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  1. It is all the tattoos and the cig hanging from his mouth that do it!
  2. La boite is a slang word for workplace. Cayenne was a very distant colony in South America where there were some penal institutions that were particularly brutal, see the book and film Papillion. So, it could simply refer to a distance place as in other cases and/or refer to the factory as a prison or bagne.
  3. The prevailing wind has been southerly, south easterly or south westerly for a long time which the grues do not like flying against but it seems now to be moving northerlyish which will push them on their journey. So, folks, maybe expect them this week.
  4. Thank you, Betise, I was being lazy; the word occurred in this headline in Le Monde and also reminded me of ‘yokel’ “Au lycée, tous les élèves qui ne sont pas originaires d’Europe occidental5e sont qualifiés de “blédards””
  5. Yes, minteroonie, maybe I did go a bit far but some of the meat was in the bottom of the freezer and had been there a very long time. And there were a lot of fairly anonymous leftovers that certainly should have been drawing an OAP. However, I am stewing up large volumes of gooseberries and other soft fruit which will nearly all return to the freezer within a few hours. And I am finding other ways of storing the food so that I can get a proper rotation. Plus better labelling of leftovers. Oiseau took a freezer box of the remaining red fruits and as you have seen had a wonderful jam making session, so some good had already come out of it. The freezer is much too big for me really but I so hate to see garden fruit go to waste.
  6. Freezer SAVED, thanks to patience and a hairdryer and some good tips. Phew, didnt want to fork out for a new one. Some summer fruits now being cooked up before returning to freezer but meat all slung as it was just getting a bit too soft. Pity. It is what hides in the bottom of a freezer, forgotten, unloved, bitterly cold!
  7. Pop it in your mouth and enjoy the taste of egg, clean teeth at same time!😵‍
  8. Given the two threads running here, Lori, could you not use your electric toothbrush to beat the egg whites, save time and trouble?
  9. Rain, rain, no snow, no postman to chase, Bongo, I am so bored:
  10. Guardian, your mind in exercised by the strangest things!
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