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  1. [quote user="Hoddy"] We clearly have a difference of opinion John. [/quote] Yes we have. Almost the first words I remember from Mercantile Law are "caveat emptor" and I try to do just that. Others will do what they do. John
  2. [quote user="idun"] So what do you 'have to have'. [/quote] My parents were addicted to nicotine and it killed them. This possibly why I am not addicted to anything AFAIK. Though I confess to a liking for Earl Gray tea and Marmite (but not together). Boring of N Lot
  3. Or you could pay £1 and register for a month - sufficient time ? John
  4. [quote user="Hoddy"] It has ben reported Sud-Ouest that there is a cheese seller at Sarlat market whose average price for cheese is E39.95. This is ordinary cheese not claimed to be of a particularly fine quality. ............. I should add of course that most of the traders are honest people and dislike these 'rogues' as much as anyone else does. Hoddy [/quote] Why is this trader a "rogue"? He is not claiming that his cheese is something that it is not so he seems to me to be a sensible businessman taking advantage of an opportunity. Hardly his fault if some customers have more money than sense. John
  5. Why, has Michael Jackson returned ? John
  6. And then you moved it. John (I'm not a builder)
  7. Another day, another smidgin of knowledge acquired. Until now I thought cup sizes were measured alphabetically. John
  8. Any apparent similarity between the above and the original Iceni is purely imaginary. John
  9. [quote user="idun"] Cornfield as you make up your own products. I have a  series of something like tiny drops of curry stains, on a pure wool jumper  any suggestion as to how to get these tiny marks off without damaging the wool please? [/quote] No idea how to sort out this set of dribbles but in future wear a bib or remove your upper garments. Such stains are removed easily from skin. John  
  10. I always answer in English. If a French caller does not identify him/herself as representing an organisation I know (or is a friend) I respond with "I don't speak French, there is no-one here that speaks French. Good bye" and hang up. Works for me. John
  11. Add to the list of non-existent - 12 a.m. and 12 p.m. Most, if not all, phrases used by Americans, Australians and others claiming to speak English - beginning with fill out. John
  12. I hoped to read that CC had been dropped from a great height. Why do you build up my hopes like this? it's sooo cruel. John
  13. [quote user="knee gel"]  If you want to take the cash from any winnings it has to be paid into a UK bank account otherwise reinvest in more bonds. Chris [/quote] Surely the NS&I cheques have to be paid into a GBP account (but not necessarily in the UK)? Though I confess that I have never found the need to try to open one so have no idea of the hurdles placed in the name of money laundry. John
  14. Search Google with your headline above and there 'tis. John
  15. [quote user="idun"] And no, I wouldn't go anywhere without gifts. [/quote] When I first arrived here I was living in a small caravan on-site while working on the conversion so had little space to keep things. When invited out to dine in a French home I had no idea what to take but having been advised that it is better to take something I had made or grown I took a bowl of radishes. They were pounced upon by my host, washed and returned to the table within minutes, each one sliced open with a small snip of butter inserted. When I tried to apologise for not bringing something a bit grander I was informed "but these are so much better than just going into a shop and buying something that we probably don't need or want". Aren't the French strange? John
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