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  1. You seem to be getting into deeper and deeper France? Enjoy, the best part
  2. Well, I like where I am and can very easily avoid the tourists. Some of the countryside makes me stop just drink to in the beauty and the beaches are vast and largely empty. ABLF, where have you been, making number four?
  3. I am looking to get a table top bbq or plancha and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. Not being very bbq mad I thought something portable, gas driven and easy to use and clean might be good. So, if you are not already cooked by the cacanule, any ideas welcome. Thanks in adv.
  4. Quite a bit of their electric tool offering like drills etc is actually made in Eastern Europe and is rebadged Bosch stuff.
  5. Lovely cool evening here, less than 20 but will drop a bit more in the night. Just slipped on a light top too.
  6. I thought army showers were those taken in groups. If so, Lori, you are in for a new experience! Tough, though; I wonder if this is the future for southern Europe. I wonder how Norman is doing in his barrel?
  7. Thus far in my bit of the Pas de Calais there does not seem to be a water shortage but I was wondering how members are getting on? Anyone reduced to filling up bottles or buckets from a tanker or maybe showering at the village pump? The French press suggests some communes are dry, effectively.
  8. Getting rid of excess tension? Probably better than footballers slobbering over each other?
  9. If you have fans put them behind a hanging wet sheet and let it blow, babe, let it blow. Should help a lot. Or even better a bowl of ice.
  10. Well, a tiny drop of rain and misty drizzle with early morning mists; often happens about now in August and is the first sign of the changing seasons. Very welcome change too. And the late raspberries are hurrying along but where they are gonna go I dunno because the freezer is jam packed with early raspberries and goosegogs.
  11. I have been balancing shutters and blinds plus opening and closing windows and using my huge shade awning to keep the place cool. We have a cool draught as a result which keeps indoors quite bearable.
  12. Well, probably right to wonder where to buy given the weather; but I also understood that most of the property you have been shown was rubbish anyway and, by the sound of it, seriously overpriced. Why not think of coming up the the Loire Valley or, say, round Nantes?
  13. If the fotos keep coming I will ask management about them.
  14. How are you surviving the canicule, folks? Here in the Pas de C. the last few days have been quite bearable but it seems to be hotting up again. Nothing like the 37 degrees some of you downsouthers have had to bear, though. Finally run out of water from the butts though so it will be hosepipe; no restrictions here yet.
  15. Well, glad we can get back to ‘normal’ life again and even recover some of our lost legions. I even came across Lorikeet posting on another forum the other day, traitress!😂
  16. OK, management say that they might have sorted it.
  17. Powers say it is working their end, suggested I clear my cache. No better
  18. Can you all give it a try, please. I had to clear my cache but still no go.
  19. Just been told by Authority that it has been fixed but I still cant post new topics.
  20. Please note that our software will be updated on Monday morning which should resolve our posting problems, inshallah. Cross fingers
  21. Our new owners, France Media Group have now managed to get the licence for the Forum from Archant, the previous owners. They can now move forward with sorting out the posting problems we have been having so, folks, cross your fingers, the wait may soon be over. Inshallah.
  22. Well, my little bird is Tunnelling over tomorrow so we shall see what the situation is then.
  23. Well done. Perhaps easier from France?
  24. If you need an alternative try Nat West International, Jersey. Been with them since 1972 and, inshallah, no problems.
  25. They only eat people they can catch; drunks sleeping it off, for example. Courting couples have been known to get a “nip” on the posterior when performing! 🫵🐗
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