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  1. Still whining about wind power? From your link wind power is 20% of France's current energy supply equal to the nuclear 20% also being supplied. Only one doesnt produce nasty waste for 3-400 years. Might as well get used to it renewables are only going to increase. https://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/index.php
  2. But you dont drive one so the point is? The majority drive cars and not that far usually. Only occasionally going across country and having to stop for comfort breaks allows a top up. Hydrogen isnt green, it produces Nox when burnt. It takes 5 times as much electricty to produce so may as well power 5 cars.
  3. And no amount of data will convince you otherwise so no point in saying anymore.
  4. It would be really nice of someone to post similar info about France don't you think? The thread was kicked off about UK, all I did was post actual readings to show wind does work as do other green renewables. Plenty of wind turbines across France, how well are they doing and other renewables?
  5. Offshore WIND: UK Offshore Wind Pipeline Now at 86 GW | Offshore Wind. https://www.offshorewind.biz/2022/03/22/uk-offshore-wind-pipeline-now-at-86-gw/
  6. ALBF, you turned left to Petersfield when you were turning right to Canterbury?
  7. I think you'll find that is how You started the topic, in the UK ...... I can't comment wheather French turbines are sighted in the best places for electricity generation but you can't condemn a technology that consistently produces clean non polluting, low emission power. 54% wind power this morning.
  8. I get mine from the UKnational gridESO app on my phone. The figures I posted are reality as they publish it, can't comment if they publish lies but why would they?
  9. Wind only 42% this morning with 36% gas and 12% nuclear doing most of the work this morning.
  10. 46% wind, 15%nuclear, 15%gas + others making up the difference, still waiting for the wind to crap out.
  11. 45% wind, 17% nuclear, 12% gas this morning, source National Grid
  12. Sorry I thought I made it clear on a previous post, the national grid. Don't blame a technology for the miss-management by the human part of the equation. UK currently running on 50% wind power, 15% nuclear, 15% gas + others making up the difference. Whether you like it or not decarbonisation of energy is happening.
  13. Don't blame a technology for the miss-management by the human part of the equation. UK currently running on 50% wind power, 15% nuclear, 15% gas + others making up the difference. Whether you like it or not decarbonisation of energy is happening.
  14. https://www.eba250.com/vehicle-to-grid-energy-storage-on-wheels/?cn-reloaded=1
  15. Why not, does it not suit your argument? They will be recycled. Facilities already exist but the bloody batteries are lasting longer than expected so not very busy. If we dont recycle them I suppose we could store them next to the long lived nuclear waste.
  16. Thank you, you saw my question marks, that was indicating I wanted a response and the link showed how efficient the nuclear power is in france and how well they recycled some of the components. The worrying bit is the 200 grams of long lived waste per person. Thats a 300 year half life and stored in caves and old mine workings. 67 million people in france x 200 grams is still quite a lot yes, 13,400,000 kg of long lived waste, per year.
  17. No Ken, I don't believe you are alone, bound to be lots more old men who think as you do. The electricity is generated during off peak times such as overnight to then be utilised during peak times. Such as the Octopus agile tariff that alows people with PV solar and batteries to sell their electricity back to the grid when the price is preferential and buy electricty to recharge batteries when lower cost overnight as their needs require. Some may call it intelligent use of resources. This can be near instantaneous use of available electricity to iron out peaks as opposed to powering up a power station when not really required. Several times last year the grid paid people on these systems to take the electricity so EV' were charged and credits added to their accounts. Not saying we wont have nuclear to provide the bulk but at present the UK uses a lot of gas to produce electricity although when the weather is favorable about 45% of the UK is powered from renewables. Several times last year the grid was entirely powered renewable electricity.I get these notifications from signing up to the national grid website and looking at the phone app. Just checked an currently the UK is running on 62% renewable and 17% nuclear, gas and others making up the difference.
  18. By less good at preventing transmission of covid do you mean next to no effect on transmission? Even in Israel where a big number have had 4 jabs it is not stopping transmission. Reduces symptoms thats all so not really a vaccine at all.
  19. It is not an irrational fear, yes compared to filthy conventional power stations much better. Do we still dump the waste at the bottom of the oceans? The phenominal cost of building them and decommissioning at the end?
  20. It is doubtful going forward that lithium will feature in stationary batteries. That was Tesla's eary stuff, now they are using LFP and home storage is likely to be a different chemistry again. For those that think the UK plan is shabby and cheap, I hope France doesn't plan a wonderful new power station in your back yard! Yes we need a mix of both going forward but reducing the number and the cost and the impact can only be a good thing.
  21. This was a plan from some time back, although in the hands of a journalist and their need to start arguments to sell copy or click bate people only to publish the inverse later to repeat sales. Why cant they just get proper jobs? Energy syorage will be a huge planning issue going forawrd, you can store a lot of energy on an old coal mining site. They wont need to expensive Li-ion but can be a lower cost less mined material batteries of which plenty of companies are exploring. Cars sit still for around 90% of their time so usi g those at peak time means less power stations burning gas and very few on coal these days.
  22. From my time in the insurance industry I can say that life policies pay out on death. They will most times pay out on suicide as well provided the initial period is up, often a year or 13 months. people thinking of taking their lives often take out policies for the benefit of their family. People worried about gene modified drugs dont seem to care as much about other things they put inside themselves, processed foods, man modified seed oils, emulsifiying agents, all known to upset your systems. Feeding their babies on milk powder formulas which set the babies on a path of ill health from the start of their lives.
  23. Poor 3 year old, nothing to protect them, hope they get over it quickly, the rest of you should be fine, apart from OH and me most of my family and friends have caught omicron although being pretty careful. Two who live on the side of a hill in Spain 1.2km from nearest neighbours. Kept away from everyone only shopping once a fourtnight both caught it as they both suffer with bad asthma they were very worried aboit contracting it. Took them about 4 days to get over it and symptoms were a very bad cold and some fever for a day, now both are fine. Thankfully nothing like the delta variant. Good news is youll have great immune response afterwards so hopefully safer against other variants.
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