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  1. A wholly appropriate and dignified day. Like others I thought the little heirs behaved so well, no doubt largely because Princess Katherine is real quality in everything she says and does. My only gripe was the use of "Holy Spirit" rather than "Holy Ghost" throughout the litany. For the D of E it was "Ghost", and I'm sure he would have carefully and firmly stipulated that in his wishes. I'm only sorry that the Queen didn't! đŸ˜€ May Her Majesty rest in peace.
  2. I'd be the first to admit that Truss is something of an unknown quantity to me. But to say that all she has done other than make a speech about cheese suggests that you haven't perhaps been paying attention. At the lunchtime of the day the Queen died she announced more useful policies in an hour than we've heard in the last 18 months, a British "tarif bouclier" and the re-starting of fracking being just two. As to her comments about Macron, many of us would entirely agree with her measured remark about the jury being out. In my lifetime I have never known anyone - claiming to be a friend - attempt to do so much damage to Britain, and I for one will never forgive him. Rubbishing the vaccine (and still refusing to admit he told lies about it), threatening to cut off electricity to the Channel Islands, supporting the invoking of the suspension of the NI protocol over vaccines, using Beaune as a constant attack dog against us whenever he couldn't be bothered to do the job himself, playing the constant bad cop against us in the Brexit process, need I go on... Macron has undone Anglo-French relations to such an extent that I doubt they will recover in my lifetime. Even I - a lifelong lover of France *and* its people - no longer rush to their aid when someone cracks a joke about them, and I no longer buy French products. I will review my stance when Macron goes, but in the meantime I would urge any British politician not to trust France or its president until 2027. I know, an extreme position, and I never EVER thought I would come to feel anything like this level of animosity. It grieves me, but Macron is the culprit, the only culprit. The only thing I would say about his utterances on the Queen is at least he recognises quality, and perhaps is dimly aware now after his election humiliations and his current political weakness that he will never EVER be fit even to wipe Her Shoes.
  3. Probably only affecting a few people on here with Canalsat or TNTsat boxes, but not for the first time, a battle of wills is taking place between Canal and TF1, which led two days ago to the TNT service on 19.2 deg E (TNTsat and Canalsat) suspending TF1, TMX, TF1 Series Films, TMC and LCI from their offer. Something similar happened five (ish?) years ago. A battle over who pays what, Canal feeling they give TF1 access to their customers and TF1 arguing that their presence enhances Canal's offer. In the past this would have been stamped on by the CSA, but TNTsat is no longer recognised as an "officially sanctioned" method for receiving the whole set of TNT channels, unlike Fransat which retains the badge of approval. The last dispute lasted about four days, will be interesting to see where this one goes. It should be stressed that reception using a TNT box with a terrestiral aerial, Fransat, BIS, and the unofficial multistream versions of the TF1 stable are unaffected. My TNTsat box just gives a message saying the channels are no longer part of the offer.
  4. French TV reports that the Germans are all over the east of France hoovering up petrol which is 50 cts cheaper; they're even bringing jerry cans (how appropriate!). Apparently their fuel price subsidy was taken away at the same moment as the French subsidy increased. As Ken says, sooner or later someone is going to have to pay for all these subsidies. My theory is that this is Macron's sh*t-scared tactic to avoid another Gilets Jaunes uprising, given that they often start during the rentrée and - oh my goodness me - it happens to be the rentrée right now..... Coincidence - non non non.....
  5. Meanwhile here in Devon I've just looked at this morning's temperature and we are at a giddy 8.5 deg C.... That said, it's incredibly dry even here, our well is empty and we're syphoning out the bath water via a magnificent half-inch hose to water the apple trees, more to save water costs than to save South West Water, lest anyone thinks that I'm virtue signalling. The ground is hard as iron and the fields a very un-Devon-like brown..... Still, in this part of the world a dry August is a bit of a novelty!
  6. I try to keep an open mind on the whole climate business, the scare tactics used by some I find pretty repellent. That said, I had a look at Humlum's paper in order to try and find what he (?) had to say about the aspect of global warming that I find hardest to refute, namely what appears to be the very clear signs of glaciers in Switzerland and France melting at what even I would call an alarming rate. I haven't been through with a toothcomb but Humlum seems to only mention glaciers in relation to the minor effect their melting might have on sea levels. I had hoped he would explain how this melting can be explained in any other way than global warming. But before anyone asks, no I don't see how long distance transport or heavy industry of any sort is going to be powered by "green" electricity in any meaningful form for the foreseeable future, and I remain deeply mistrustful about much of what the Green lobby spout. Seems to me that we should be building nuclear powerstations (preferably the smaller sort that seem to have fewer problems) Ă  l'outrance.
  7. It now transpires that the video footage from 200 cameras in the Stade de France was wiped - as it usually is - after eight days. To keep it any longer requires a requisition from the police, and no one (apparently) thought to ask for one. How very convenient. Still, I titter that every time TF1 talks about the story it's labelled as a "fiasco", and the wiping of the video was described as a fiasco upon a fiasco. Remarkably honest analysis given that they *could* have just taken the Darmanin line and blamed it on everyone except the French.....
