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  1. Welcome to the forum and a happy New Year to you.
  2. Exactly why we bought a second home in the depths of rural France 21 years ago and we have enjoyed it immensely. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of M. Macron’s approach to keeping France save we would like to visit our home as soon as the restrictions are reduced.
  3. I have seen many recent references to failed fosses during the sale of houses. It would seem that the buyer will be given one year to rectify any problem with the fosse. It is a matter of negotiation whether you contribute by reducing your price. You could argue that the agreed price took account of the fosse failure.
  4. I would not hesitate to simply replace the entire toilet and cistern. Accept that you will destroy the existing tiles and general structure and choose a new system that will satisfy your needs. Plan it carefully and expect to finish up with a highly desirable, modern, working toilet. I would try to design it so I had easy access for future maintenance.
  5. I had trouble at the local Boots the Chemist and was cross questioned about why I needed iodine crystals. Nevertheless he relented and sold me a small, sealed box. I made the very unstable tri-iodide crystals, collected some in a tiny , plastic container and went off to school. They were marvellous causing mayhem and much entertainment in our classroom. Unfortunately, the next day I tried to repeat the exercise but my plastic capsule in my trouser pocket suddenly exploded while the class was lined up. I can still locate the small depression in my leg but the violet stain only lasted a few weeks. I think we have highjacked this thread which was a question about weed killer. Sorry OP! I usually resort to paying good money for a systemic weed killer such as Weedol. The drive and paths get a fine spray treatment when we leave to return to the UK and it definitely keeps the weeds in check.
  6. Excellent advice! It was the first thing that came to mind when I read the method of construction. I survived without any premature ignition due to my lucky observation of hitting the unconfined “gun powder” with a hammer on a brick. I was ultra careful when building my bombs. We were short of bicycle frames so had to make do with old mortar shells. I can’t believe someone else knows about Jetex fuse. I still have my Jetex 50 with some fuse and fuel blocks. Thanks for jogging my memory.
  7. You could investigate the city of Rouen, only 86 miles by direct train from Paris. It has plenty of history, architecture and cultural action. You probably would land at CDG, RER into Paris central and cross to Gare St Lazare. This would take about one hour followed by the leg to Rouen taking about 90 minutes. I like the entertainment schedule you are considering for Paris. Hope you enjoy it. Make sure you have access to UK/US television channels for your husband!
  8. Thank you for sharing your tale with us. We will not be selling for a few years but I have learnt a lot from your experiences. At a later date, when the dust has settled, I would like to ask a few specific questions so I hope you will still be active on this forum. Well done and Happy Christmas!
  9. Is the leak fixed? I hope so. Two days to go so it must be getting tense. Hope it finishes well for you.
  10. This year the numbers seem to be down and also spread out. Yesterday there were several squadrons passing overhead, probably amounting to a few thousand. Usually they appear at 5he turn of October and November but from the reports here they have been sporadic over a longer period. At least we are still in France so have not missed them.
  11. Thanks for the link which gives an absolutely clear explanation. I forgot to bring our chains but we are not in or near any affected zone. Interesting to find one of the abbreviations comes from the English language. I.e. “3PMSF” (3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake)
  12. It seems like you will have produced an ideal drive that is likely to be stable and attractive. What a lot of hard work! I have a similar situation with our weedy drive that did look good when we first spread a new load of gravel but I am not inclined to lay that amount of reinforced concrete and stone. You have already described the amount of work you have put in and the enormous cost so I hope you are eventually able enjoy the aesthetics of your creation regardless of the type of vehicle you own. Good luck and thanks for the interesting account of your (and your OH) efforts.
  13. I have watched the first five minutes while preparing breakfast and it is very interesting. It deserves a full viewing later today. Thanks for posting it.
  14. I don’t think she is more than a token candidate without any hope of making an impact. It seems that Socialism in France is unlikely to recover in the near future.
  15. I assume the photos are of the house you are selling. It all looks very beautiful especially with the enormous pool. The house and gardens are very attractive. I am not surprised you have found a buyer so quickly.
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