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  1. Perhaps the ID cards should be printed in French and North African Arabic, to be realistic!
  2. She has been unable to get back onto the Forum. Norman is or was in contact with her. If you message him you might get an answer.
  3. anotherbanana


    Optimistic sort of cove arent you, Gluey!🙀
  4. anotherbanana


    Maybe you could still exchange emails with your cousin if you tried! You never know🙀
  5. anotherbanana


    How do we know this?
  6. anotherbanana


    I had my third shot in September, quite a long time ago; should I be looking for number four or are none being offered?
  7. There has already been an outcry by the Academie Francaise who think the cards should be in French alone. Given that Zemmour has been ranting about banning the use of English in the EU I wonder if printing the cards only in French might be a politically expedient move..
  8. My thanks to everyone who reports the scab posts that seem to arrive often enough on the Forum since the software change. Thus far there does not seem to be anything we can do to keep them down, so please keep reporting folks. Of course we could make new members wait a while before they can post but I am not sure they would remain as there are other forums they could use. I am mostly incommunicado in the mornings and am also experiencing some difficulty in getting into the site so if I seem slow those are the reasons. All very annoying
  9. I suggest checking the date on a post before replying to it.
  10. Gluey, references to intimate anatomy are not allowed. Perhaps if you used the word ‘beast’.😜
  11. Have a look at Mutuelle de Poitiers d’Assurance.
  12. This article from Libération suggests that some Covid passes may be cancelled from 15 January, largely I think for those who have not had a third jab but I am not entirely sure. So folks, better keep checking I guess. https://www.liberation.fr/societe/sante/covid-entre-500-000-et-700-000-pass-sanitaires-pourraient-etre-desactives-samedi-20220112_OC42K5ERPVETROCXRJ2US5SMEA/
  13. Yes, thanks, Suey, but frustrated with restrictions like everyone. And the long grey days.
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