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  1. As I suspected, the French govt has announced that folk arriving from outside the EU will have to take a covid test within either 24 hours for the non vaccinated or 48 hours for the vaccinated. This seems to include UK. Which type of test is acceptable has not been specified up to now. https://www.lemonde.fr/planete/article/2021/12/01/covid-19-la-france-prolonge-jusqu-a-samedi-la-suspension-des-vols-depuis-l-afrique-australe_6104302_3244.html
  2. Your notaire will give you a formula of words for a basic will which you can write out, sign and hand in to him to be registered. It must be hand written.
  3. Thanks for the information, LH. All seems bl**dy complex. Are they excluding left handers too?😜 I’m already vax boosted plus flu jabbed; can't be much more, can there?
  4. Basically no, that’s it, though if there are serious hidden defects they could theoretically come back at you later.
  5. Bon pour les cochons, it says. I must nip down to the abattoir and tell the animals that what is coming is good for them. The veggies will be very confused! Yes, MP, it is the battleship King George V, something I have been working on for quite a while having found it in a cupboard. Got it at a sale in the dim and distance past. Also working on a tanker too.
  6. How can a sausage be ‘engagé’? Is this a trick by Mr Zemmour? I asked a couple in the supermarket and even they were……. well, laughing.
  7. If the figures for new cases round here are anything to go by I suspect that the French have many more cases than they are admitting to. This ‘distortion’ is probably caused by a lower level of testing.
  8. We all have to be vaccinated. And the vaccines have to be updated. And we have to be cautious. And mask up. And keep sensible distances. And keep out of crowded places. And…….. phew!
  9. I am even more impressed than earlier, a great piece of work.
  10. Please do not comment again, anyone. It has caused too much feeling and has run its course.
  11. ….but with the sharp rise in gas prices I expected a much bigger heating bill after my refill on 22/11 but, oh joy, oh happiness, the bill is actually over 10% lower than last year. It seems that my covid meanness has paid off. Now I can go out and buy thick pullovers and long johns for the visiting daughter who treat my heating thermostat with such disdain! Just joking.
  12. Well done Gb, I hope you raised a glass to your success!
  13. This is from Le Soir, the major Belgian newspaper and may be of interest when trying to understand the current respread of the virus.: https://www.lesoir.be/408556/article/2021-11-25/pourquoi-lepidemie-repart-y-compris-parmi-les-vaccines-lexplication-de-marius
  14. The Connexion seems to correspond with the French announcements. Dunno how much we are all concerned except for wearing masks indoors and at outdoor markets. https://www.connexionfrance.com/French-news/Masks-tests-boosters-new-Covid-rules-to-fight-fifth-wave-in-France?utm_source=Master+List&utm_campaign=90aba1925f-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2021_11_25_2021&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_9b5fbe85b4-90aba1925f-357604305
  15. Up to 30 died today in a rubber boat setting out from Loon Plage, close to Dunkirk. It seems that the weather is turning and that the police surveillance further south may have caused the passers to tale their victims further north, with a longer crossing time and perhaps different, more difficult currents. Very, very sad this is but not a surprise; just look at the numbers that have died in the Med. One hopes that it brings a real solution will be found and preferably the imprisonment of the people behind this terrible traffic.
  16. Yeah, I know. Viva Poutou the gear stick man. Just watch his interviews, he is out there and beyond. A kind of Easter Bunny Corbyn!
  17. Where is Nary, can't see her anywhere? Big girl is she?
  18. I think so, but if in doubt go see a decent notaire. His advice should be free.
  19. Depressing and or enlightening, as you wish. The barstward is still with us! https://www.santepubliquefrance.fr/dossiers/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-chiffres-cles-et-evolution-de-la-covid-19-en-france-et-dans-le-monde
  20. A list of the candidates for the Presidency and their educational backgrounds; viva Poutou. https://photo.capital.fr/macron-zemmour-melenchon-les-vrais-diplomes-des-candidats-a-la-presidentielle-officiels-ou-potentiels-46778?utm_source=outbrain&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=FR_Le+Monde+(Société+éditrice+du+Monde)_Le+Monde&utm_content=Les+vrais+diplômes+des+candidats+officiels+ou+potentiels+à+la+présiden&utm_campaign=pmo_cap_diapo_desktop_desktop&dicbo=v1-bdbf66f1661b888b857ee498cb0b023e-007b8519305bcf5edf66b296b9a6ba6663-#-91imb
  21. Debra, out of interest, where is the evidence for what you have just posted?
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