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  1. I was reading that cats are being dumped by their owners, in the South West of France, the owners being worried about cats bringing bird flu home.  The rescue shelter says they normally pick up 10 cats per week, this hase gone up to 50 a week.  Llike, ok, let's get real.  Keep the cats indoors, don't abandon them. 
  2. With Siret and Sirene being French I can't think of any reason for an English site.  This one is a good one to check an enterprise.  If you want all the details held on file you have to pay http://www.verif.fr/index.php
  3. As an aside, all ladies, short or tall,  who work on checkouts in supermarkets, must have vivid red hair, compulsory and contractual, especially in Champion.
  4. I have one of these presses, wonderful, saves loads of time.  Not sure if would be suitable for your requirements, bought ours from Ebay fr. http://cgi.ebay.fr/Presse-a-repasser-vapeur-SB-08-Demonstration-neuve_W0QQitemZ4438200240QQcategoryZ69572QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Rotary one here http://cgi.ebay.fr/TABLE-A-REPASSER-PROFESSIONNEL_W0QQitemZ4438255547QQcategoryZ69572QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem And another kind. http://cgi.ebay.fr/presse-a-repasser-automatique-NEUVE-Novam-Swiss-P_W0QQitemZ4438501534QQcategoryZ69572QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem here's the link to all 400 odd irons and steamy things.  bonne encheres
  5. Hello to you all, hope you will be very happy here in Monflanquin.  We love it.  People were sledging down the streets at the week-end, the town looked stunning in a blanket of snow. Aidan  
  6. Just in case anyone receives an accommodation request, as below, it is a scam.  Just thought I would let folks know. ""Clients name: Richard Fajj Reply to: [email protected] Telephone No: 08025907344 Arrival Date: 3/3/2006 Departure Date: 15/3/2006 No. of Adults in party: 1 No. of Children in party: 0 Enquiry: Hello. How are you?.My name is Mr Richard Fajj.I saw your rental advert placement via the inetrnet. I has one of my daughter name Deborah Fajj,she will be coming for an Holiday in your state.So I will like to know if you are renting per weekly or monthly. I look forward to your response... Best Regards, Richard Fajj.....""
  7. The 10 ltr tins from Auchan, their own make, is about one of the best white emulsion paints.  They do their own white wood paint, great for doors and windows, inside and out, would recommend both. We, like most folks, have tried just about everything.  The cheapy ones at 7 euros for 5 litres are like painting with diluted skimmed milk, some of the very expensive ones are not a deal better and need more coats than a nordic skier.  L'Eclerc do a nice range of chalk effect paints, but, we are not planning for a bank loan to buy paint at the moment.[:|]  
  8. Moi aussi, a plate of blood swimming round the veggies is not a personal choice..........[+o(]  As for T, it seems a popular thing in French houses, to pop one Lipton T bag in a large pan, with several pints of water, heat it a while, but not quite to boiling, then serve it with half a cup of milk added.........Several of our friends and neighbours have all prepared T is this way, you soon learn to say "un cafe svp".  One French friend even said " I wish I knew how to make T" as she floated the  T bag in a huge pan of warm water.........  we duly had a T making session.  [C] 
  9. Nicely put Mike, I would have probably gone off at the deep end.  One important thing for receiving ICB is to supplement a very small ill health pension and actually try and survive, be it here or in any other EU country.
  10. We tried neuf telecom, on dial up admittedly,  it was terribly unstable so we abandoned it after one month, maybe things have improved with broadband.  Tiscali or ALICE as it is now, seem ok, if you don't mind them not answering your letters or cutting you off after talking to them for a few minutes when you have need to call them.  The don't take any payments either at the moment, for some unknown reason, so that's a plus [:)]
  11. Hi Adrian Beta Interferon is readily available in France.  Depending on the allowance, ie Incapacity Benefits, that would be transferable to a French bank account.  I don't know if other benefits are transferable, you would have to check with Newcastle on that matter.  I would assume that your wife would receive an E121 form for reciprocal health care in France.  Her illness would certainly be covered 100% by the CPAM, following registration with a French GP who would complete the necessary forms.  This would cover medicines etc for that particular illness.  I am not sure about Motability, or its equivalent, here in France, but your wife could certainly apply for an invalidity card.
  12. Agenais


    They sound just like the ones that used to sit on the pegs on the washing line.  They made me jump and were off like lightning, they didn't do any harm, save jangling my nerves while wrestling with sheets and towels.[:O]  Can't think of any reason to give them a wide berth. 
  13. LOL John, hope not, we are in the Lot and Garonne and can't see so much as a puddle..........
  14. No idea really, maybe when two or more are gathered, there will always be the potential for fireworks going off at any given time, everyone having their own opinions and thoughts on things.  I would love to post some responses to statements, but usually don't bother for the very reasons mentioned.  We digress :) 
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