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Where did you move to in SW France

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Currently suburban Toulouse but soon to be in MAS STE PUELLES between VILLEFRANCHE DE LAURAGAIS and CASTELNAUDARY (AUDE 11) amongst the sunflowers by the canal du midi with  my husband, 3 children, 2 cats & will be joined in autumn by my parents & their menagerie of cats dogs & horses...every time we visit the area it looks more lovely...
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Just outside a small village called Montagrier which is in between Riberac and Perigueux - Dept 24.  Our house and our lovely farmer neighbour is among a handful of tiny communes around the ville of Montagrier.  Stunning views from our hill top vantage point, just trying to convince moh to lob the leylandi for even better views.

Moved here 15 months ago from Staffordshire UK with moh Jeff, 2 cats and my parents.  Parents now gone home tho... don't ask!!!

Doing a barn conversion into gites which we hope will sustain us.


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[quote]Blimey. that's novel, a Forum Administrator being brave enough to admit where they live!!! Not that you'll be short of company Hoddy but if you fancy a drink sometime, get in touch ....[/quote]

Which makes you wonder how many of them live in France full time??  Not that I have a problem if they do not, but it seems odd that at least 3 of them do not actually live full time in France
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St. Nexans 5 minutes form Bergerac Airport, we moved here 2 years in September myself and my Hubby Richard, we run a B & B and also a small gallery de vitraux ( stained glass).


Previously we lived in the Poitou Charentes region of France and before that in Lanzarote.


We have a new baby granddaughter and would love to see more of her - she lives in Lanzarote.


We love living in France but sometimes it can be hard especially language wise.


If you are picking up or dropping people off at the airport by all means pop in for a coffee we would love to see you.



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