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  1. Well put. Healthcare in the UK is fine; all provided one can afford the outrageous costs of private insurance or can self-fund. "All I see at the moment is a bunch of spivs running the UK who wouldn't know the truth if it smacked them in the face. " Sums them up pretty well! 😁
  2. It was intended to be bone-breakingly amusing...😝 In my defence, I am writing on the fly, when I ought to be working; well not much more as I have just realised it is nearly 7.00 pm in blighty and almost time for some food! Cor! Don't time go quick when you are having fun!
  3. Now this is plain silly! Marseilles Population 2021 1,500,000 est. (Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. Population just 23,000.) It is the HQ of the Union Corse, a major port with links to Africa, a main point of import for the European proscribed drugs crime gangs etc. Not a sensible exemplar, therefore. Paris is now a tip in parts; with much to still commend it outside the problem Arrondisements. London more of a tip with little to commend itself, thanks to its Muslim mayor, wokeness and determination to destroy London's earlier cultural heritage. Only a few years back, Leigh-on-Sea was tipped as a most wonderful and peaceful place to live... https://www.standard.co.uk/homesandproperty/property-news/where-to-move-in-2019-leighonsea-named-as-the-happiest-place-to-live-in-britain-a126741.html Before he was so sadly murdered, Sir David Amess made the following comments: https://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/19352480.sir-david-amess-says-war-crime-isnt-working-stabbing/ Stabbings (Please note plural) and recently, a young man was murdered by stabbing. A wee bit unusual I would suggest in a population of just 23,000: no?
  4. Which was rather the idea, Wools. I just wanted to check if it had all but died, or like the Phoenix was waiting to arise from the ashes... My OP was made very much tongue in cheek and was intended to be quasi-humerous.
  5. So if life in France is so awful, then move back to the supposed utopia of Britain! Which was the core ethos of my first post.
  6. If I take Leigh-on-Sea as an example, Wools, what ruined it was a rush of Londoners with high disposable money, who sold their houses top of the market and migrated to Leigh, as the train service puts them in the dreaded City within 35 minutes. Temporarily, capital rich, they hoovered up houses and spent large amounts of dough, turning them into monstrosities. The wonderful old shops have all gone and now it is endless bars and trendy eateries; but worst of all, drugs! Plus oiks who travel down at weekends for the evening and create mayhem: the stabbings and gang fights are endless; plus of course they terrorise local residents, smash up peoples property, leave rubbish everywhere, urinate in front gardens and etc, etc. County Lines drugs dealer are an increasing menace, too. The police are pretty hopeless, too: more concerned with being woke and chasing imaginary "Hate Crimes". Quote: "If you have a decent disposable income, no debts, home in a decent area and, if appropriate, kids in a good school, then you are doin’ fine. Many folks are not like that though." Few "nice areas" left: Sunak is now going to attack the savings and pensions of those nice disposable incomes! A majority are far from well off. Except HGV drivers it would seem!!😀 For most average Brits, until and unless the rapidly collapsing society touches them, then they are as happy as pigs in a mud bath. They accord to the Roman model: Pannem et circenses: (Bread and Circuses: keep the proles happy). In this case it is mindless TV and soaps, football and etc, plus endless take away food; well, if it can be called food... However, their wake up smell the coffee moment will be Winter: heating bills, awesome rises in the cost of everything, plus increased taxes to try to regain the chancellor's reckless spending. Plus increasing shortages, particularly of food, as the supply chains have all but broken. For the record, I do not read newspapers and never listen to the radio (Except Nick Ferrari on LBC via Youtube when he is ripping idiots into little abject bits! Now that's fun!): my research is based upon talking to people and from selective news aggregators online. Bear in mind I am a writer on socio-economies.
