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  1. Absolutely superb Norman. Really enjoyed that! It struck me how many people were smoking, although probably nowhere near as many as you’d have seen in the 50’s / 60’s. Walking around the local market yesterday, there was just one person who I spotted who was smoking. I mention it only because I gave up 2 yrs ago (surprisingly easily), but I’m honestly not one of the “why do they do it / can’t bear it near to me brigade’.
  2. Well, I’m no technical wizard, but I’d say that all you need is a new SIM card to be provided by Bouygues for your phone. That should do the trick. Surprised (no, not very surprised, they can be very dopey) that they didn’t organise that.
  3. Down here in the South, it was predominately Le Pen. To my surprise, she ‘edged’ Melenchon in our Commune. I’ll probably be proved miles wrong, but here’s my theory. Macron was as pleased as he could be over the 1st round result. Le Pen only just beat Melenchon (by a percentage point or so), but for Macron defending against Le Pen will be ‘easier’ than against Melenchon + M has told his voters not to vote for Le Pen. Some will take no notice, but many will simply abstain. Macron will come through and I’d be happy with that. Best of an average bunch IMO.
  4. What this ‘discussion’ illustrates is that experiences differ greatly from one part of France to another, and surely the same in the UK. Those ‘experiences’ will depend greatly (surely) on the location, day of the week and the time of day. I can only speak of our experiences here in France in recent years. One awful one, which amounted to a bad initial misdiagnosis. Mrs G could easily have died as a result. However, it was dealt with and very effectively (helicopter transfer, immediate surgery, 6 mths off-site rehab). Excellent final result. A subsequent fall and fractured hip. Sapeurs / pompiers here within 20 mins (not sure I could drive it myself in that time from where they’d come from!). Surgery for a hip replacement & a couple of weeks rehab (again!!!) Look, I can only say how it is down here. Generally, pretty damm good.
  5. Usual nonsense ALBF. Macron will of course be re-elected. I’m not unhappy with that - at least he’s tried to have some kind of dialogue with Putin. Whether successfully, doubtful, but at least he’s tried. Electioneering? Yes, maybe, but do I care if he succeeds just a bit? Higher taxes in every ‘western’ country are inevitable. As for a seriously better alternative candidate for President here in France ..... there isn’t one. Not saying that he’s perfect, but ...........
  6. In her defence, there were (I believe) 5k or so cases to be investigated. That takes a lot of time. Having said that, its clear that things were badly wrong there. Very worrying for any ‘expectant’ couples to hear that there are still concerns about the situation there. A lot of sadness all round.
  7. Manon ........ As above, the text you received was rowlocks. Just zap the message. These people are ‘the pits’, but we just have to learn to live with their attempted frauds. As a matter of general principle, I delete just about everything that I receive from any of the (alleged) financial / health institutions. Doubtful that there’s anything that they feel a need to tell me, that I don’t know about already. Accordingly, they’re almost certainly dodgy. Forgive me if that sounds a bit arrogant, but you know what I mean.
  8. I had a similar one a couple of weeks ago. It was an SMS asking me to click on a link in order to protect my healthcare rights. I ignored it and zapped the message. Knew that it was dodgy, if for no other reason than that any communication from Ameli comes as two messages - one for me & one for Mrs G.
  9. That bloke is ‘toast’ and rightly so. Few of us particularly like MP’s, but they’ll be like a dog with a bone over his appearance today. For him to say that he now accepts that his actions were illegal (he was denying it yesterday) and ......... that he would do the same thing again, will lead to massive fines. Amongst ‘corporate disasters’, this one is up there with the Hoover (flights) fiasco and the Ratner (we sell ****) business.
