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  1. [quote user="J.R. gone native"] .There will be those that tell you that your credit/debit card will be emptied if you do not complete the return leg according to their booking terms but this has never happened to me (yet!) [/quote] Of course Vida follow J R's  advice  but perhaps before doing so read his other posts about his dispute with AXA[:P][:P]
  2. If its any help we and other friend's houses have oak beams at 1 metre centres which seems to be the norm round here,  The ones I have measured are spanning 5 metres and are approximately 16cm x 16 cm, so that is 6" square, some are 14  cm wide by 16 cm deep.  You could ask at a timber yard what the builders use. If theybare being "supported" I would think 15 cm square would be more than adequate.
  3. [quote user="J.areRs gone native"] Benjamin. Might I politely suggest that given the timings of the postings, when Nectarine wrote "No the buyer pays the notaire..........." she was replying to the OP's question not responding to your posting made at the same time saying exactly the same thing. [/quote] JR may I politely suggest that you don't know what you are talking about, the posts were 20 minutes apart.  Why not let Nectarine speak for herself, she had enough to say about the BNP without your help[blink]
  4. Is Michael Jackson still dead?  I see his father is still getting his priorities right in promoting his new record label[Www]
  5. Perhaps Nectarine should explain how she knows its a common request now to split the fees.  That is based on selling how many homes in France exactly?   If Mrs Will had posted that it might have some more credibility.
  6. [quote user="Dog"] Just listening to a track by a talented musician - Warren Zevon -  'Splendid Isolation' with references to MJ. Sadly WZ died a year or so ago he also liked his painkillers. [/quote] Blimey Dog , Radio Peckham Rye's gone up market[:P]
  7. I think as Tony said they probably nicked the expression ot it was an in joke at the cricket club.  So was Neasden the gateway to the North?  I remember Neasden featuring in some goons sketches?
  8. [quote user="Tony F Dordogne"] [quote user="Ron Avery"] Soon as you were gone in came Dog from Peckham ( gateway to the Sarrrfff)[/quote] Actually Ron, it was Balham - Baal haam as Peter sellers said it in his faux American accent - that was the gateway to the south. [/quote] Have to disagree Tony, when I lived in South London, I played cricket in Dulwich,  we had a number of ex Peckham Manor boys including John Embury in the teams at the time.  Whenever Peck'am was mentioned it was always followed by " The gateway to the south".  Probably more accurately should have been the saaarf east , you know Isle of Sheppy, Leysdown, Margate etc etc straight down the A2[:D]. 
  9. [quote user="TWINKLE"] ...........You have edited your post Ron - the original one asked me what my view on MJ is.  .....................I admired him as an artist.  I never lived with him so I don't know what kind of human being he was. For all his talent I wouldn't want to trade places with him. [/quote] Sorry Twinks, I had seen your post but as it was agreeing with me I forgot it was yours[kiss], so I edited my post to reflect that you had already given your views. [:D] I'm also sure I would not want to change places with him at this moment either[Www]  
  10. [quote user="TWINKLE"] And here we are again! A simple thread once again turned into a nasty slanging match. Snide comments to other posters, sickenening sarcasm and yes - pure hatred. What is wrong with you? [/quote] Probably bored waiting for you to post again, so much really good stuff has  passed while you have been away that has lacked your real and undoubted  talent for taking it completely off topic.[:P][:$]  Soon as you were gone in came Dog from Peckham ( gateway to the Sarrrfff)
  11. [quote user="Dog"] What tosh I am not British and was with Americans and Canadians yesterday who remember him primarily as a strange pervert. [/quote] I can assure you that what nationality you are dog, does not interest one single person on this Forum, you are obviously so ashamed of it that you don't want anyone to know.  However as for your mates, I suspect the rest of the KKK will not be mourning him either[:P]
  12.  "Direct quote from Graeme Moore, a father of one of the hostages":  Who the shite paper you quote failed to mention is that man is not in the "family communication" circle. IE the family don't talk to him and neither does the FO.  Didn't you think its funny out of all the relatives he is the only one to make any allegations? What this has to do with Michaael Jackson I don't know, but getting back on topic why do all the usual suspects who state somewhere in their posts that they could not stand the man or his music feel they have to even post a comment about him?  I was not a great fan of the Jackson 5 but the man had an undeniable talent as an entertainer and singer that millions across the world appreciated and its sad the way hios life ended. But heh lets remember him as a pervert, its so typically British white middle class.
  13. [quote user="Cathy"]  JR asked: Has Gordon Brown been tempted/forced to make a heartfelt tribute yet ? I saw in the press that G Brown had not been in touch with the relatives of the hostages in Iraq (two of whom were recently murdered) Really who told you that ? [/quote]  You think the UK Government have not been talking to these people and their families for that last two years?  And who said they were murdered??
  14. [quote user="ukdave104"] With regards to roundabouts, I thought priority was given to traffic coming from the left?? Cheers & beers [/quote] It is confusing.  The rule is that you have priority going onto a roundabout, except where marked.  Many roundabouts in the country and small towns have a notice that tells you that you do not have priority so you give way to the left.  Do that in Paris especially (the Arc de Triomphe roundabout is probably the best known example of this) and also Marseille, Lyons, Orleans, Rodez etc and you will get some really dirty looks from those behind you.
  15. Thanks Will but I know it well, used to go there regularly in my sporting days, it used to be the home of Youmgman's ladders and one or two other companies that provided good sporting facilities for their workforces. Still haven't worked out how you can have a UK postcode and postman in Picardie though[Www]  No wonder the post gets lost if the rounds are that big[:D]
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