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  1. Not hereabouts they haven't .. they all arrived last weekend for the Toussaint holidays. So the next few weeks will be busy here in Morbihan.
  2. I always advise people who receive dodgy mails, or even questionable mails, to hover their cursor over the link and copy the address into Google/Duck Duck Go .. whichever search engine they use and do a quick search. If anything at all suspicious comes up then on no account click to open on any link. You could forward the mail to CPAM .. but I have forgotten their phishing address. Otherwise delete it.
  3. That makes sense .. you are aware of that but other, more unwary souls might not realise and be tempted to reply. If you click on the link in a mail it does alert the sender of the mail that you have opened the mail and that your email is alive and kicking and that has a value.
  4. Norman I don't know enough about Linux to be able to reply accurately ref your personal computer. But this link (it's ok ?) from Malwarebytes explains about part of the link access address at the top of the page you showed : https://blog.malwarebytes.com/detections/plesk-page/ Also at the top of your link page you have 'distracted-elbakyan' as part of the address .. which has been half-inched from the infamous Alexandre Elbakyan .. wiki link : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandra_Elbakyan It looks as though the phishing attempt is quite a humorous example .. cleverly done, but still out to deceive.
  5. But might you not have alerted them to the fact that your email address is live by clicking on a link .. the phishers have no need to install anything on your system.
  6. Hang on in there Wooly .. you might have to wait til Monday, as it is now the weekend, but there are those of us who will back you and Hoddy if this Peter (Raven) doesn't come up with some useful hints.
  7. Ah Wooly does that mean it is raining with you ? We had a mini spider invasion here last night which usually means it is going to rain .. and it is ?
  8. As neither Hoddy nor Wooly appear to have informed about the new website before it arrived I rather think that they might have lost the message contact they had previously with Complete France Admin .. just guessing at that.
  9. This must be so frustrating for you both .. it does appear to be very limiting software.
  10. The forum is receiving posts from unknown people who are promoting smthg .. either their services, their company or 'n'importe quoi'. Some posters/readers might be happy to see these posts ..but others might not, including me. As none of these posts here been removed I can only assume that Wooly and Hoddy have no power/authority to verify/authorise these new posters. This, if a true view of their position, worries me. This new site is very odd .. ok I understand it is 'off the shelf' .. but it is reminiscent, to me, of smthg akin to a bizarrely extruded form of a Twitter a/c.
  11. Interestingly enough a 'bassin' can be lots of things .. including your pelvis. From Word Reference .. https://www.wordreference.com/fren/bassin Basin, pool, pond and bedpan. Piscine .. pool, swimming pool, swimming baths.
  12. a pied is a plant .. so 3 kg will feed up to 120 plants.
  13. Why would you spend that much on a temporary kitchen in a rental property ? Here in France you can buy an attractive, functional kitchen for around €1000 .. so why spend more ? Follow Lori's advice and don't buy fitted units then you can take the kitchen with you or you can sell the units on ☺️
  14. I can see the latest posts in Activity .. All Activity If I can find my way back there ..
  15. A bit of notice would have good .. Gordon Bennett it's very American style or is it FarceBook style ?
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