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  1. Yes, I was somewhat surprised to hear on TF1 recently that the increased "malus" tax on fossil fuel SUVs doesn't apply to families with three or more children. At least I think that's what they said.
  2. Absolutely agree Ken. For a man that admitted that a referendum on EU membership would go against him, his utter arrogance is breathtaking. His judgement is woefully poor though, what a goal to give to any person or politician who actually loves France. I feel particularly sad in all this, I love France in spite of the way I was treated (refused residency ten years ago), but even I am now boycotting all French products until Macron is brought down. I think it was "alittlebitoffrench" who said - with great wisdom - that Macron doesn't represent France, but even so I feel I have to do my bit to fight back against Macron over the way he has treated Britain these last few years. As soon as he's gone I shall of course go back to buying French stuff. It's only a tiny thing to do, but I know I'm not the only one.....
  3. Yes, I did know that, it was rhetorical as it were. Personally I think Norman viewed this forum as his fiefdom, and it's reverted to a much more balanced situation without his rather condescending contributions. We are of course all entitled to our views, but I think his over-arching influence had discouraged many of us from posting.
  4. Even though I am not French, no longer have a house there, and was refused residency by my beloved France in flagrant breach of all the laws, I am still totally OUTRAGED at an EU flag flying on its own at one of the spiritual hearts of the French nation. Still, that ghastly little creep Macron does seem to have realised his error and had it taken down under cover of darkness early this morning. I weep for France under that ghastly little man.
  5. I must say I'm finding the overall tone of this forum much more sensible and balanced in these last couple of months, with a wresting of control away from certain self-appointed "leaders" who had ruled the roost for far too long.
  6. Oh where is dear Norman when one needs him to spring to the aid of The Guardian.....
  7. Good to have some figures put to this, which most of us were aware of but couldn't actually quantify. Another example here, breathtaking hypocrisy, but that's the Greens for you, green on the outside and very very red below the surface. Although the guy apologised, as always I suspect that he only apologised because he got caught. Sickening attitude. https://www.heraldscotland.com/politics/19704444.cop26-green-brighton-council-leader-took-hour-long-flight-glasgow-summit/
  8. A few years ago I'd have felt genuinely sorry for the French on this.

    But with that little creep Macron in charge,   who has made every effort on every occasion to scupper Britain over the last few years,   I've had a couple of days of absolutely gloating over his misfortune.

    Not just vaccines,   threatening our power supplies around the time of Brexit (twice),   making problems over the Irish border,   difficulties over satellites,   difficulties over financial equivalence,  etc etc. 

    Then there's Barnier,   who lectured us on all things European and now has the hypocrisy to "bury" most of his EU beliefs now he's on the campaign trail.

    So sorry,  serves them right.   Great to see them all whining.

    But the bit that puzzles me is Biden in all this.   It was thought that it would be a case of EU=GOOD,  Britain=BAD after Brexit,   but that seems to have gone.   Another proof that he is indeed completely senile?

  9. Not The Guardian AGAIN NormanH......

    You really ought to try and read (and quote) a couple of other sources of news once in a while,   otherwise we'll begin to think you've got an "agenda"......

  10. [quote user="NormanH"]
    Always ask yourself in whose interest is it that I am  seeing an item in the news?  Someone with an agenda has put it there.


    Every time I see a link to The Guardian I'm forced to ask myself that very question.

    And every time I watch the BBC News - again,  for some reason - I find myself wondering whose agenda is being ticked off,   box by box.

    Curious though,  because I always thought that CNews was considered a bit to the Left,  and that it was BFM that was slightly to the Right.   Maybe that has changed recently...?

    Incidentally if you want a laugh at The Guardian's expense there's a hilarious article from Spring 2020 predicting doom and gloom for Britain because it wasn't part of the EU's Vaccine Procurement Programme.   


    And more recently Polly Toynbee appears to have been driven delusional by her disappointment that Brexit hasn't caused a complete collapse for Britain.

  11. I was very interested to read your original post nomoss,   and in fact following on from your second post it turns out that the emergency brake may well have been deliberately bypassed,   after a problem was found.

    Looks like three people (managers) have been arrested,   according to latest reports;  (and being reported at this moment on France 3).

    Dreadful incident.

  12. Indeed,   reported on France 3 and TF1 this lunchtime,   and described as received with cold disdain by the political classes.

    If they (Macron et al) had any sense they'd be "engaging" with this warning signal,   particularly if it indeed reflects (as was reported last week) the majority view of the French people themselves.....

  13. Indeed.    But what has that got to do with 6/10 people agreeing with the contents of the letter?

    And perhaps a change from the constant references to articles in The Guardian would give us a more rounded view....?

  14. Going back to the Generals,  TF1 cited a poll this lunchtime which found that six out of ten French people agreed with what they had written in that "letter".

    Which suggests that for politicians to simply try to suppress this "situation" may not be the best policy.   "Don't shoot the messenger" comes to mind.

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