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  1. I haven't watched it since they stopped singing songs with any element of true musicality in them - ones you could sing along to without the whole backing band, without anything but the simplest of settings (and which are still sung today as it happens). Today they are judging the scenery IMHO from what I saw of the pre-pub (unavoidable even when watching the News!). Happily, I always have better things to do than watch a whole load of TV, and if we are really stuck, there's always a DVD or video - yes, we are still in the dark ages here .. even reading a book would have been preferable to watching the junk that passes for popular music these days!!
  2. My nephew, In Cambridgeshire, took some glorious photos of them!
  3. ABLF, I agree, Jak Jones a much more entertaining player to watch than Kyren Wilson, also, I think more stable emotionally, as see the tears at the end ... from Wilson .. not that I saw it all, but I do read the news, and keep up that. I know my ball skills would make me a useless snooker player, amd well done you, and it's all about angles and how you hit the cue ball, plus strategy and how you escape or place snookers (hence the name!), plus it is so much harder than it looks, and can sometimes look as though nothing is happening at all. And how those balls just <don"> go in when they really should have... takes a lot more skill than kicking a football or whatever other sport the majority follow and pay huge monies for!
  4. Menthe, that is certainly true, about his clothes .. but as the last ranked player standing, you would expect so, but this year, nothing can be assumed I think!
  5. I've only popped in now and then, Menthe, but it's good to see that the experienced heads don't wine everytime, even when we know experience helps. There have certainly been some serious upsets this year .. all makes for more entertaining TV!
  6. Apart from getting all the figures I need from OH, I long ago gave up getting him involved - it's much safer that way!
  7. Menthe, we have this problem with satellite reception often especially in the rain, and at certain times when climatic conditions interfer with the signal. Similar to what you could get on the radio signal in the old days. We got around it by having a VPN installed and using the interniet and an Amazon firestick, but I can't get BBC to work on that at present, but I also have it on laptop, computer and Ipad and with the VPN connected, I can get trhough on those. Yes, OH has been glued to the snooker too. It's becaue they are now if HIgh definition, which Channel 4 and ITV work much better as they are not (I think) but even they disappear when it rains, hence the VPN etc. It tends to get better in teh evenigns - sometimes! He's watching it on the TV now, for example.
  8. Just completed mine today .. but my excuse is that next week is busy with birhdays and then we go on holiday and won't be back until it is too late!!😉
  9. Yes, being an Apple person, I have that on my devices too, and I find it very useful, even though I can touch type within reason, though it doesn't seem to understand French words, but then I'm working in English .. so if I changed it to French maybe it would be OK then. Certainly worth investigating ..
  10. Judith

    Spring 2024

    Good idea, Noisette, that would work too .. it's the movement and shiny surface that does it according to OH.
  11. Judith

    Spring 2024

    We put up old CDs on string to discourage birds from nesting under our "upstairs" terrace, as we sit underneath it .. seems to work, I can see the terrace as I type and there are no birds evident, nor have been ever since we put the discs up. Bits of aluminium foil would work as well if you don't have old CDs.
  12. I have that problem too, Menthe, as I can touch type too .. yes,you need to learn to type with one finger only, sadly!
  13. Judith

    Spring 2024

    Writing frrm what seems to be the only place in France still under extreme drought conditions, and being no gardener either, plus being in the UK for most of March, all I can say is, that this year has been totally untypical ... one minute so warm I can put a T-shirt on, the next week, I'm back in winter woollies, and that has been happening all year! My drive both ways to the UK was wet, wet, and even wetter, I did manage a few nice days on and off whilst in the UK, but it has been just the same here, except for the rain, we just get grey skies, which are neither use nor ornament to anyone, since I got back. Winter woollies today, 3 days ago, T-shirt!!!
  14. It makes forgetting where I put my glasses seem like child's play! But, yes, I suspect that more people than we'd like to think of have done some things similar ... and I must confess to checking passport location even when I know I have put in where it always lives when travelling! It's where I have put the house keys for safe keeping in the room, when I am away which I forget!
  15. Menthe, I presume you can change keyboards (ie French or English, or something else) I find that helps .. also if you turn the phone on its side, the letters get larger!! At least they do on mine! Good luck.
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