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  1. [quote user="pomme"]You should complete 2047 first (Section 1 and Section 6) using the gross figures and then transfer the information back 8TK on 2042C. You also need to complete 1AL/1BL on 2042 for the government pension. 1AM/1BM on 2042 are used for state (OAP) and private pensions.[/quote] Yes I have completed 2047, and transferred over to 8TK, but 1AL seems to be for non-residents, or am I misreading "Pensions perçues par les non-résidents et pensions de source étrangère avec crédit d'impôt égal à l'impôt français" RegardsS
  2. Hi I took early retirement from the Civil Service, I see that the FAQs on here state I should put my govt pension in box 1AS as it is taxed in the UK, however I cannot access that box online, I assume because I am under pensionable age, am I right to pop it into box 1AM instead? S
  3. Hi Anyone using the Orange 4G home service with their Flybox, I am fed up with 6.5mbps from copper ADSL, and my phone app tells me I can get 35mbps from 4g at home. Comments on costs, performance, and kit would be most welcome. I assume I can still retain my landline plugged into the flybox as it is delivered by adsl at the moment?. Regards Simon
  4. FranceConnect only works properly if you have verified using a French ID, using my UK passport through La Poste verified OK but did not work elsewhere.
  5. Making some progress, I found a local garage willing to process the ANTS application for a smallish fee. Anyone know what the ANTS wait time is currently?
  6. Battling on with this, CT booked for this week, and I collected the Quitus Fiscal without any problems. I have the CoC from Honda, provided free incidently, so I will be braving the Prefecture shortly. I have another newer vehicle that I will swing across at the same time, this throws up another issue as the CoC from Volvo is £94! I remember reading somewhere that if the V5C document has the K - Type Approval field completed then a CoC is unnecessary, is this true?
  7. I want to register my car here, but the ANTS service is only available to those with a valid FranceConnect ID for which I will need to have submitted my first French tax return and that will not happen for a few months. There used to be a facility in the Prefecture, but I am told that is no longer available. Am I able to get someone else to to the registration or use a local garage? Otherwise I am stuck with a vehicle that has an expired MOT and I am reluctant to make a 1000 mile round trip to the UK for the sake of a 6 month wait. Does anyone have a clue how I can move forward? Regards Simon
  8. http://www.dvddemystifiziert.de/codefree_en/lg.html has many LG models, I suspect you will have to experiment a bit. S
  9. Which company was it? Simon
  10. Finally getting round to insulating the rear rooms of my renovation, the walls are already sorted, but the roof is a simple terracota with roofing felt affair. I have 80mm rafters that I intend to expand to 130mm and then pose 80mm PIR between then completing the ceiling with 25 - 40mm PIR backed plasterboard. The local builders merchant has a good choice of polystyrene (XPS in the main), but I cannot find PIR. Does anyone have an opinion on PIR vs Polystyrene perfromance, and where can I find PIR in France without paying an arm and a leg? eBay UK has some real bargains and I am prepared to ship if necessary. Regards Simon
  11. Thanks, managed to find it in the end, buried a little deeper on the site than is sensible. Regards Simon
  12. I have my Foncieres to pay and up till now I went to the impots.gouv.fr website, put in a few details from the bill and then was able to make a payment direct from my french bank account. It now seems to want me to create an account and needs details from my income tax form which as a non-french tax payer I do not have. Am I missing something or do I have to now pay by cheque? Regards Simon
  13. Hitting someone is wrong, child or not. There are better ways to modify behavior and assault is not one of them. I witnessed a father slapping a child's face in public a few years ago in Perigueux, such a shock to see that sort of thing still going on. If my French had been up to it I would have given the guy some serious feedback.
  14. Hi I have had 3 emails thanking me for ordering my new livebox zen "Nous sommes heureux de vous confirmer votre commande de l’offre Livebox zen-nécessite abo tel en date du 18/06/2013." Its a scam I thought and ignored it. Looking at my account online today and it says my account is being migrated. Anyone know what they are up to? Regards Simon
  15. Hi I want to fence our land that borders the road, my neighbour tells me I must leave a 5m gap from the middle of the road to the fence, is that correct or can I just band it in along the edge? Regards Simon
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