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  1. Wishing you all Bonne Annee et Bonne Sante! Maybe 2023 will be a year when I get some time for 'me' again and I can get around to posting, we'll see.🙂
  2. So as I said, 'Hello'. Not deserted the board, just life is still having priorities. I could do with things being otherwise, but helas, non! I look back and so many of the things we are still trying to deal with now and for the foreseeable future were already HUGE problems in our lives from well before I started posting all those many many years ago, which was in actual fact, twenty odd years ago, and I am simply weary. If we get a lull, I shall look in again. stay safe Idun
  3. Just to wish you all, all the best for 2022. We are well, but life has not been easy and still isn't....... c'est comme ca, and little I can do about it! So here is to 2022 and a good year.??
  4. Sadly, these problems will see me out, as nothing will be resolved, ever. And for all things could be worse, it's all wearing and so have to balance what I do. Is it possible to send messages on here to other members???
  5. I haven't been on here in an age. Life has got in the way and not in a good way really........ but that is life, ups and downs and absolutely nothing at all to do with us living in England now, not at all. Rather the residual and complex problems from life in France. OH and I are all jabbed, including a booster. We know the odd person who has tested positive after both jabs, but have not been ill........ and one who has been quite poorly, but doesn't believe in the vaccines, so no vaccinations. What an odd world we live in. And on that, I shall sign out.
  6. Well I have showed up! But only for this post. Unfortunately my life is rather 'difficult' at the moment. And I don't have much spare time.
  7. I have had endless computer problems and now mine is  supposed to be fixed, but I am unconvinced. I now have to go through all my files and save all the very important stuff to 'sticks' and discs and the cloud, well, no idea if I have access to that. So will not be on here for a while whilst I sort out, if the poor thing holds up. Great when they work, these things, but when they don't, NIGHTMARE[:'(]
  8. First thing, is have you got him to see someone yet? Or you have seen someone about him. If not, PLEASE DO IT! Personally I would hide the shears and as suggested sabotage the lawnmower........... AND why not have a word with the farmer, tell him that you husband is loosing his marbles and keeps ranting and raving about getting the farmer to do lots of things in your garden that you do not want doing. WHY are you putting up with this abusive man.............. I truly do not get it! I know we sign up to sickness and health, but we also sign up to love and honour, and that bit seems to being out of the window.
  9. I didn't watch this program. What I have watched is say the history of bakers and bread, including when flour was diluted with plaster of paris, etc........ yummy eh! Poor people have all too often had poor diets, especially the women, endless babies and they served  their own meals last. Truthfully, when I moved in with my boyfriend I bought everything from M&S, even all those years ago, one could get meals.The reason I did this was that our working hours were completely opposite and it was the quickest way for us to eat together. And he was very ill on them, literally would vomit after every meal, and then I started cooking everything, and he wasn't ill. Wasn't as if I couldn't cook, I could, it was just the timing so we could actually eat at the same time. My Dad says that his diet radically improved when WW11 rationing started as everyone ate everything on the list and it was in general a very healthy diet. Ofcourse most bought things have weird and wonderful stuff in them. I bake a tray of biscuits and they are soft very quickly, I have some bought ones  in my cupboard that are ok to mid 2022....... Yes, I am sure that some things affect kids brains, as well as adults. We use endless chemicals in the earth, and organis, well, is it 'really'? Also, I really do not want to live for ever. I might watch this program now mint, see what they say, but honestly I doubt I will be in any way surprised.
  10. And there is nothing wrong with that. Pork scratchings are very popular with some............. and crackling on a joint of pork, well, I know lots of people who LOVE that. As I was never able to buy pork joints with the skin on, I got out of the habit of making crackling and now these old teeth are no longer up to eating it.[:D] EDIT: Never even thought of buying a pork joint with the skin in France and in fact I like to sprinkle herbes de provence on the fat of a pork joint as I put it in the oven. The only herbes de provence with the 'right' taste in England is Schwartz, they put sarriette in, no idea if that makes the difference, but it does taste just right!
  11. I do not like a single one of them, if that is all I am offered will manage to eat a little, but not andouillette............... beurk! I don't mind saussise de strasbourg with a choucroute, every ten or so years I am as fussy with sausages in England. I do not like these butchers sausages full of meat and/or herbs etc either. Usually you could not get a fussier shopper than me, looking for quality, but I simply love some terrible things like the cheapest of cheddars and  a very basic banger..........who knows what is in a basic banger, I don't need to know, I just really enjoy them. I would never serve 'my' cheddar to guests and make sure  I buy excellent cheeses for turophiles, and I am very good at choosing, I just do not eat them and would often prefer not to smell them either.[Www]
  12. There are lots of varieties of french sausages, from Diots in the Alpes, to andouillettes and merguez, which are so popular on BBQ's. What are your favourites? And do you have regional specialities too?
  13. It seems incredible to me that it was not thoroughly checked prior to it being used again. A lesson for all the ski resorts,isn't it! When we first started skiing in the late 1970's we were always told via the dry ski slope rumour mill, that the lifts in Italy were usually second hand from say Germany, Switzerland or Austria. No idea if this was true. All I can say is that our first holidays were in Italy and, at least in the first two resorts we holidayed, everything was fine and very well organised.
  14. RE good fruit and veg in France. Well our two local markets sold very poor stuff, and expensive. The vans that came up from the Rhone Valley sold good fruits, but HORRIBLY EXPENSIVE! OK I didn't live amongst peach trees, or bushes or however they grow, but the dept did have soft fruit growing. Locally they grew peche de vigne those flat ones that look like donuts........... beurk, pink fleshed and did not taste nice at all. The local wines were excellent, as was the charcuterie and cheeses. The best ever fruits I have ever ever tasted was in Tivoli above Rome, every last thing we bought was sweet and dripping with juice, we had to eat leaning forward as the juice dripped down our chins and onto the ground..... divine! And I have had some lovely french fruits in the UK....... making me wonder if the best were for export? Would I have moved to a region with better markets, say SW France, never, is all I can say. 
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