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  1. [quote user="pomme"]You should complete 2047 first (Section 1 and Section 6) using the gross figures and then transfer the information back 8TK on 2042C. You also need to complete 1AL/1BL on 2042 for the government pension. 1AM/1BM on 2042 are used for state (OAP) and private pensions.[/quote] Yes I have completed 2047, and transferred over to 8TK, but 1AL seems to be for non-residents, or am I misreading "Pensions perçues par les non-résidents et pensions de source étrangère avec crédit d'impôt égal à l'impôt français" RegardsS
  2. Hi I took early retirement from the Civil Service, I see that the FAQs on here state I should put my govt pension in box 1AS as it is taxed in the UK, however I cannot access that box online, I assume because I am under pensionable age, am I right to pop it into box 1AM instead? S
  3. Hi Anyone using the Orange 4G home service with their Flybox, I am fed up with 6.5mbps from copper ADSL, and my phone app tells me I can get 35mbps from 4g at home. Comments on costs, performance, and kit would be most welcome. I assume I can still retain my landline plugged into the flybox as it is delivered by adsl at the moment?. Regards Simon
  4. FranceConnect only works properly if you have verified using a French ID, using my UK passport through La Poste verified OK but did not work elsewhere.
  5. Making some progress, I found a local garage willing to process the ANTS application for a smallish fee. Anyone know what the ANTS wait time is currently?
  6. Battling on with this, CT booked for this week, and I collected the Quitus Fiscal without any problems. I have the CoC from Honda, provided free incidently, so I will be braving the Prefecture shortly. I have another newer vehicle that I will swing across at the same time, this throws up another issue as the CoC from Volvo is £94! I remember reading somewhere that if the V5C document has the K - Type Approval field completed then a CoC is unnecessary, is this true?
  7. I want to register my car here, but the ANTS service is only available to those with a valid FranceConnect ID for which I will need to have submitted my first French tax return and that will not happen for a few months. There used to be a facility in the Prefecture, but I am told that is no longer available. Am I able to get someone else to to the registration or use a local garage? Otherwise I am stuck with a vehicle that has an expired MOT and I am reluctant to make a 1000 mile round trip to the UK for the sake of a 6 month wait. Does anyone have a clue how I can move forward? Regards Simon
  8. http://www.dvddemystifiziert.de/codefree_en/lg.html has many LG models, I suspect you will have to experiment a bit. S
  9. Which company was it? Simon
  10. Finally getting round to insulating the rear rooms of my renovation, the walls are already sorted, but the roof is a simple terracota with roofing felt affair. I have 80mm rafters that I intend to expand to 130mm and then pose 80mm PIR between then completing the ceiling with 25 - 40mm PIR backed plasterboard. The local builders merchant has a good choice of polystyrene (XPS in the main), but I cannot find PIR. Does anyone have an opinion on PIR vs Polystyrene perfromance, and where can I find PIR in France without paying an arm and a leg? eBay UK has some real bargains and I am prepared to ship if necessary. Regards Simon
  11. Thanks, managed to find it in the end, buried a little deeper on the site than is sensible. Regards Simon
  12. I have my Foncieres to pay and up till now I went to the impots.gouv.fr website, put in a few details from the bill and then was able to make a payment direct from my french bank account. It now seems to want me to create an account and needs details from my income tax form which as a non-french tax payer I do not have. Am I missing something or do I have to now pay by cheque? Regards Simon
  13. Hitting someone is wrong, child or not. There are better ways to modify behavior and assault is not one of them. I witnessed a father slapping a child's face in public a few years ago in Perigueux, such a shock to see that sort of thing still going on. If my French had been up to it I would have given the guy some serious feedback.
  14. Hi I have had 3 emails thanking me for ordering my new livebox zen "Nous sommes heureux de vous confirmer votre commande de l’offre Livebox zen-nécessite abo tel en date du 18/06/2013." Its a scam I thought and ignored it. Looking at my account online today and it says my account is being migrated. Anyone know what they are up to? Regards Simon
  15. Hi I want to fence our land that borders the road, my neighbour tells me I must leave a 5m gap from the middle of the road to the fence, is that correct or can I just band it in along the edge? Regards Simon
  16. Yes me too, I find the forum very useful and I was not having a go. As for making it up, that is not the case; disappointed you think so. Simon
  17. I have read this thread with interest having just brought a boiler from the UK and had it fitted here. It is a Veissmann gas system boiler that was half the cost here, and the French local plumber was happy to install it for me as he got the job of running the mains supply. It went through all the inspections without any problems, and parts are not an issue either. It is CE marked and works perfectly, so I am bothered that the advice here, though well intended is not always faultless.
  18. I am a regular Ocado user here in the UK, and usually do a shop online from France during visits so that a delivery is made the day after we get back. It is really useful and I would love it if something similar was available for when we travel the other way. Much as I like shopping in France, after a 12 hour drive I could do with the following day off!
  19. [quote user="woolybanana"]Are whores more expensive in different countries?[/quote] I was once informed by a very drunk truck driver in a bar in Arras that he loves driving in Portugal because "the women are cheaper" http://services.completefrance.com/forums/completefrance/cs/images/emotions/blink.gif
  20. Fascinating discussion, and I appreciate the tips made about the EDF extracting the cash irrespective of the ability to pay. I am confused by the amount of KWHs predicted or actual, my UK home is 149m2 and I get through about 5.5-6k KWH annually. OK the heating is gas through a combi boiler, but even so 10-11k KWHs annually for electric?
  21. Either replace the fan, or switch it all off and unplug, squirt a small amount of wd40 onto the central bit of the fan, leave to dry and that should sort out the issue.
  22. I use my UK based Citibank euro account, I transfer in at the business rate with no charges direct from my UK bank account online. If I need to weigh into my French account I usually withdraw using the Citibank card, again with no charges.
  23. We read it recently in our book club, horrible subject matter, but brilliant writing.
  24. Check there's no ivy growing into the box on the lampost outside, this is a common problem across France.
  25. It depends on the thickness of the wood as much as anything, the space between the logs will vary depending on their diameter, so the length is less relevant.
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