Brits like to emphasise the bad, the media like to undermine national confidence for their own agenda. I dunno. Return to UK for me? too complex as things stand.
  2. But not a Trumpian attention seeker somewhere to the right of Attila, but with a distinctly Mussolini feel.
  3. The non candidates policies, not that original: https://www.lefigaro.fr/elections/presidentielles/presidentielle-2022-eric-zemmour-veut-supprimer-le-permis-a-points-20211024 But it seems has is having trouble getting maires to be his parrains.
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10123489/French-far-right-candidate-Eric-Zemmour-declares-English-greatest-enemies-1-000-yrs.html Is that what you mean?
  5. préemption, the right to buy ahead of anyone else; often used by communes to buy property they want or need for development or to get it out of the way in road widening etc. There is also a process whereby farmers can get some sort of rights over land but better heads than mine may have the detail. Unless the commune wants it or you have a ton of good land, it should not be a problem and need not hold things up by much but it might help if you get the notaire off their ar*e to send the paperwork off and also had a chat to the commune so it gets expedited quickly.
  6. I think that locked out folk have to come back with different names and passwords etc; only way I can see round it. Unless you have very old identities which might be worth trying.
  7. maybe about €100,000,000,000 including tax lost, customs duties lost, identity fraud, false persion claims…….. it goes on. Worth watching if you have the patience. https://video.lefigaro.fr/figaro/video/fraudes-sociales-la-veritable-ampleur-du-phenomene/
  8. Yes, wish I could get her back on. Maybe we could all encourage her. As of now she should come back as Shymint!
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