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  1. We were staying outside Bordeaux so didn't need overnight parking at that time, but knew the hours of 5am until1am in the morning but not the 2m limit before, so arriving at10 am to find the 2m limit was a problem we overcame by parking elsewhere and walking to the tram. Next time I would wish to have secure parking rather than a surprise ;-)
  2. I did contact TBM by phone and they confirmed the restriction of 2m. I also contacted the Marie to be told I could park overnight 7pm to 6pm free anywhere in Bordeaux but charges apply during the day, they were unable to ssy which Private parking facilities could accommodate over 2m except to say there were some . . . I'm sure others have vehicles over 2m or may be able to advise where to park? . . .
  3. Recent plan to spend a long weekend in Bordeaux was almost a disaster as I approached Buttineres Park and ride to discover a height restriction of 2m! Some time was spent finding alternstive "wild parking" before a walk to the tram. Does this mean there is no park & ride available for vehicles over 2m, despite no height restriction on the open air top storey? Any suggestions welcome . . .
  4. Many thanks Harnser, nomoss and dave21478 for suggestions will go looking . . .
  5. Any recommendations for companies specialising in this? I had used an agent in Paris for a previous 204, but disposed of details some time ago, now looking for insurance for a classic car and bike, not for regular use, all advice welcome. (Did speak to the bank but they were unable to insure due to the age; (1990); nor advise of suitable companies ...)
  6. Sometime since I've posted or spent Christmas break here; so expecting to take pot luck with my local places but wonder if anyone is aware of a Chambre d'Hote or Restaurant open during this period and near to Charente / Dordogne border?
  7. After all why would they put resources into clever people like Amazon and Google who would only evade taxation . . .
  8. Saw it, loved his stuff after buying Velvet underground album many moons ago
  9. Of course the journey is almost peak time with little booking time, but the cost over every alternative carrier with full seats working out almost the same beggars belief . . .
  10. Planning a week (or even 5 day) hol over the New Year; Whether by short or long sea crossing, chunnel or direjet air the cost (taking into account other costs, fuel parking etc) seems to work out the same within a tenner!?! What a crazy conspiracy! What a nonsense, where's the competition?
  11. He was in ecstasy, with a huge smile on his face, as his wife moved forwards, then backwards, forward, then backwards again ....... back and forth ..... back and forth ...... in and out ...... in and out.She could feel the sweat on her forehead and between her breasts, and trickling down the small of her back, as she was getting near to the end. Her heart was pounding ... her face was flushed ... then she moaned, softly at first, then began to groan louder. Finally, totally exhausted, she let out an almighty scream and shouted, "OK, OK! Park the f'ing car yourself, you SMUG b------!
  12. Life has of course changed for many of us, but those no longer with us of which Coops was an exceptional one, are still in our thoughts. Bon courage.
  13. Cooper Lola, recommend the Club de l'ouest to me, they have English speakers, will cover multiple vehicles, ie. English & French cars, and of course you get the added benefit of the members grandstand at Le mans! Automobile Club de l'Ouest - Service Membres Circuit des 24 Heures - CS21928 72019 Le Mans Cedex 2 - France 02 43 40 50 60 (de 8h30 à 18h du lundi au vendredi) clubaco@lemans.org / www.lemans.org L D lines
  14. Just down the road from me, and on a very useful rat run avoiding Dorch congestion.
  15. [quote user="sweet 17"] Can't guarantee rain in the next 6 minutes, nevermind 6 hours, so will hold off until the fine weather decides to return.[/quote] Do you mean IF fine weather EVER decides to return! ;-) I've never known a summer like it, at least the Ivy likes it, just what does kill the stuff (roots below concrete!)
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