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  1. I find the information given by members valuable and interesting and recognise the vast experience held by members and their good will in explaining how the system works. After 22 years I am still learning. However, it is a great shame that the OP has asked a rather deep question and, as is often the case, has disappeared from the forum without acknowledging any of the effort made in answering and developing the topic.
  2. He certainly put your camera to good use. Quite unusual shot with the reflection.
  3. “This is also one of the reasons Linky is so unpopular. Some meters have been defective for years, so some bills have been artificially low.” Could you please say what kind of Linky defect would give rise to an error in recorded data which later needs to have a financial remedy. We assume the readings are correct and budget accordingly. The instantaneous readings correspond with what we are using at any moment and the cumulative totals look reasonable. I hope there isn’t a hidden flaw that I have not been aware of leading to a backdated demand for more money. At the moment I am happy with our Linky and access to short and long term accounting. I can see the historical bills, patterns of our consumption and even half hourly usage in terms of kWh and in €. It all seems to be operating correctly but I would be less confident if there were technical flaws in their system. Apart from the accuracy of the primary measuring system in the Linky, what else can happen without it being immediately recognised? I think I will now make copies of all our bills and payments for EDF and add them to the paper file which I had already archived.
  4. We have used MAPPY while in France and it proved valuable when organising a complex route through France and into Spain. It did not ask for any personal information other than my email address and I don’t remember being annoyed by advertising.
  5. You’re welcome T-H. We live in England and have had a secondaire in central France for over 20 years. It continues to be a great success and has been very rewarding, not financially, but through the culture, friends (from UK, French, Dutch, Belgian, German and plenty of others) and neighbours. We live in the countryside in the south of England and the French countryside is also very lovely. I think you should be confident of an exciting life here. Good luck!
  6. T-H, Although we do not live very close to your town/village, we are reasonably familiar with the surrounding area. You have chosen to be near Limoges airport and also that of Poitiers. The A20 autoroute is handy to get to Paris and Toulouse and it even has free sections. The journey to the coast at La Rochelle is quite long at about two and a half hours driving so it makes a very long day out. The whole area is generally rural with a pleasing outlook but is regarded as one of the more affordable parts of France. We live in a similar area and love it. I wish you well with your new house there and have a long, happy adventure in 2023.
  7. Did you post your reply in the wrong thread ab? Looks like a good reply another thread. Sorry if I am mistaken.
  8. Don’t be put off by extreme, negative comments that you may receive. You need to use all the sources of property for sale that are available including standard estate agents. If you know Aquitaine well, you probably have some feel for a particular area that is popular with the angling community. Don’t forget that buying fairly close to an airport, main line station and autoroute would help pick up trade from UK anglers as well as make your lives easier. If you find an established business make sure you look carefully at their recent financial records.
  9. Well, I can see your new post! Let’s hope the problem is fixed. I hadn’t read your new post when it first arrived, only just now.
  10. Nothing special Betise. I just followed the standard process, just like my previous dozen goes over the last week or so.
  11. After a delay of about 30 seconds on my iPad the system seemed to move on and here is the result. At least this is positive and maybe we can get back to posting again.
  12. Hope this new topic post appears. All my others have failed. The text above is left over from a previous attempt. I notice that someone, probably a techie, has posted a test.
  13. Response two minutes ago: Sorry there seems to be a problem Chasing the error comes up with “this page is missing”
  14. Monday morning, 10.45 and still not able to post a new topic. Is this the end of CF?
  15. I notice that your quoted price is given in £ and not €. Is all this about a house in France or UK? maybe I missed that information. I would have expected a price similar to that quoted assuming your rooms are of typical sizes. One of my great regrets is that I chose the cheap, easy option when it came to dealing with our large, lounge floor in France. I should have carried out a full renewal following the scheme you have described. The insulation is vital to a successful result. I think you would be getting good value but it is always advisable to get at least one more quotation.
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