  7. Many ex pat Brits, I'm sure, over the years have asked themselves if they did the right thing by shaking the dust of merry England (And , of course, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) off their boots and relocating to la belle France? As things are now, well I can assure you that yes indeedy, you did the right thing! Britain sadly, is in a right old two and eight: the once great NHS has all but collapsed, whereas from my own experience, the French system is alive and well. Education...Hm what "Education"? OK, I guess, if you want your little darling to grow up as a Mad Marxist and decide he is a she and alternatively she is a he; it is all very confusing. The UK is on the path for a Winter of Discontent, with no son of York to bring bright summer. Indeed, the only sort of son of York we have is a duke headed for clink! OK, in France, you have to suffer the idiocy of the little Rothschild shill, M. Le President Macaroni and his delightful grannie, however you do still have the food and the wine and the wonderful space: plus the right to boot your maire out if he is useless and not doing his best for your commune. (Naturally or her best; goes without saying). On a more serious note, the state of the land was brought home to us and my wife and I, particularly, with the heinous murder of Sir David Amess, the MP for the constituency of Southend West which includes the historic old fishing village of Leigh-on-Sea, where my wife's late Dad's family were based; and where she and I lived for a number of years when we were first married. Whilst in 2002 we had every intention of relocating to France, family health problems and then the effects of 2007-08 on the financial prevented such a move.
  8. It seems from a web search, that Carol Drinkwater has passed away.
  9. I would agree, Catalpa. In our French house, my wife and I have quite a few books, now. A friend, years back, kindly sent me one of Drinkwater's books about the old dilapidated Olive Farm, she and her French spouse, Michel, purchased. Frankly, whilst I found parts of the book interesting, Drinkwater came over as a very affected person: inevitably, so typical of actors, actresses and for want of a better description "Show Business" people. The small olive farm was over run by Sangliers, who were constantly damaging the olive trees and old drystone walls: however, Drinkwater would simply not allow Chasseurs to cull them, despite Sangliers in Provence being classed as vermin and "on licence" 12 months per year. A bit of a Liberal Bleeding Heart, I felt. After an horrendous motor accident, Michel departed for Paris, to try and save his film production business. Drinkwater was then on her own and struggling to manage. Sob, Sob etc. A far better book, was The Ripening Sun; the story of an amazing lady, Patricia Atkinson, who relocated to near Bergerac, with her banker spouse to run a small vineyard. Truly inspiring lady! There was a TV series about her, too. As a writer and a cynic, I could not believe the tale and managed to contact Patricia and she assured me it was all true. https://www.decanter.com/magazine/living-the-dream-rural-france-249484/ https://www.thefreelibrary.com/Patricia+Atkinson+was+the+woman+with+it+all+and+she+gave+it+up+for+a...-a0101276615 https://www.counselmagazine.co.uk/articles/winemaker’s-life-… Of course, in the early 90s, escaping to La Belle France was all the rage; a wee bit different now, post Brexit and worse, the appalling Covid-19 Pandemic.
  10. I agree, Norman. All fora have a life cycle and it is clear that many very active members of the past have departed. I am sure important contributory factors for French-Centric fora are both Brexit and the pandemic. There was a period when Brits were very attracted to enjoying a holiday home in la belle France, driven by low relative property costs and a booming economy in the UK. A local cultural centre town in the Pay de Calais was Hesdin: the town square was jammed with UK registered cars back in circa 2000: not so the last time I was there a couple of years back. Both Brittany and Normandy were also hotspots: not now, however. And, as you say, this forum is hard to navigate: we shall see...
  11. This place is weird! Looking at General Discussion, The posts (Page 1) start at 2015 and go back to 2005: and page 240 goes back to 2002! Nothing current is in view??? Except the one thread reference "New Forum Software. Additionally, with 4,800 odd posts to my name I am now classed as a "Newbie"?? Plus all the profile data (date you joined, area in which you live) has evaporated AND also my Avatar! I note from the Admin post, they are using Windows Server 2003... This is so archaic, Microsoft Support for this product ended on July 14th 2015! If it aint broke...
  12. And yet another archaic member, visiting from Mars, or somewhere. Confused the hell out of me! Posts dating back to 2006...Are we in a time warp?
  13. Fascinating how ALBF conflates disparate issues.

