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  1. Catalpa, it is seriously difficult to stay cool in temps such as we have down here in the deep south, though our house is not the best to keep things cool. 2 fans the norm chez moi, no air con .. shutters closed most of day, likewise windows, you get fed up of living in gloom. Winter can be just as bad, but the opposite, you don't go out still, but this time because it is too cold and windy - yes even in the deep south. And houses are difficult to heat and get warm. As you say, be careful what you wish for.
  2. Quite, Menthe ... problems crossing between Spain and France yesterday too .. coming back into France .. huge queue yestarday, almost back to La Jonquera for those who know it, though I gather that was compounded by an accident. Today at about 1pm there were only two booths open, for both telepeage AND non ticket holders, so nearly everyone was having to stop and take a ticket. There was the 30 telepeage working, but only on the inside lane, where all the lorries were .. and of course I couldn't get into it. Queuing for about 2km, happily it did move, albeit slowly. Much more traffic than usual, I presume holiday makers (I went to see my dentist - not a pleasure trip at all), so if there problems on the French autoroutes, when there is no checking of passports etc (at least now Covid is over), translate that into having to check and stamp EVERY passport (or not stamp those resident, but they would be a small portion only I would suggest) on one of hte busiest departure days of the year, then it's no surprise it was chaos. But then, I don't understand why everyone must gon on holiday on the same day either!! I've come across at that time before and this is the first time is was so bad .. but then before it wasn't full holiday season!
  3. LIke Nick P, I too cannot understand why they must all set off on the same weekend eimmediately when the hoidays start. They do get 6 weeks off school I presume, still. Idiots. MInd you, my nephews has just set off too, but seemingly he flew with no problems to an unsual (for the Britis) place and arrived as planned. It can be done, just don't be lemmings.
  4. Judith


    Mint, I hadn't realised you been in hospital again .. not the old trouble I hope! Keep cool and get well soon.
  5. Mint! Hola! No, I've not been to Spain, but back to blighty - at last ! Saw all the fmaily and did lots of thngs I've not been able to do for ages, plus some I can't do here. Did I tellyou I got the good news I hoped for in April, hence the longer than usual trip. As for this forum, and this 'ere post in particular, I've popped in and out along the way, though I certainly had more entertaining things to do on my hols than pop in often .. so I missed most of the repartee .. as I have said more than once on this Forum, France, and anywhere else you might live, is what you make of it. Where you live depends on what you like to do, and how you integrate or not, also on you passions. Not everyone is politically minded to discuss all and sundry, albeit being politically educated as much as is required. For example, since I cannot vote, who is who in French politics is raelly not a great interest ... but I do keep in touch with is as much as I need .. Even if I lived back in the UK, I would get involved in those things I am interested in and not in the ones I am not. Likewise in France. C'est la vie.
  6. Chessie, I's sorry you've had all this - complete shambles .. and not normal. Being unable to put wight on his leg is usual, we have a friend who fell and was 3 months unable to get ouf of bed, fortunately he didn;t have some of the other probems your OK has. However there should be some gentle exercises he can do to keep his muscle strength up - even in a wheelchair. Stretching his legs out - just low - bringing toes up, moving ankles around, that sort of thing. I do a class where the tutor give different exercises, same muscles worked, for chair bound, (we have one) those who can't get onto the floor(me) and those who can, so it can be done. Look for exercises to strengthen legs before and after hip replacement exercises .. online .. that's what I did. And no reason why he can't exercise his upper body in the chair as well, strengthening his arm muscles etc, which will help when they finally let him use crutches. I'll see if I can find anything online if I get a chance but busy few days here ..
  7. ALBF - you can have some of our rain .. OK, it's dry now, but this year has been much wetter than usual .. even the gardeners down here are not wishing for rain ...
  8. Lori, as a poor sighted creature, I would suggest you get your eyes checked. Progressives in France, varifocals elsewere, do need to be corretly fitted and whilst optometrists can now test, it is still very useful to get your eyes checked up by a opthalmologist. The puffs etc are nasty, but that is checking for glaucoma and such, and quite honetly, the older we get, it probably best done in spite of your disllike. The drops a necessary evil to look at the back of the eye .. to see the health of your eye.. They check for disease also. Since I've worn glasses since I was 3 years old, I got very used to having my eyes poked at etc .. better safe than sorry. If you were any where near to me, I would recommend my opthalmologist ... a caring person, he did both my cataracts, and understood my fear during the ops .. all happily perfectly done. The minimal you can do is to go to an optemistrict, or optician, and see if they will make a new pair to your old prescription, but he might recommend you get a test, and quite honestly, it's not the route I would chose to go with a prescription so old. Frankly, your sight is precious, it's not worth messing around with.
  9. Thanks Fittersmate: late reply as trouble getting the site to load every time I tried. On hols, so not as regular a look as usual! I got mine in before we came away, but that form looks good to me, as far as it applies to me. Sure it will help others though ..
  10. Chessie, You may not see this until it is too late, but they have significantly improved GA over the years. Comparing the 4 GA ops I've had (2000, 2017, 2019, 2021) each time the receovery period has been reduced with much less discomfort, in fact, after the last in Nov 2021 (second hip replacement) I was so good after it I was amazed, having remembered how I was for the previous hip replacement one in 2017. So your worries about GA may not be needed. However, I totally understand your worries, given what you have told us about OH's health already. Prayers winging your way ...
  11. Nick, I can only agree. Doesn't help, eitehr, that they change something on the forms every year too. Meanwhile, I have given up finding one sectin, it does not seem to be there .. so sent them a message, but for now, I've put it in, and in fact you get a long time to correct it, even after the deadline. The important thing is to get the forms filled in as best you can by the deadline, adn go back to it later if you find any more. Most of what I can't find is peanuts of interest and such anyway!
  12. ssomon, that really doesn't surprise me. Nameing is a big bear even in the best regulated systems. That's why free text searching is so inaccurate, and why keyword searching was invented by librarians as at least one of the better alternatives, long ago. And even then, working out alternative names was scary!
  13. Don't get me going on computer bods designing any database or data collection module. Long ago, now, I was in a team creating our first library database (on the users side ie librarian). The systems analyst said - we'll made the title the ID - to which comment were shouted from all directions - "NO!". It didn't take long to show him why not - even in a technical library. We were surrounded by examples. Or filling out forms which cannot understand that not everyone has a mobile phone!!
  14. Chessie, That's how I arrived at my rate, average for the year from BoF. Not the one given in Connexion, but my financial man agreed with my figures .. as you say, add up all UK income, convert at that rate and away you go. Impots have bigger fish to fry that worrying about UK pensioners income ... Good luck with the forms, yes, I am usually like you, but I am on holiday in May, so started early this year!
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