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  1. Hi, Building company, 20 minutes north of Perigueux, needs labourer for 3 month renovation project.  Could be on a sub contract basis, or on a 3 month employment contract. Please pm for further details. Iain
  2. Hi Andy, That's great.  Many thanks.   Will keep you posted. Cheers, Liz [:)]
  3. Hi, Not sure if I'm allowed to post this - just putting out feelers, so hope its OK. We live near Brantome.  Had a letter from our daughters school today, explaining about some fund raising they are doing.  I don't know all the details, but it is for a 14 year old french boy, who goes to the same school as my daughters teachers son (so we know it is true).  He is autistic, but also has a severe problem with his legs, and has to have something major done.  His house must be converted (bathroom/bedroom downstaires/ramps put in etc), or he will have to spend about a year and a half in hospital.  The family has very little money, and are fairly desperate to keep him at home.  There are 2 associations which could help financially - an autistic society and another (possibly handicapped society??).  The autistic society won't help because it is not a problem related to his autism.  The other society won't help because he is autistic!! So.....my question is...........if enough money could be raised for materials, is there anyone out there who would consider giving some free labour?  My husband will, but obviously he would need others.  This is only an idea.............as to whether it would be acceptable or not I don't know......just want to see if there is any interest to help.  I have no idea what the situation would be with regards to insurance etc.  If I have some interest, then I will speak to my daughters teacher to progress it further. If you are interested, or have any other suggestions, please reply. Many thanks, Liz
  4. Hi, Being a struggling veggie, fed up with omlettes or pizza when i eat out - how about offering some vegetarian options?  Liz  
  5. I have just got a slow cooker too - early Christmas present from Mum and Dad! Most of the recipes advise browning the meat first in a frying pan.  Is that really necessary.  I much prefer the idea of "bunging it all in the cooker" and leaving it for the day! Any more tried and tested recipes would be good. Thanks, Liz
  6. ..................I too sense a bit of panic! Don't worry at all.  We arrived here July last year with our 3 and 5 year old.   We visited our Doctor a few weeks after we arrived.  She gave us the prescription, we took it to the pharmacy to get the vaccine, then back to the doctor for the jab.  It was very different to how I remember the BGC (big needle, big scab etc).  4 very small pin pricks that healed very very quickly, and both of them hardly felt a thing.  My daughter is very dramatic when it comes to things like that too!! We sorted our insurance out once we were here too.  Although it is a must at school, we have found nothing in France has to be done "this minute!"   Our school was quite happy to wait a few weeks for us to get a copy of the insurance to them.  I worried for weeks before our move as to how the children were going to cope with it all....... new house, new school, new language, no family near etc etc etc..........  They are all much more resiliant than we give them credit for I think.  My 2 settled in very quickly, and absolutely love their life here in France! Good luck with it all - and enjoy it. Liz
  7. Hi, A friend has recently moved to just outside Thiviers (24), and is going to start a monthly coffee morning. The idea is to make friends, and swap books and videos/DVDs. They are to be held the first Tuesday of each month, at her house, the first being held on 6th December, 10am to 12pm. Please if you are nearby, come along. PM me, or call her to get her address etc. Jill, 05 53 55 18 46. Hope to see lots of you there. Liz
  8. Hi, I'm looking to buy a tipper truck, up to 7.5 t.  Does any one know of one for sale? Many thanks, Iain
  9. Hi, I'm looking to buy a tipper truck, up to 7.5 t.  Does any one know of one for sale? Many thanks, Iain
  10. We have to do the same soon - from Northern Dordogne to Milton Keynes and back again. Any recommendations greatly received! Liz
  11. Hi, Thanks everyone for the replies.  I think I am going to give it a go.  It really is only for a bit of pin money, and to give me something else to think about, other than the house, the garden, and learning french!  The starter kit costs very little, and it gives you quite a few books.  If nothing much comes of it, it will just mean my children have some nice new books - so nothing lost.  If anyone is interested in having a look at their range, once I'm up and running - please let me know. Thanks again, Liz
  12. Thank you very much Daniel for your reply! I would have quite a few books in stock, so Mummies and Daddies could look at them first, before they buy, making sure that the pictures and text are set at the right age etc.    I'm hoping this would be "one up" on Amazon.   I think this is particularly important with educational books. Thank you again! Liz (and Pippa 6 and Harry 4)      
  13. Hi I'm thinking of selling English Childrens books.  Do you think there is a market for this?  Nothing huge, just a bit of pin money? Any comments would be great. Thanks, Liz
  14. Hi, We have finally sold our house in the UK (Hurrary!!!!!!!!!) and have to go back there October/November to collect remaining furniture. Can anyone recommend a good van hire place in the Northern Dordogne, or does anyone have a van they can hire.  Don't need a big one.  Thanks, Liz and Iain
  15. Is it possible to freeze the mushrooms? We have an abundance here - and we can't eat them quick enough!!   Liz
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