    I wrote, earlier, if you actually read it:

    "........... is purely,

    simply and only a sign of (i) Rapidly growing social unrest: (ii)

    Rapidly failing public law and order; and, (iii) The weak, failed and

    incompetent French government as the professional political class are

    bereft of what they must do."

    Did you actually read the cogent analysis, published on a FRENCH academic "Clearing House" web-based resource for analysis, research and conclusion?

    I doubt it.

    Written by a French academic researcher and difficult nay impossible to take issue with the boy of his evidence and conclusions.

    Here it is once more: read it!

    Now of one extrapolates the conclusions as at 2004, to date, then it becomes quite obvious what were and are the growing causal drivers.

  14. [quote user="EuroTrash"]"as I strolled along to end of the Strand to my horror I saw two huge juggernauts ploughing through the crowds of Chinese, Japanese and Korean tourists in Trafalgar Square!"

    No, I'm sorry but that's not a subject that anyone who isn't seriously sick should even try to joke about.[/quote]

    Clearly, ET, you fail to grasp subtle nuances of Irony, Sardonic synthesis et al.

    For your elucidation:


    What is irony?

    Irony is a figure of speech in which there is a contradiction

    of expectation between what is said what is really meant. It is

    characterized by an incongruity, a contrast, between reality and

    appearance. There are three types of irony: verbal, dramatic and


    Types of irony

    1. Verbal irony:

      It is a contrast between what is said and what is meant
    2. Dramatic irony:

      It occurs when the audience or the reader knows more than the

      character about events. In other words, what the character thinks is

      true is incongruous with what the audience knows.
    3. Situational irony:

      This refers to the contrast between the actual result of a situation and what was intended or expected to happen.[/quote]

    A "joke"? No, not at all.

    A sad reflection on contemporaneous life?


    Here is a useful guide to figures of speech.

  15. Of course you are correct, ALBF; every time I dare to travel into the local town, I struggle to avoid the piles of steaming vomit, step over the drunken bodies littering the pavement and the endless fights and disturbances.

    No point in venturing out for a nice day in the country any more: so many blazing cars the air is un-breathable. Even the cows wear oxygen tanks and respirators.

    Much worse now in England are the religious gangs; Justin “Muscles” Welby leads the Church of England National Front, not noted for their kindness! It is not well known, Muscles Welby is actually Darth Vader...

    The Hindu Hooligans are another pretty dire bunch: running around with machetes chopping off people’s heads. Seems even the Jesuit Brotherhood carry UZIs, RPGs, and even ground-to-ground smart missiles under their black robes. Nasty bunch.

    Not a good idea to venture anywhere near Golders Green, these days: the Hassidic Action Group are slaughtering hundreds every day.

    The worst are the Buddhist Butchers Gang: these are kept busy as contract hit men for all the other gangs. These days the Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t simply try and convert you and thrust a copy of The Watchtower in your hands; oh no! If you refuse to convert then it is a 9 m.m. Glock to the temple and goodnight, Mate!

    Last year I wanted to visit the National Gallery and as I strolled along to end of the Strand to my horror I saw two huge juggernauts ploughing through the crowds of Chinese, Japanese and Korean tourists in Trafalgar Square! As the insane drivers carried on they screamed their war cry “A.R.S.E.-Nal!”. Later that day the Anglican National Front, a splinter group from Muscles Welby’s C of E National Front claimed responsibility.

    I shall never ever forget the dreadful sounds of Cameras, DigiCams, Tablets and Mobile phones being crushed and flattened by the huge tyres...

    And the damned PM and Home Secretary tell us it is nothing to worry about; just people having fun and playing silly pranks.

    The Guardian maintains it is what they term, Recreational Slaughter and nothing serious at all.

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