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  1. I agree, Alan, those bollards were enough to get you completely disoriented .. I never thought of Pernod being the reason ... what a tarradiddle it was!
  2. Quite few I had heard of but didn't know, and some I never knew! Very useful indeed. Thanks Woolly!
  3. Just come back via the tunnel. Indeed all preloaded, no questions asked (I spoke to a human as they'd managed to mess up which side to go, and he was on the wrong side for me). SAid, I have al the docs do you wnat to go on teh next shuttele (I was early) said, yes and away I went. French douane checked passport (did not stamp it, WARP attached to it and presented together). Asked for proof of vaccination, had a paper version with sworn stament on other side, showed him both and off I went. I left before pre-test was eliminated, but no need now, 2 day test OK. I used Oncologia, not the cheapest at £55, but all worked as planned, test arrived on the day expected, sent off the next day, result back with 24/48 hrs. Mid afternoonon a Sunday, quick and painless.
  4. So, the forum changes it's software, and whilst not before time, it seems to be a ... well I leave you to put the words in. Now I cannot find the way to look at recent posts only, without plodding all the way through the topics, but so far spent little time on it, as I'm off to the UK tomorrorw - so won't be posting on here for a while, as I've managed to do the necessary to sign on again on my desk top, evidently, or I could not post this, but will it accept the new password on the ipad. Of course not! So, I'll check in on occasion, but won't be able to post anything until I've sorted it out on the ipad, and who knows when that will be!!! Maybe they'll have sorted out the gremilins by the time I return .. Happy discissions, everyone, in my absence. Judith PS now I've seen it on screen I can see they've lost our pseudonymns and our party pieces too!
  5. Swings and roundabout every year .. sometime up, sometimes down.  THis year the French have come close to beating the Italians at their own game.  What I like is that the championship is still open and will be decided during the last days matches ... these days, I don't watch the matches (too much else to get done and it is a time when I won't be interrupted but OH,  but I used to, and still like to know the scores ... but agere with you Idun, too much football on the news and never enough of the sports that need some skill to play, like rugby and snooker, to name two that interest this not-at-all-sports interested person.

  6. PaulT, I don't think just uPVC, as the first time I met met them was on the family holiday home we have in France and that had a wooden glazed door.  Certainly all our uPVC doors here have them, but I thought that was a French thing and nothing to do with the material ..

  7. I'd agree with Nomoss on this one .. it's part of hte locking mechanism.  Never saw it used in the UK, where they prefer Yale locks, but they do exist there too, but never bother to find out how it is described.

  8. They are both a shambles, though slightly less so in the Nantes case. And if I hadn't seen it all playing out as they both  have I would never have believed it and thought they were both fairy stories ..

  9. I believe that place names do not always follow the rules, and are very much as the locals would say them, in their local accent too.

  10. Well I don't know, you could hardly imagine or  make up the shambles in the UK at present, could you, either?

  11. Down here, if you say vingt as you shoudl they will not understand it.  So I've got used to pronouncing the "t" as in vin-te!  And on't get me started on vin and vent ... !!!

  12. Yes, of course.  Some September sends have received their licences, some  have not .. as I say, no rhyme or reason, though I do know they are overwhelmed, dealing with applications in order doesn't seem an impossible ask.

  13. I'm amazed and gobsmacked.  They've had mine since Sept last and I've heard not a dicky bird.  Is there no justice in this world.  Exchange due to licence expiry à cause de mon age, and not a s*d to do with Brexit itself, which is even more of an insult.  Nantes really must get their act together soon. 

  14. Great news Minnie, puts the Black hole of Nantes and the driving licence saga into some sort of "get your act together" trope ...

  15. No wonder I fail dismally at dictées!!!

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