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  1. [quote user="Mikep"]I agree with Mr Dog - you are being rather English. Can't you just buy the neighbour a beer and talk about it? Believe me, lawyers won't help either of you. If you're rarely on site, the neighbour could really make life a misery for you and your visitors. [/quote] I tried this route yesterday, but he said to get some good legal advice He said hes getting the huissier round then reporting to his insurance company, i tried the freindly route but he aint interested. As i said, i could put a locked gate up, but this would mean he cant turn his water off... if his house floods when im not there id be even worse off ps its not a shared boundry , his house backs onto my yard
  2. Hi, Yeah, even the maire calls me king karl (king of bling) long story lol Im easy going, honest... but this bloke has fallen out with half the village I quite like the guy, but he seems to love winding folk up... he keeps threatening me with the best advocates in Paris Ive been advised to put a locked gate on, i didnt really want to and it means he cant get to shut off his water , which he does often as his house is a holiday home This is another story, he says he has a written agreement with the previous owners allowing him access to his tap Theres nothing in my deeds... so does this mean if he does have anything it went out of the window when i bought the house, as the agreement was with them?
  3. [quote user="woolybanana"]. By the way, how do you know that the wall was not damaged by the log pile? [/quote] because the log stack is not against his wall but stacked approx 6" away... I have moved the stack about 3 foot away from his wall so he can get access to his wall and you can clearly see there is no damage ( i am a builder so know what im looking for)
  4. The way i see it ,  is you ask to go on the property first , or thats what i would do
  5. In normall circumstances i agree, but when people are paying good money to rent they dont expect people they dont know wandering around with a camera I need  notice so i can let them know before they set off that there maybe someone doing the above As i say, the problem is he refuses to listen to me and just goes ahead anyway.... its a matter of respect for other people PS when i say in writing i mean as in email / text etc
  6. Please help... I own a holiday rental, and i have had a letter from my neighbor saying hes been on my land to inspect his house wall as the render is bad. I asked him to give me notice next time he wants to come on my land as there are holiday rentals visiting and this isnt on.... Ive asked him to give me 14 days written notice as im in the UK and need to let holiday letters know someone may need access. He flatly refused this and again came on my land taking photos of his wall, now saying i have damaged his property with my wood stack (which is completely untrue , im a builder of 25yrs so would know) Now hes saying that his insurance company, need to visit and he has arranged for a huissier to vist next tuesday to look at this wall Again the will need to access my property while its let out and have not even asked if its ok to do so I have no issue with him repairing his wall, but have an issue with him just entering my land and arranging for people to vist without my permission first, I just want him to do so at a time when the house is not let out, but as im not there hes doing what he wants and ignoring my requests to keep off my land any suggestions would be appreciated
  7. Hi were in st martin lys nr Axat if you know it, we found a timber yard nearby and he sold us a Stair ??? of  Chene for 50euro... nice bloke and he spoke a little english too.   cheers karl
  8. I forgot to ask, where do folks get their wood from for their stoves? im nr Axat between carcassonne and Perpignan
  9. Hi guys,   Iv bought a holiday home Nr Axat, im a builder by trade and want to change the bathroom / kitchen.   Im bringing the kitchen with me as i get cheap deals, question is the sink comes with a one off trap that incorparates the overflow, i gather french waste pipe doesnt fit.... anyone have any ideas for a way to connect up.   Also is there any big diy stores in perpignan / carcassonne? Im looking for a self serve like b&q as i dont speak a word of the lingo.   Im also bringing a trailer, only for 10 days but are there any issues i need to know about, i hear they need there own insurance etc, is this the case on uk plates   thanks karl
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