  8. SOSH and Red by SFR both worked for me. Having sold up a few years ago I've hung on to the contracts, as getting new cards without a French address might be difficult. Friends took the Red/SFR card over to their place a week ago and it worked perfectly in their house router.
  9. I've been pleasantly surprised how French TV has "called out" the nonsense spouted by Darmanin, TF1 did a report last night where various French official claims that "it was all the fault of the Liverpool fans" were comprehensively debunked. That said, however one polices something like that there's always the chance of things going wrong. And as one naughty comment this side of the Channel put it: "I've never heard such whinging from Scousers since the invention of the locking wheel nut".
  10. A nice present. EDF were very generous when the July 2019 storm knocked out the supply for a total of five days where we had the house in 24. And that had the amusing incidents where *I* - perfidious Albion - had to show the repair teams who had driven down from Brittany how the local network was organised, and where the substation was. And then tell them that they'd only got one of the three phases back in service, but when eventually they realised that "l'Anglais a raison" they did a very good job. Back in Devon our village has had no internet or telephones for the last 16 days, following an incident where a lorry on the main road brought down the fibre cable and caused sufficient sag on the 150 pair phone line that it too had to be brought down. We're rather hoping for over £100 in compensation, having finally been put back on two days ago. It's an ill wind and all that, but will pay a large chunk of the 4G subscription for the back-up that we keep to cover just such an eventuality.
  11. LIke you I don't watch the Eurovision Song Contest, but even I had become aware that either we had - over the last few years - become totally talentless (musically speaking) as a nation, or that voting had little to do with the music and a great deal to do with how other nations currently perceive each other, fairly or unfairly. There seemed little doubt that Russia had over a few years got a fair few votes from the East bloc because the latter were scared of them, and that we got very few votes because we were perceived as "b!ggering up the EU dream". Well, haven't the jolly old tables turned now. I was delighted to read the headlines this morning. Good for Ukraine and good for Britain! I suspect The Guardian and its aficionados on here are having a collective nervous breakdown, although they seem to have gone a bit quiet. ? On that subject it was fascinating on this forum when the war started to see the usual suspects coming out virtue signalling and damning Britain for its slow response to taking in refugees. Now of course we could have done better, but different countries have different strengths, and one of ours is that we have the sort of military know-how and hardware to assist Ukraine in the fight, and given that we are such an over-crowded island (and that other places like Italy are crying out for more people to revive their rural areas) we did what we were best at, and let other countries do what they are best at. Of course the BBC and similar only see things through their own Britain-bashing prism, so jumped on the slow response in taking in refugees and soft-pedalled all the other vital contributions we were and are making. So it's nice to see that SOME people and countries view us favourably, and last night seems to confirm it, however obliquely.
  12. It's good that Macron is being "called out". He really is a dreadful little creep, and personally I think the damage he has done to Anglo-French relations over Brexit won't be repaired in my lifetime. Which is a shame because ten years ago I really felt that relations were the best they ever had been, but Macron's pettiness and vindictiveness has smashed all that.
  13. Excellent. It really is a brilliant system. We've been reminded just how brilliant here in Devon where - on Wednesday morning - our 70 Mbps fibre cut out for the first time in five years. A patrol along the phone line back to the exchange revealed that a lorry on the main road between our village and the larger village with the exchange had downed the fibre line, as well as countless branches as it thundered northwards - it seems it was overheight but that's another story. The 150 pair analogue cable was left sagging but intact, but BT had to fell it at lunchtime as it presented a danger to high lorries. So we've been out since Wednesday lunchtime and won't be reconnected until next Wednesday. I say we're out, because unlike almost everyone else in the village our 4G router was up and ready to go, and we simply swapped computers laptops tablets straight on to it, and EE are providing their usual excellent signal at 40 Mbps. I have to say there seems to be considerable irritation amongst our friends that we're OK and they're not! Funnily enough, it's the poshest ladies of the village here (and we're not that posh overall compared say to the South Hams) who are squawking the loudest..... So all that experience pioneering the system in France (as reported on here a few years ago) has come in useful again!
  14. So so sorry to read this chessie. Utterly awful treatment. I'm also sorry not to be able to contribute anything useful, other than on line sympathy, but which you have form me in spadefuls.
  15. Many years ago we came off the A10 near Niort and went through the cash/cards only line, the personned (see what I did there) kiosk having closed some months before. Mrs W was driving (right hand drive) so I was in the passenger seat battling the machine. Put in a €50 note and - with much triumphant clattering - about 37 euros worth of one euro coins piled up in the sick-bowl provided for the purpose. Mrs W had placed the car conveniently close to the machine to carry out the transaction, but this positioning rendered picking up the coins both difficult (question of angles) and time consuming. Inevitably I dropped several trying to scoop them up, and then found I couldn't open the door because we were so close to the machine. Thankfully there was only one car behind us, but he was adamant that he wasn't going to reverse to give us room to manoeuvre away from the machine. We couldn't go forward because the boom risked coming down again, and the car behind then immediately taking our place and making crawling about on the ground difficult. In the end the man behind backed - with very bad grace - and I was able to get out of the car and grovel. Is there a limit on the size of note usable at a supermarket self-checkout?
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