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  1. I have always thought that the taxe fonciere is based on some stupid notions; put in an extra bath and you pay more tax, a garden shed and you pay more, an extra bathroom, an enclosable pergola … the list is based on the idea of increased “ comfort “ as defined in 1970 (when many properties were pretty basic, with outside loos and primitive bathrooms) and presupposes that these basic necessities add value to a property. I can understand that amenaging les combles makes more living space but basic stuff such as toilets and hand basins are surely a question of hygiene? https://immobilier.lefigaro.fr/article/piscine-pergola-veranda-quelles-taxes-devez-vous-payer-pour-ces-equipements_06b41762-283c-11ed-8dcd-c2a79bf03d39/
  2. Very difficult to decide if a blade produced with a semi worked product is authentic, and which communes should be given authentic status. Predictable with so much money at stake there is a scrap as to which communes should be included. https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/occitanie/aveyron/rodez/couteaux-de-laguiole-colere-en-aveyron-apres-l-attribution-de-l-indication-geographique-a-94-communes-2620236.html
  3. See if the level of pesticides will make you turn green or worse: https://www.francetvinfo.fr/sante/environnement-et-sante/votre-eau-du-robinet-comporte-t-elle-des-pesticides-au-dessus-des-limites-de-qualite-decouvrez-le-grace-a-notre-moteur-de-recherche_5364667.html
  4. The children must have been terrified when the coffin suddenly disappeared through the floor, as if going to Hell. Spooky!
  5. Well, what a display of pomp and circumstance. Didnt know it could still be done. Worth every penny.
  6. According to my postie who is very nice, helpful, always ready for a chat etc. the number of PO staff employed on short term contracts (CDD) has shot up and management is nasty. If this is true it is not so difficult to understand why some of the employees are stroppy, uncooperative etc.
  7. Check out the Vendée too; there are loads of étangs of different sizes, some of the type you are considering. Which could make you review your plans, though you might a set up ready made, but not for €200000.
  8. I am surprised, pleasantly by the reaction of the Brits to the death of the Queen and the ceremonies still ongoing. It shows that the Brits needed a moment to draw together after what have been a bad few years. Monarchy reinforced?
  9. Hmmm, Macron wanted flags in France to the flown at half mast for the Queen’s death but numbers of mayors, mainly of the Left and Further Left are refusing to do so for various reasons. But they were quite happy for them to be thus flown for the death of Stalin. Any thoughts. There is an article in the Telegraph and maybe elsewhere but the former has a pay wall so not much use posting it but here it is anyway: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2022/09/12/french-mayors-revolting-lowering-flag-respect-queen-elizabeth/
  10. I guess Diane Rabbit makes up for several bodies!🙀
  11. As. Privy Counsellor wasn’t Mr Corbyn summoned to attend, an obligation therefore?
  12. Move areas,change her circus appearance, change name, keep her gob shut would seem a good start. In other words, become a chameleon. far better than a lizard!
  13. The outpouring of feeling over her passing shows the extent to which the Monarchy is held in high esteem. I hope it remains so. I think Charles will scale it back quite a bit though.
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