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  1. Gluestick


    Bloke in a pub with his chums, all a bit peed, says; "There's only two good things ever came from Wales!" "What are they?" asked a chum. "Rugby players; and loose women!" A very large guy at the end of the bar, says, "Oi! You with the mouth! I'll have you know my wife is Welsh!" "Really? says the talker: "What position does she play?" ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. For those who didn't realise, the Private Messaging (PM) function is now up and running.
  3. Err...How please? Since the Private Message facility doesn't want to work and unless a member has another member's email... Carrier Pigeon? Message in a bottle and pray, perhaps? Actually, it would seem the PM function is now working??? ๐Ÿ˜†
  4. I ought to have written "Waste", rather than drain, BTW. With a hand basin, for example, failing to ensure it has been washed thoroughly after treatment can result in splashes of the caustic soda solution being diluted into the water used to wash your little face. And, more critically, leach into the eyes...
  5. Ooops! Forgot to mention! First thing next morning, thoroughly irrigate the surrounding area to the drain, since caustic soda sort of dissolves skin!
  6. Carrefour stock caustic soda solution (i.e. Sodium Hydroxide). Or if you like, Hydroxyde de sodium. https://www.carrefour.fr/p/deboucheur-soude-caustique-26-vinckel-professionnel-3490570200653 Sink, Shower and Bath Traps tend to build a nasty mass of hair and grease from soap etc. A small quantity of this liquid, left overnight in the U Bend is a good maintenance routine once a month.
  7. Couldn't agree more, Alan! It is the marie, liaising with the local SPANC who can order that a fosse needs emptying. Not an imobilier. Furthermore, it is a statutory regulation that chimneys need regular sweeping. Indeed, if one suffers a chimney fire and the chimney has not been swept regularly the assurance provider can repudiate any claim. Once again, if a prospective buyer requires the chimney swept and the fosse emptied, then these should be entered into the Compromis de Vente as clause suspensives and form part of the conditional offer to purchase.
  8. Gluestick


    Nope! Pragmatic and realistic, rather Woolly! Personally, I'm fed to the back teeth with the legions of "Experts" who have been banging on about the Covid-19 Pandemic since it all started. One fine day they might all agree...
  9. Gluestick


    Forgive my cynicism... At the beginning of the BSE (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy) crisis, we were informed by experts that this disease could not jump species and thus beef was safe to eat. Indeed, the then Minister of Agriculture even went to the lengths of feeding his lovely little four year old daughter, Cordelia a beef burger for a press call! He, of course is now a baron (Deben) and earning a fortune from supposed green energy. Unfortunately, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) DID indeed occur in humans after eating BSE infected beef products. We shall see.
  10. Gluestick


    I can empathise... A recent - significant - birthday, saw me deluged with rather nice bottles of single malt! Clearly, my friends and relatives know what I like.
  11. Gluestick


    We don't, of course. We are in the lap of the Gods, (And no more comments upon naughty body parts, Woolly!) The Ex Head of SIS (The Secret Intelligence Service; more commonly and erroneously called MI6), Sir Richard Dearlove, asserted way back that the Covid-19 Virus was bio-engineered in the Wuhan virology research lab, in China. Take your pick on source. https://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en-GB&source=hp&biw=&bih=&q=ex+Head+of+MI6+says+Covid-19+bio-engineered+in+China&iflsig=ALs-wAMAAAAAYeFz3785X2VklowSHKUVfpFHHE4xX86n&gbv=2&oq=ex+Head+of+MI6+says+Covid-19+bio-engineered+in+China&gs_l=heirloom-hp.3...1864.28994.0.29432. Many conspiracy theories maintain that the Chinese government carried out this programme and sort of accidentally released the virus into "the Wild". "John Case" published a good novel called The First Horseman back in circa 1998 in which a group of Eco-Terrorists bio-engineered a sample of the Spanish Flu to become a virulent virus which would decimate a majority of human global population: before releasing it, of course, they also developed a preventative vaccine for themselves. Since China seeks to dominate the World it is quite possible that Wuhan developed an engineered form of Novel Corona Virus and a powerful vaccine and released it. Sir Richard Dearlove maintains that the Covid-19 virus has extra bits which may be clearly observed under an electron microscope, thus proving it has been engineered... The next Conspiracy Theory is that the vaccines have been produced, with government leaders support, to earn vast sums for Big Pharma and that, of course, top politicians who are puppets to big business have earned nice little back handers paid into their secret offshore accounts. The final theory is that the lockdowns and controls have been brought in to ready the sheeple (Majority of dumbos) for the WEF'a globalist agenda and what is called The Big Reset, in which the uber-wealthy globalists will own everything and the sheeple will be reduced to a state of serfdom. Hmm... The final thought, for me, is that since all politicians are basically utterly, totally useless and marginally brain dead egotists and conmen (and of course conwomen) and would be hard pushed to run a bath, let alone run a country, the resultant chaos is simply incompetence! Take your pick! On a personal note, I would have dearly loved to discuss all this with my cousin, Professor Dr. David Sims Reeves; a noted microbiologist, however, so sadly, he passed away, suddenly in 2019. Until when, we spoke and exchanged emails very often. https://academic-oup-com.eres.qnl.qa/jac/article/75/7/1665/5816049?login=true
  12. That's a new one on me! If it was not agreed as a term of the contract of sale (The Compromis de vente)and was not a "Clause Suspensive within the compromis, then I suggest that the agent is siding with the buyer. Unfortunately, if you want the sale to proceed and as you are in Devon its a sort of Hobson's Choice moment. I would say that since it is accepted in France that a fosse septique needs emptying every three years or so, then easy access is a given. SPANC Unlike some friends who purchased a nice place not too far away from us and one weekend when the house was full with guests, the fosse blocked and caused back flushing all over the floor... When they finally found the fosse, it had been concreted over! Nice! In the final event they had to sport out for a complete new fosse and discharge field and since the ground behind the house was higher, it needed a special sump with a pump to push the effluent uphill! Here is a useful information source: https://www.beauchamp.com/blog/rules-regulations-septic-tanks-france
  13. Gluestick


    According to the Israeli experts it would seem one now needs a minimum of five! i.e. THREE boosters on top of the original two! I would suggest that until all mutant strains of the Covid-19 virus have, thanks to herd immunity, become less virulent, then it will probably be a bit like an annual flu shot. However, who really knows?
  14. I can sniff out a spammer from 50 paces, Woolly! And I shall keep on sniffing!
  15. Hope springs eternal in the human breast??? Alexander Pope https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jan/12/france-poised-to-lift-blanket-ban-on-uk-travellers-by-end-of-the-week
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