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  1. The real problem is getting rid of one or more when the fonctionnaires hold the reins. Any ideas? Yet another initiative that will be sunk in the sands of the administrative desert. Pity. https://www.lefigaro.fr/conjoncture/etat-operateurs-collectivites-le-millefeuille-administratif-francais-coute-au-moins-7-5-milliards-d-euros-par-an-20240529
  2. If your doctor is a practicing Catholic or Muslim, could they refuse or block end of life, final treatment or can you change doctors or force a decision in your favour? Presumably there would be a guardian to oversee this?
  3. If this measure is held up it is most likely to be the Catholic Right which remains opposed to any such measure and will use all their behind the scenes power to block it.
  4. The majority in the Assemblée is trying to find consensus for discussions on an End of Life bill. Knowing the French they will make it so difficult that it will atrophy. Just think of the forms to fill in. DNR is bad enough! Anybody got thoughts? Me, I am all for someone pulling the plug when I want it. https://www.lemonde.fr/societe/article/2024/05/27/aide-a-mourir-la-majorite-a-la-recherche-d-un-consensus-lors-de-l-examen-du-projet-de-loi-a-l-assemblee-nationale_6235791_3224.html
  5. Maisy had a disturbed evening and night. I think she was both in pain and shocked whined a lot and and demanded lots of comforting and petting. She is much better this morning but definitely cant understand why she cant have her chicken; it is designed to be thrown and for her run after which, if done many, many times a day is getting her weight down. But no running for a week so no squeaky chicken! Vets orders.
  6. Only when they opened her up did they realise that the was already sterilised. Could not see the scar apparently.
  7. As you know I got this dog from a refuge; on her papers, having been seen by a vet before I got her, it said she had not been sterilised so the refuge gave me a bon to have it done. Took her in first thing this morning, got a call at 1400 hrs to say that I could pick her up at 1700hrs and that all was well, BUT THAT SHE BEEN SOME TIME AGO. Surely the inspection at the refuge should have spotted that and not put this lovely animal through surgery and pain. BL**DY HEL*
  8. That tail never stops, even when she she seems to be asleep.🏆And wow does she snore, worse than me!
  9. Those teeth look very expensive to me. Isnt she LePen’s daughter or something?
  10. NB guys, please be careful talking UK politics on the Forum; it is not designed for that and can engender serious bad feeling. ALBF, I will leave your post but dont go any further, please!
  11. This article seems about right. ALBF, what does your extended tribe say about the Games? https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/article/2024/may/18/you-think-parisians-grumble-a-lot-dont-get-them-started-on-the-olympic-games
  12. I spent a couple of very frustrating days trying to recover my little greenhouse which was destroyed in a storm a couple of years ago. Whilst I could probably have put it together without the original instruction manual ( definitely put somewhere safe), and having straightened the twisted aluminium bits, I eventually gave up when I realised how many of the plastic linking bits were broken, snapped etc beyond recovery. And have ordered another one!
  13. She’s OK, just a bit pi**ed off and flat.
  14. Anyone got any news of Menthe? She seems to have gone very quiet all of a sudden.
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