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  1. RESULT Today I got a mail from the agency, they're willing to cancel the assurance 'cos I 'registered' the car as hors de circulation as long as I send them the carte verte. So once again many thanks to all the respondants and advice, I think we all learnt something.
  2. Yes I know and Brexit IS Hitler's fault, if he'd won the war there'd be no Brexit.I'll now wait until I hear from the insurance company.
  3. As far as I know all CT stations do is test cars.  They have nothing to do with removing them from the road (except if they fail so badly the owner os only allowed to drive home or to a garage) and they wouldn't necessarily know the procedure to 'SORN' them. I've now declared the car as 'hors de circulation', got the acknowledgement from ANTS and sent it off to the insurance company.  I'll post with the result.......comme d'habitude it'll take them a week to reply.
  4. If you have a problem with Chancer please send him/her a PM.  I appreciate his/her input on my problem and your post does nothing to help.  Unless you have something constructive to say please don't hijack my post.
  5. Well I asked the insurance agent if a declaration "retraite de la circulation" would be good enough and they said "merci de nous transmettre un document qui nous précise que le véhicule est hors service ,si la résiliation est acceptée merci de nous retourner votre carte verte" I suppose this is a step in the right direction.
  6. I think most of these cars have been there since the Ark and as such are outside the system.
  7. Many, many thanks to all who posted replies.  I've learnt something as a result of this and I'm still trying to cancel the insurance, I've asked the agent if declaring the car out of service will enable them to cancel but I feel the issue is the policy is in it's first year and, despite this being their fault, they won't cut me any slack. I've asked them to reduce the cover to responsibilite civile and we'll visit our nearest scrapper to ask what we may be allowed to remove from the car and it still be viable for them.  I assume they're most bothered about the metal in the car and not door panels etc. Again many thanks.
  8. My agent, for the last 2 years, acted in a despicable way.  This isn't the first time they've screwed us over, I've changed the other car's insurance to a very helpful English speaking company who, unfortunately, tell be there's nothing I can do.
  9. I am happy to scrap the car but before I do that I want to remove some parts as the replacement car is the same basic car and I want to remove the newish parts (alternator, panels, etc.) before I hand it to a breaker for the certificate.  The problem is that here (CP 26620) it's winter and too cold to be working outside.
  10. To declare it as scrapped I need a certificate from a scrapper, one can't simply declare it as scrapped.  I wrote to the insurer saying "on my honour I declare the car to be beyond use"...they didn't accept this.
  11. We thought about doing that but since the ANTS system began this, as the next person says, would mean my friend would be stuck with it.
  12. Well it's been a while since I posted but as my French gets better I am able to find out most things from French sites.  However, I have a problem and I hope someone knows the solution. Back in July 2018 I told my car insurance agent we were replacing our car and had bought the replacement BEFORE selling the current car and could they insure the replacement.  What they did was to cancel the old car and put the new car on the policy.  This meant I wasdriving the old car WITHOUT insurance for 3 months until I dicovered the problem. The insurance agent started a new policy for the old car, the old car has now died (cylinder head failure) and the agent is refusing to cancel the policy unless I provide a certificate of sale or destruction.  I want to keep the old car and break it for parts myseld as the replacement/new car is the same type. Does anyone know if it's even possible to simply cancel when the car 'dies'?  The agent says that as the policy is less than 1 year old, (despite them removing the old car and replaceing it with the new one without my permission, I can not cancel until 2 months before the 1 year anniversary. Any suggestions greatfully received.
  13. We used the tow car's number to get the van to France, once it was imported of course we used the van's number.
  14. Hi, I'd be happy to help but as Nomoss says maybe start a new thread. In summary our van was a 1989 year, we wrote a Alko, who made the chassis, for all the specs and found that it was a 1979ish design.  We submitted the blue prints to the FFVE, they gave us a certificate and we registered it as a historic vehicle. As far as the first part of this post goes re: driving with the wrong plates we took a risk and got away with it. We have since sold the van and bought a camper as these are much easier to use in France what with all the free/cheap aires.
  15. I wrote to the F.F.V.E. and received a reply alomost immidiately. "Bonjour, Je vous remets en pièce jointe un document que vous pourrez présenter en préfecture pour obtenir votre carte grise. S'ils refusent, je vous invite à changer de préfecture comme vous en avez le droit. Cordialement, Secrétariat FFVE" This indicateles to me that this is something they come across often as they have a prepared response. Basically they attached a PDF of a document listing all the rules & regulations which apply to these cases. I particularly like the 2nd sentence. If anyone wants a copy of this please PM me with your email address and I will send a copy.
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