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  1. AnOther. You say “Cockpit crew are in a position of being able to judge whether or not an iPad is interfering with on board electronics, and do something about it” Sorry that is not true. This from a colleague on another forum may be of interest: ‘As a professional radio engineer who has produced EMC standards and equipment that had to meet them, in my opinion, those who use/fail to switch off cellphones, ipads, wifi etc when told not to are dangerous bloody fools who shouldn't be allowed on an aeroplane. The only devices that can have radio transmitters in them that can't be switched off are pacemakers and hearing aids. In both cases, the level of the radiation is about 1/10,000 of a cellphone or WiFi - which is why they are acceptable.’ Yes the FAA may have approved so and so but the EASA (CAA/JAA) have not and they are far more safety conscious IMO.
  2. Saw three, presumably women wearing the niqab in a Paris CDG international departure lounge the other day. As usual, there was a large police presence at the airport but they went unchallenged. Not illegal now? I wonder how they made it through immigration, did they or did they not remove the veil for identification? If not I guess they don’t need a photo in their passports anymore.
  3. Yes I have to agree Chiefluvvie some pretty poor misinformed and sad responses regarding air safety but please BAC 1-11 ancient history! I flew them with Dan in the ‘80s. As for you Q, starting a RR Spey with a big rubber mallet, what an insult to British engineering. It was a truly great and reliable engine in its day. Chiefluvvie, are you BA or AF? Regards, A330-200 rtd
  4. [quote user="NickP"]Mr Audio, the one trick pony [:P][/quote] I guess that makes you the ass NickP [:)]
  5. [quote user="Salty Sam"] Busy day, just catching up with the latest expert views - some of which I find highly amusing! [quote]Sorry to contradict you Salty Sam, but this is what was said in the article:[/quote] Well, if it was in the Daily Wail, it must be right! [quote]Pads, I don't know if the coats you refer to in wild boar hunting are protection or the orange ones so they can be seen easily and not mistaken for a boar.[/quote] I would love to see the protective jacket, Kevlar or whatever, with or without orange panels, which would protect a dog against a wild boar! My Springer Spaniel has a protective jacket against brambles and thorns, it's called fur! [quote]Dog Armour, which can include thermal cooling packs for the sceptical.[/quote] Ask a Dog Handler why they don't use them! [quote]The dogs could be brought out as a dissuasive for a demonstration, but not a riot and if a demonstration turns into a riot they could retreat and be replaced by something else.  How's that?[/quote] Well it would provide some useful work for members of the RSPCA. I beleive that are dab hands with captive bolt guns! [quote]Sam you are banging your head against a brick wall mate.[/quote] Yes Nick, you're right. But is it fair on the wall? There must be a few out there who are strictly against the abuse of brick walls[:D] [/quote] No I'm not, just try hitting your 'heads' much harder please.
  6. [quote user="Pads"]Wot a gent you are .......;)) Sorry my smileys dont work .....[/quote] Vraiment? Vous me blaguez
  7. Dog Armour, which can include thermal cooling packs for the sceptical.   http://www.bulletproofme.com/Canine_Vests.shtml
  8. Even some catch dogs for wild boar hunting are supplied with Kevlar chest and neck armour. So why not police animals?
  9. [quote user="Salty Sam"][quote user="audio"] I know a police dog handler, he once told me ‘you don’t want to know how we train them’ Cruelty comes to mind, I wish the RSPCA could keep a close eye on their methods. [/quote] You might care to read through this link and reconsider your suggestion, [url]http://rspcanotwhattheyseem.blogspot.com/2009/11/police-investigate-rspca-for-animal.html[/url] [/quote] Hmm! That’s an unwelcome surprise. I will certainly reconsider my donations to them.
  10. I know a police dog handler, he once told me ‘you don’t want to know how we train them’ Cruelty comes to mind, I wish the RSPCA could keep a close eye on their methods.
  11. [quote user="suej"] I'm sure I've read something about this recently but I can't trace it so I'd be grateful if someone could advise me... Our 15 year old grandson and 16  old friend are flying  Manchester to Nantes at the end of next week. Both Mums seem to have got everything organized but I am just wondering if at that age the boys will need to carry something like a signed parental permission note. Has anyone any info please? [/quote] There are regulations but best check with the airline concerned; they may have their own ‘add on’ rules.
  12. [quote user="Russethouse"] Whatever it was I think it best deleted, it doesn't seem worth losing a forum contributer over......[/quote] A bit late now, the damage has already been done.
  13. [quote user="Quillan"] Simon - I know 5E, believe me if he wanted to 'have a go' he would have. [;-)] [/quote] He or she? someone is telling porky pies
  14. Pads, the 101 other worries I know only too well, there is always something. The vets this morning 76€ and another visit next week for a minor op. est. 110€ but he is family and needs to be looked after. Incidentally, the classes were outside in a muddy field so I don't suppose they were worried about poo on the floor.
  15. Sorry to hear of your sad news. I always thought that the twisted or turned gut  was due to exercise after a meal. When I took my dog to agility classes, the trainers were  most insistent that the dogs exercised on an empty stomach.
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