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  1. i just want to clarify that both agent and buyer (and consequently their solicitor) are aware that my house will remain on the market until I sign and they knew in advance about the already booked house viewing on the Saturday.

    if the buyer wanted to avoid the risk he could have taken the first flight and we would have signed the contract on the same moment. 

  2. i didn't know the answer... i asked, in case someone had a similar experience, i got one reply that seemed to state there was only one option: the seller has sign first.

    i discovered that was not the only option.

    so i wanted to let know that it can be done the other way, and  that the estate agents are not always right (but we all know this, don't we?).



  3. Sunday...


    my initial post was written well before the contact was sent and signed... and as it has been signed by the buyer before me, i just wanted to let others know that it can be done and what you said is not the only option... this has nothing to do with being clever or not...

    (i would rather think the agent was trying to be clever... [:P])  

    i see nothing wrong in keeping your options open... wait till you will be in a position to sell and then tell me you would not accept an higher offer before you sign any contract! (specially if the first offer is significantly lower than the asking price!!!)



  4. [quote user="Sunday Driver"]

    The compromis is signed by the seller then usually mailed to the absent buyer for signature.  As mentioned, the absent buyer has the option to arrange local power of attorney through the notaire.

    Having committed himself to the sale by signing the compromis, the seller will not be in a position to consider any better offers.




    well.. this is what the agent would like you to do so he has the sale secured, but we refused and it can be done the other way... the compromis was sent last week in the uk, checked and translated by the English solicitor, signed by the buyer, now it's on the way back and we will sign it next week (unless the people who viewed yesterday has a better offer [:P]) 

  5. we are finally selling our gites [:D] . included in the sale is the website,

    I designed and mantained mine... the buyer is not an IT expert, so he will need someone to manage the site (and host it as it it at the moment on my space).


    anyone here is offering that type of service, or can suggest someone?

    please pm or email me


  6. [quote user="nectarine"]

      By the way, the flies are mostly mating with each other so one swat with a whacky stick often takes out two at a time, or three perverts!!




    what else are they mating with? horses and dogs????  [8-)]

  7. [quote user="suze"]no you got it wrong, i am a librarian[/quote]


    so you eat books? [8-)]

  8. we are selling our gite, the buyer will continue to run the business. included in the sale is the website.

    the website is currently hosted in my webspace that comes with free.fr.

    is there a way i can transfer my free.fr account to the buyer so that the website will not have to be moved?

    as i'm moving abroad i will not take with me the free box.

    another question: will the phone number remain the same or a new one will be assigned?


  9. [quote user="trees 2"][quote user="Lotmontel"]And...' Let That Be A Lesson' to us ex-pats / immigrants / newcomers (however we call ourselves!) that it is usually better to follow the national / local rules! [:D][/quote]

    It MIGHT be nice if those who immigrated to the UK took THAT advice[:(]


    when i migrated to the uk i never followed the local costume of getting drunk every friday/saturday night... should i have been punished for that? [:)]

  10. our French MOT expires in mid october... as we are planning a long trip around europe for that time, is it possible to have it renewed a month before it expires?
  11. the best way to have steam is to leave a metal container on the botton of the oven.

    when the oven is hot and on the same moment when you put the dough in, drop a few cubes of ice in the container, it will steam quickly and evaporate all in 10-15 minutes

    this one was done in my wood burning pizza oven,  it's a mix of normal flour and farine de seigle from a local mill: 

    best bread ever!!!


  12. if the buyer is oversea, who signs the Compromis de Vente first?

    the contract has to be sent oversea, translated and checked by the oversea solicitor.... all this takes time and if the seller had already signed, it means the seller will be already committed and unable to accept a better offer...?

    any idea?


  13. parmigiano reggiano

    pecorino sardo with honey



  14. in Dordogne we can't find frozen peas, we tried every supermarket...

    why is that? is it the same all over France? or Europe? 

     should Mr. Brown ask the OPEC (Organization of the Pea Exporting Countries) to release more peas? [:D]

  15. the best thing of living around Riberac? you can get the best pizza this side of the Alps!!!!  [:D] [:D][:D]
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