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  1. Well you obviously haven't read our terms and conditions 🤔
  2. Suggest you look at the Returnal forum on Steamcommunity.com. This isn't really the forum for that type of expertise.
  3. According to the Service Public website you must declare that you have sold the vehicle either by using ANTS or a smartphone ap or an agreed agent. All the details are here https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F1707 If you're not selling to a professional I personally wouldn't trust the buyer to do it for you.
  4. ALBF you have my sympathy. Unfortunately your mixed nationality family is always likely to attract the attention of an unimaginative jobsworth with time on his hands. If it makes you feel any better, I came back via Eurostar a couple of weeks back and the French customs officer didn't believe my article 50 carte de sejour was genuine ( he wouldn't admit it but I think it was the first he'd seen ) so kept asking me how long I intended to stay in France. 'Until I die' apparently wasn't an acceptable answer.😒
  5. Spam posters are banned at the same time as deleting the offending post. Of course, if they manage to post half a dozen times before we get to them it might seem as we are letting them have another go. We're not, it's just a case of who's fastest with the fingers. FWIW there are a couple of tells I've discovered which I wouldn't want to mention on an open forum which means I'm able to ban 'new members' before they get a chance to post their spam. 10 so far today. 🙂
  6. DaveLister


    Doesn't look that dark to me.
  7. When I lived in the UK we used to have the most amazing food delivered from Scotland. Loch Fyne kippers, arbroath smokies, caledonian cheeses, fantastic back bacon and oatcakes. Their shellfish was brilliant too. I always thought that, if I ever got to visit, I wouldn't starve.
  8. and you'll be surprised how quickly the first five years will pass. 😀
  9. I've always fancied going to Edinburgh. I'm glad you liked it.
  10. I think you have to apply for permanent residence. It isn't automatic. Also, if you're going to apply you have to remember that during the qualifying five years you cannot leave France for a consecutive period exceeding six months and, in total, you cannot spend more than ten months out of the country.
  11. I think most of us that are residents moved well before Brexit so our understanding of the new visa systems might be limited but by doing a bit of research I can confirm that a Visiteur visa would not entitle you to apply for either a Carte de Sejour pluriannuelle or Carte de Resident 10 ans.
  12. To all those in its path. Stay safe you guys 🙏
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