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  1. Breaks your heart doesn't it, I have just found thid little chap, not a very happy little one either   http://www.leboncoin.fr/vi/25826408.htm?ca=2_s    
  2. Hello   I have just come across this post on the boncoin   http://www.leboncoin.fr/vi/25826408.htm?ca=2_s   He looks so sad
  3. Hello About 5 weeks ago we found 2 starving little kittens on the road, we have given them a temp home but due to my health I really need to find somewhere for them to go, they are super friendly with humans, dogs, cats and our daughter, at present are outdoors cats but would also be happy to sit in front of a fire,   I will deliver to the right family free, we are based Duras Dept 47   please please ask around and find Maverick and Goose a new home   Edit: Personal details removed by moderator. If you can help please contact by using the email or pm buttons.
  4. Hello All FREE MOUSE CATCHERS!!! 3 weeks ago I found 2 little kittens ( Bonny and Clyde) on the road, they were very scared and starving. We took them home with us as the thought of leaving them in the road was unthinkable! We already have an outdoor tom, a dog, a rabbit, and 3 goldfish! But I have now become so ill with asthma that they have too go; had they been older they could be outdoors cats like the other one. I would like them to be rehomed together, they are both boys, ginger tabby, very, very friendly.... and funny ( not that the dog finds it funny to have kittens hanging off his tail!!), I have wormed them both and treated for fleas!!! They both use a litter tray without a single accident. Excellent with the dog, other cat and our young daughter I am happy to deliver!   Please someone offer these little boys a lovely home,xx We are based Dept 47 near Duras   Much thanks
  5. I met a group of people who had turned up from Northern France to start their holiday in a B & B near Duras Dept 47, they checked 3 times with the owners if they could bring dogs, all times were told no problems! However when they arrived they were told they couldn't stay as the dogs were "big" dogs! You can imagine how they felt after driving all this way and now facing finding somewhere with 4 adults and 2 big dogs oh and a trailer! I rang a few people who were either booked or wouldn't take dogs...long story short I offered them our gite, as we had no other guests in our other gite, which they gratefully accepted.   On departure I checked the gite over, and it was left beautifully clean and tidy, No trace of 2 big dogs around, They are alwayas welcome back here, It is so nice to do someone a favour and not be taken the P**S out off!!  
  6. What sort of spider is the big one?? We have had the other one in the garden, spiders do not normally owrry me but think the big one may make me jump. Do you get them in France? If so which areas?
  7. I guess you must be right!! Best I sell my dog and ride my hubbies Triumph tt then!! (as If he'd let me!!)
  8. A must read is Labyrinth by Kate Mosse, I have been addicted to it. Fab read
  9. Poor you. I snapped my calf muscle this time last year playing with our dog, and spent all summer in plaster, or heavy bandage and walking sticks. It was "so" not fun in summer! Even a year on it still isn't right.   Hope you have a speedy recovery.   vickyxx
  10. What lovely cats. We have now rescued 2 black cats...well they turned up on our doorsteps. Both sadly have now gone. It's a shame you are so far away. We are dept 47. Hope you find a lovely home for them both.xx
  11. Hello   We live in Levignac de Guyenne, south of Duras (dept 47) We have been here 5 years and we have 1 daughter, she will be 5 in June.     Vicky p.s If there are any mums out there who'd like to meet up for a coffee and get kids together, give me a shout.
  12. Hello,   We have lived in France for 5 years now. We love it, but we are fed up with not being able to socialise with people our own age, or people with young children. We have a 4 year old girl! We live in dept 47 and are thinking about moving to another area where younger people may be. Are there many younger people near you? How long have you been there? Do you like the area? Cheers in advance   Vicky
  13.   [quote user="nich the wood"] Hi. We asked about bringing a Rabbit from the uk last year and was told that Brittany Ferries will not carry them. They are UNLUCKY. Poor little bunnies.   nich [/quote]   Hello, We had  the same problem when we moved over 5 years ago, however when we rang to book through Brittany Ferries there was no problem at all. We need a letter done within 24 hours of travel from the vet to state that the rabbit is fit for travel, and they must be in a locked cage inside the car. If you want to pm I can let you know all about us bringing our 2 house rabbits to France.   Vicky
  14. Hello   we live nr Duras. Our daughter attends school in Levignac de Guyenne. We have found so far the school system excellent. We have many english friends whom have children of all ages. Of all the children I know all seem to have settled very well in their new school and have all made friends.   If you would like to email me I can put you in contact with an english friend who will be able to help you more. She will be able to help with regards both of your questions.   I was pregnant when we arrived, and knew nothing of the area, but had great fun in finding out, the people here are all friendly (we have found anyway) I am sure you will enjoy your new lives here, you will find plenty of English around too!   Vicky
  15. Hello   We moved to France over 4 years ago, and with us came 1 puppy and 2 house rabbits. The rabbits didn't need an export certificte just a letter from the vets to say they were healthy at the time for travel, we did have to keep them in a cage and locked in the car, we were told by Brittany ferries that they wouldn't take us because of the old sea tale, but when we went to bookings they were fine with it an allowed us to travel with the rabbits, with no troubles.I hope you find this usefull. Good luck   Vicky
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