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  1. I have the same problem - I've deleted a number of posts recently, but have been unable to thank the reporters which I always did under the old system.
  2. I think the problems in Yorkshire cricket are much more deep seated than the casual use of racist language. I believe that the men at the top of Yorkshire cricket are aware that there is a large untapped pool of talent among the young Yorkshire moslems who are not allowed to go ‘courting’ or to drink alcohol and whose energy goes into cricket. If these young men were given a fair chance they may well end up being in the majority in the Yorkshire team.
  3. Thank goodness for that - I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms !
  4. It's true that we weren't informed and our 'powers' have not been reinstated. We cannot, at the moment, delete advertising posts.
  5. It's true to say that communications are not brilliant at the moment. I notice that we have lost both ways of sending messages too.
  6. I've been having terrible trouble for over a week. The a miracle - last night I had an email to say that someone from Grantham had tried to log in as me and that if it wasn't me I should change my password. I did so here I am back at last. Russethouse and Idun very glad to see you both back.
  7. I've been having terrible trouble for over a week. The a miracle - last night I had an email to say that someone from Grantham had died to log in as me and that if it wasn't;t e I should change my password. I did so here I am back at last. Russethouse and Idun very glad to see you both back.
  8. At Last ! finally managed to log in.
  9. There is a good Roman villa if they are interested just a little further than Castillon which I quite liked as a typical French town.

  10. I have deleted the last two posts of this thread.

    May I remind you of the forum rules and suggest that no-one else posts on this thread which has more than run its course.
  11. “I am utterly convinced that most here were anti Brexit and it shows, I believe, in the way they write.”

    Ken, consider the other possibility. It may be that those who voted pro-brexit do not feel the need to continue an argument which is over.

    May I remind everyone that we do not discuss other forums here. No good ever comes of it.
  12. There are quite a few teachers on the forum with long experience. Like me they won't be in the least surprised by any crackpot parents.
  13. We signed ours in the presence of an English notary public. We had to take our passports with us to prove our identity. He did not charge us. Very fast and simple.
  14. I think the whole business of news needs a review. I once spent six weeks in the USA and there was only one mention of anything European and that was the Pope’s Easter message. Similarly, when something became a burning issue locally it wasn’t until it had all been sorted that we became aware that it was equally import in other parts of the UK. How many of us know what is happening in other parts of whichever country we live in let alone globally ?
  15. I care what is happening in France. I worry about my French friends and it bothers me that what happens in France and the rest of Europe is so little reported in the UK.
  16. I found my original - you ave it right Mint -

    Pre heat the oven to 200°C

    6ozs of SR flour (you can get it here, it is clearly marked that it has the poudre levante in it)

    3ozs of softened butter, make sure that it is soft.

    using a 250 gram tub of mascapone cheese cut straight across and use half. a pinch of salt.

    Right for those who can, rub in the butter. Then mix in the mascarpone and keep working it until it looks like a ball of pastry.

    For those who can't stick the lot in the food processor and put it on slow at first and then work up to fast until it is all mixed together.

    Make sure that there is plenty of flour on your board, I suggest that you do this in two or three times, so cut your mixture up into two or three. Then roll out to around slightly less than an eighth of an inch thick. You can make mince pies, remember to dab some milk on the lower pastry before putting the lid on. Sometimes I cut this into 2 inch squares and wet all the edges, I put the filling in the middle. Then pull opposite corners together and nip them, they look like little envelopes. In fact this is the traditional thing to do with this pastry.

    Also the other fillings I put in are pureed prunes, lemon curd, apple and of course mincemeat.

    ....... I wonder hw any Christmas's ago that was ..............
  17. My travelling butchers tried and failed to get me some "graisse de rognon".

    I don't know how hard he tried though.
  18. I've always suspected that my neighbour has some deep superstition about frogs. He won't admit though.
  19. Try this -

  20. I knew how to place a bet before you explained Lehaut.

    I used to go to the parade ring and choose the horse I thought looked most likely !
  21. I am in spite of numerous requests for someone (or two) else to join me.
  22. to everyone who reported the cannabis adverts yesterday.

    Also I've had tis reassuring message from Forum Admin -

    "The forum will continue as usual, nothing to worry about"

  23. Eurotrash - I’m sorry, but I just have to disagree with you. You write,

    “He was giving a lesson about freedom of expression.”

    I just can’t see how you can do this if you invite/allow some of them to leave before you start.

    I have on occasion said something that a whole class would find really outrageous in order to make the point that as long as I was not advocating breaking the law, I was a free born English woman who could hold any opinion I wanted to.

    I have no argument with defending our (UK and France) core values - they do seem to be under attack in the UK too though from a different quarter.

    There would be little point in the UK in suggesting that people go back to their country of origin since many of them have been here for two or three generations.

    In my opinion we ought to be teaching all our children to live as law abiding citizens and explain why they have to pay taxes, for example.

    I would like our science teachers to tackle the problem of consanguineous marriages.

    I would want the equality of women taught in all lessons.

    Like your ex-guardsman friend I have little time for religion because I am heavily influenced by personal experience. I had to identify the body of a former pupil who was the victim of an ‘honour’ killing because no-one from her community would do it.
  24. "but which is never addressed for fear of reprisal." 

    It is never addressed because politicians are afraid to tackle the subject except in an authoritarian way. In my opinion attacking people’s core beliefs will, in most cases, only reinforce them. This is why I think the teacher made a mistake in the way he tried to tackle the subject of the cartoons - he began by accepting that they were too offensive for some of his pupils to look at.

    I can only say again, without condoning in any way what happened, that teacher should have considered more carefully what the point of his lesson was.
  25. I found that article most interesting Norman because it illustrated very well the difference between moslems in France who originated in North Africa and moslems in the UK who, until recently, originated in Pakistan.

    I used to work in a school where over 40% of our pupils came from ethnic minority backgrounds and I feel that we were frequently let down by our political masters. Any suggestion that there were problems was met by with the accusation that all teachers were racist. This was in spite of the fact that the top performing group in our school was Sikh girls, closely followed by Sikh boys. When I contacted our political masters because one of our pupils was being sent ‘home’ for a forced marriage I was told that it was not the local authority’s policy to interfere in matters of cultural difference.

    Both the UK and France need to do something about it. This does not mean as one of our former pupils wrote ‘cultural acceptance does not mean accepting the unacceptable’. I think it does mean that we have to discuss these issues very carefully and with respect and I still don’t see how one can even begin to do that if half the class is missing.

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