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  1. Hello Normy - thought I might TRY and be helpful! I've had an Orange (France !) Huawei E160 dongle for around 4 years now and it works superbly well on my local 3G network. However, like you, when I first tried to install it (and subsequently update it to Windows 7) - disaster! So - I uninstalled the Orange France software from my PC and downloaded / installed the UK version of the E160 Connection Manager software from the Orange.co.uk site (link below) been fine ever since. http://shop.orange.co.uk/mobile-broadband/help (use the 'support' tab for the downloads relevant to your dongle make) Simon :-)
  2. Actually guys the problem with quoting and posting links is related to the fact I use Google Chrome most of the time. So - to use the quote / link facility on this forum I need to swap over to Internet Explorer in 'compatability view' (because I have a 64 bit system) - sometimes I just can't be bothered so I cut and paste. Simon :-)
  3. [quote user="Quillan"] As it happens Chancer as I read the posts there are about three or four motorcycles hammering up and down the track on the other side of the river and the noise is appalling. Denouncing, grassing or whatever to me means you pick on an individual. Having a speed trap outside your door is something quite different. Personally I don't have a problem 'grassing' somebody if I feel it just. I have no problem reporting British cars who have not registered their car in my area yet insure it in France and get a CT. A subject covered many times on the forum in the past but you know what, if ever they knock somebody over and either maim or kill them it will be me or one of my family so I have no problem reporting them. To me its a type of self preservation if you like. There are other things people do that I wouldn't bother with but there are some thinks I would because of a personal interest if you catch my drift. In fact I might now go give the Gendarmes a call for these blinking bikes, it's upsetting my guests which could cost me money. [/quote] Well said - personally I would have no problem at all letting the gendarmes / flics use any of my land to try and catch speeding / illegal motorists. I would gladly go out on the road with them (if they'd have me?!?) to nick those morons who drive without licences and / or insurance. I'd love it - not sure what the term is for that? Simon :-)  
  4. So mogs...what WOULD you do if you lived in England and the same situation arose in your own little 'Knots Landing'.....? Oh and by the way - the problem is not that 'they are French and you are not' - the problem is that you have made no effort to resolve things yourself. Running to teacher (the Maire) just won't cut it! Deal with the situation - no good biting your tongues! Maybe, just maybe, integrating and making friends might have given you a whole different and more positive experience. Give me strength ! Simon :-)
  5. Crikey - this thread has gone way off track! Speed humps, speed traps, the toilet habits of dogs and now the Gestapo! Anyway.....I was just wondering....if Steve....will be showing his postings on this thread to any prospective purchasers? ....should knock a few grand off the sale price! Then there's French Capital Gains Tax (and possibly UK if he's in a high income band)....heck, it just gets worse..... Neighbours hey - who'd have em!? Simon :-)
  6. [quote user="Christine Animal"] No need to be offensive.   [:)]   I never said speeding was acceptable.  Denouncing others to my mind is not.   [/quote] ....so Christine, do you think speeding is acceptable ? (just to be clear....) Simon :-)  
  7. Hi Steve – and welcome home! Nothing wrong with me, but thanks very much for your concern. Naturally I’m flattered that, in spite of praising the support and helpful advice of Quillan, woolybanana and virginia.c (Ginny), you’ve actually decided to take mine – the easy option. I’m amazed! (20/08 - Sell up and move somewhere where the 'villagers' aren't so irritating for you.) Just one further tip for you – if someone is letting their dog relieve itself in your garden – don’t ask them if they have a garden of their own, tell them to get lost! Generally, the French don’t get sarcasm……although that’s irrelevant for you now. Oh and Ginny…Steve hasn’t decided to ‘leave’, he’s simply selling up his holiday home in France. Maybe he’d be better off living somewhere near you? – although, I suspect this isn’t the first time he’s had ‘neighbour’ issues…… Simon :-)
  8. Sorry Anton - could you put that in English please.....????!!! Simon :-)
  9. POB - you can only register with the DVLA if you are a resident of Great Britian. Link : http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/Motoringtransactions/BeforeyouapplyC/DG_066944 Why anyone would want to keep a right hand drive car and live in France beats me! Simon :-)
  10. Hi annie - link here for suppliers and prices: http://www.fioulmoinscher.fr/annuaire-des-marchands-de-fioul-departement-Lot_et_Garonne.html (sorry you'll need to cut and paste) Simon:-)
  11. [quote user="Will"]I tend to agree with Norman. I have no problem with being an English person in a French community. I like it that way. I have no desire to become French. I've never understood this apparent need to be, or appear to be, something you aren't. Perhaps you become 'integrated' when you stop being bothered about it? And perhaps learning how to spell it is the first step... [/quote] I'll second that Will - totally agree (although I'm a Scot)! For me it's all about the WIIFM thing - What's In It For Me? Wherever I live - I take the very best from it, pay my way and contribute where I can, where I'm needed and where I choose to. If that doesn't make me happy then I move on. Simon :-)  
  12. Wow - sorry to butt in but....(I'm not actually sorry but thought it may be a good opener!?!). This thread has gone way, way off mark - were you all out in India during the days of the British Raj by any chance ? I guess the conversations in the 'clubs' sounded pretty much like the ones here. Integration, isolation and friendships - behaviour breeds behaviour. The way you treat people will directly impact on the way they treat you! Live with it! Simon :-)
  13. [quote user="Frenchie"][quote user="Simon-come-lately"]- you've missed the point - again  Oh really ?? You suggested Sara only thought of herself through the person she loves, and I said some people, like me, only see their life this way, .. Can't see why I missed the point...  and started to get personal - again!  Who started it ? Come on , you perfectly know what I think about the DSK matter, and tried to  provoke me with  " the dirty old man" No response. Simon :-)[/quote] Better this way, nuff said .. [/quote] Well Frenchie, how very wrong, how very red, and how very agressive. I rest my case..... Simon :-)
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