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  1. It's already in Europe and almost certainly France. So what difference does it make? Better having a test before travelling either way.
  2. Just keeping his shareholders happy! The information continues to arrive that omicron, whilst able to transmit easier has less serious effects, mainly fatigue. In that case better to catch omicron covid and have the best immunity going forward.
  3. During the "recession" or "austerity" call it what you will, Learjet and Bentley had over flowing order books. The pawns are lied to as usual.
  4. The South African Doctor actually treating people said so far the effects are very mild, fatigue is the sign.So dont panic!
  5. Whilst you are right Lori, blending kale is a lot easier to get down. I used to add handful of kale, handful of spinach, a kiwi, spoonful of peanuts/brazil/almonds/cashews. Maybe chia or flax seeds. Sometimes fruits of the forest red berries and/or a banana. Really helped after cancer treatment as energy was low and I carried that on for 8 years. I did gain some visceral fat so as covid lockdown began I stopped using it and changed to low carb high fat diet to loose the visceral fat. Nutribullet is 11 years old now and the blade bearings are worn out.
  6. Which juicer? The fancy cold pressing varieties leave out the fibre and just produce juice, that just spikes your insulin levels and makes you feel hungry again when your sugar level drops. The Nutribullet type give you the fibre as well which is known to be beneficial.
  7. The French in lieu of payment promised to double their efforts to stop migrants. We all know 2 x 0 =0 so the French kept to their words, wheareas Pritti Arrogant kept hold of the money, 1st good thing she's done but gets no one further on. Just like ALBF, the migrants want out of France to.
  8. Yes, at your age stay away from hover boards battery or otherwise. 😂 LG chem have had problems with theirs but petrol cars never make the news when they catch fire.
  9. I am sure you will find French shops a lot safer and less intimidating than the UK. Everyone wears a mask nothing like that in the UK where its a free for all and 95% never wear a mask or keep their distance.
  10. Is it rude? Just correcting your inaccurate information. You clearly do not know about electric cars or renewables but will still avail us all with your thoughts based on? Why dont people shut up when they don't know what they are talking about? Could be a new topic.
  11. With the quoted mileage (km) charging at an off flat development public point occasionally would be easy if you cant get a point at the flats but they should address this point as they will soon anyway. Just look for charging points near to where you are living, travelling to, many shops have them now and the number is growing. You have to drive to go and get fuel now so not really any difference.
  12. With the quoted mileage (km) charging at an off flat development public point occasionally would be easy if you cant get a point at the flats but they should address this point as they will soon anyway. Just look for charging points near to where you are living, travelling to, many shops have them now and the number is growing. You have to drive to go and get fuel now so not really any difference.
  13. You don't know, so why comment? That just adds an illogical bias based on absolutely nothing factual. Capital outlay cant be recovered unless you are around 20? You really have no clue on the subject at all.
  14. We bought over all sorts of food from the UK to France as we were also on an ectended stay, if we got stopped and they confiscated them so be it as we would have needed to bin them anyway. No one cared, they were only interested on passport stamping and covid paperwork. Obviously we didnt mention the food because that would have been daft, I say just go for it, 3 different families all did the same in our group no one stopped or questioned. How are you travelling? If you are shielding it must be the tunnel as we did.
  15. This is a bit I am struggling with, having followed Greenpeace during the 70's and listening to Dr Patrick Moore now it seems a dichotomy has arisen. We must prevent the polution of our oceans and lands but this seems to be a convenient wrap around of climate change which is more down to nature, the sun and our solar system than man. Yes not a climate denyer but confused the farther along we get.
  16. The filter removes the dirt and human waste down to what filter obviously so some would not catch bacteria, viruses or fungi but these are treated with a bactericide which kills most things and oxidises them up. Some also have a UV stage to breakdown any nasties that chlorine has a tough time with. Yes the weakest part is often the numpties that just buy a tub and have no knowledge, fortunately accidents are few and far between.
  17. Didn't Lady Penelope have one of those back in the 60's 😍 @Gluestick Hot tubs filter the water, only a tiny part of which could be classed as actually dirt. I would therefore say a well set up hot tub is probably better than a used once bath. The water being retained for some time, at least a week in rental properties snd a couple of months on privately houses. The filtration electricity bill is miniscule in well designed tubs but cheap imports are something different. I worked on one in a hotel and removed most of the Chinese plumbing replacing it with an eco setup that simply works far better. Not much cost and that was recouped quickly in energy saving, it also complied with the commercial regulations.
  18. Nice one Cajal! Completely agree of course, that is why I set out to look at the whole pool issue. The stupid pool industry is just a bunch of ignorant builders who found ways to tap into customers bank balances. Me, I re engineered the issue as you would have seen over the years. 90% saving in electricity over a std pool setup. That is around a lightbulbs worth of electricity. Using the best recycled filter media from an energy neutral source (Drydens factory is energy neutral ) minimal water loss through pool covers and because of the fine filtration from AFM ng, much less chemical use. I said it before its not financially viable in my case to run it 100% solar but I am doing it anyway to demonstrate how easy it is and filling any top ups from rain water. Decent, not cheap, hot tubs can keep the water hot through copious insulation and the water easily heated via a solar panel. The fact the industry doesnt want to listen is down to them.
  19. Hahaha, ive a bit more idea than some. Not having children I shouldn't have a dog in this fight and shouldn't give a whatsit about polution and the global crisis but I do care. The mega rich built their empires by using the cheapest availble resources and not caring about the polution they cause. The young, are saddled with this huge problem and change needs to happen, stopping more pollution entering our oceans should be a primary step, dog knows in the UK we haven't got beyond dumping raw sewage and all it contains (priority chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals ) on our shores. Yes Chucky is tedious, doesn't spell out a solution, a pathway forward or anything but blah blah blah but we have plenty of scientists who havent had their science bought and silenced. The evidence is there for all to see.
  20. Sounds like a bunch of sad old men sitting around discussing a subject they have no concept of. Thats COP26 and you lot.
  21. There will be good technical pensions people at L&G as there was at Royal&Sun but they seldom sit on the front line so push for a pension expert higher up the food chain.
  22. Eat lots of meat and your cholesterol will go up so you look worse. That would give you a slightly bigger annuity, oh and put down you smoke 30 per day and drink a bottle of wine, the worse you look and therefore shorter you live, the larger the annuity.
  23. Good wooly, basically save a bit of the planet and dont use any plastic film or plastic thats used once. Through away all aluminum pans.
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