  10. Well, I take your point, but I’m far from sure how the Union(s) could be seen as culpable in what has been done. They may or may not have been less than diligent, but at the end of the proverbial day, this Company has acted in a manner which is contrary to what most of us would see as lawful, and certainly contrary to what we would all see as acceptable practice. Finger pointing and blame aside, this is a far from satisfactory situation, with hundreds of employees out of a job. That outcome might well have been inevitable, given the current circumstances. But ....... their former employer should be ashamed about the way this has been handled .......... but that former employer couldn’t care less. The ‘brand’ has been blighted forever.
  11. The suggestion (from we all know who) that the cause of all this is the Unions, is frankly laughable. The reality is: Excess capacity on Dover - Calais (don’t know about the other routes) DFDS & (the newly arrived) Irish Ferries provide sufficient capacity, except perhaps in the high season P&O Ferries haven’t been terribly highly regarded in recent times - by passengers The economics, as stated in the above posts, speak for themselves Having said all of that, this must amount to a spectacular ‘own goal’ by the Company. I can’t imagine that anybody would want to continue, or take up employment with them in the immediate future. I simply can’t believe, not so much what they’ve done (although I massively deprecate it) but how they’ve done it. What’s more, the paying public is going to be very nervous about booking a crossing with them. Last thing .......... as I understand it, P&O Ferries has no connection with P&O Cruising ........... but many customers won’t understand that. The contiguous harm that may well be done to that brand will be enormous.
  12. You’re babbling to yourself ALBF. Totally incoherent. Do you need professional help .......... like somebody else on here who I could mention ? This place is full of madmen.
  13. Yes, the early local strawberries are really nice. Around here, the variety we see is the Garriguette, which sweet but also a bit sharp if that doesn’t sound too contradictory.
  14. Amongst all the (understandable) gloom & doom, we bought our first asparagus of the season yesterday. It was allegedly local, a bit pricey (€7 for a 500 gm boite), but lovely nonetheless. Have had better stuff, but hey, it was nice to get out if the ‘winter soup’ routine. It’ll do for 3 lunches. We do our our’s in the steamer for 8-9 mins, then plated with butter, coarse salt and parmesan shavings. Plus bread of course !
  15. I couldn’t believe the €2.185 that I had to pay at Leclerc on Tuesday !
  16. My ‘three-pennyworth’. Born & bred in the UK, where Mrs G and I spent all of our working lives. Been here in France for 17 years. Love both countries & both have their great positives and (a few!) negatives. Looking forward to visiting family & friends in the UK next month, but will be equally happy to get back here after a few weeks to ........... home. I’m probably wrong, but I don’t detect much (if any) moaning about the UK on here. Political direction & effectiveness maybe, but that’s a different matter.
  17. Norman, DB & Betise ........ It’s entirely up to you of course, but I’d suggest that you simply ignore this individual. This is a very typical ‘Ken’ thread, where he accuses others of being “insulting”. I’ve been back through all the posts and the first (and I’d say) only insulting ones came from him! As for the (regularly wheeled-out) accusations of being ‘socialist remainers’ ......... it beggars belief. I didn’t once name him as ‘Last Word Ken’ for nothing - he’ll go on and on and on ......... I’ve suggested once before that this bloke needs professional help, but rather doubt that anybody on here would be qualified or inclined to provide it. As suggested, ignore him ........ but it won’t be the last word from ‘Last Word Ken’.
  18. What have I missed ?
  19. Well Spring started down here more than a few days ago. 1st March is normal.
  20. Judith ....... You make that sound as though you’re ‘expecting’ ! Maybe that’s the case?
  21. Gardian


    Heard from our son this afternoon that Nadya’s sister and mother are OK, all the vital services are still operational, and there’s no fighting close to them. They’re insisting on staying put.
  22. Gardian


    A very interesting piece AB - thanks for posting it. I suppose that there’s nothing new in these ‘regional differences’ - there’s Netherlands vs Belgium, Brittany vs the rest of France, even Scotland vs England ! The real difference for the most part though, is that unlike this headbanger Putin, people don’t go around trying to annihilate the other side.
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