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  1. The climate has been changing since the dawn of time. I see no reason why that should, would or will change. I don't contribute to the theories concerning change; the weirdos can believe what they like. I can only agree with factual events. I firmly believe the whole argument regarding climate change is confused by the increase in pollution, people seem to have difficulty in separating the issues. Pollution is the biggest threat to mankind, not climate change. Which brings it back rather nicely to where does all the electricity come from the 'eco mob' thinks will save the world; a switch on the wall?
  2. You seriously believe that mankind is consciously and deliberately making the planet unsuitable to live on? You surely don't believe that! Just a poor choice of words perhaps?
  3. So everything being electric will stop global warming, Is that right ?
  4. The pictures sum it up rather nicely. Some French friends of ours have an EV. and jokingly remarked that my gas guzzling 4x4 should be jettisoned for something along the lines of a matchbox on wheels and electric. I didn't rise to it as friendship is more important than pseudo eco beliefs but I wonder if people ever think of where the electricity comes from, are they really so 'blind' or stupid?
  5. The talk is always about the range of an electric car. That for me is the frustrating point. I can live with an EV but can the EV actually live with us? The pollution caused producing the components for an EV are rarely, if ever, discussed, as for the electricity, where does it come from? Do people really believe that you just plug these things in and electricity will flow without understanding where electricity comes from? Anyway, Putin is forcing a rethink on energy; Just ashamed it takes a war to wake people up!!
  6. A battery in an electric car, lets say an average Tesla, is made of 25 pounds of lithium, 60 pounds of nickel, 44 pounds of manganese, 30 pounds cobalt, 200 pounds of copper, and 400 pounds of aluminum, steel, and plastic ....... one thousand pounds of minerals, that had to be mined, and processed, into a battery, that stores electricity ..... generated by oil, gas, coal, or water. Can anyone imagine the size of battery required in a huge lorry!!!! I was astounded to find out that the battery in a car weighs over half a ton!!! Just how can this be a 'green' option? It's more a massive con!!!
  7. I thought you must have got that wrong!! Every month!!!! I have been in ignorance all these years believing it was twice a year they moved. I had to check it as it sounds so ridiculous, but you are right of course. Is there no end to the waste of taxpayers money? No, don't answer that!!!
  8. So the E.U. much to the delight of the 'greens' has banned new cars (with I.C.E.) being sold anywhere in the E.U. from 2035. Presumably this period will give the E.U. the time to come up with another plan for all the electricity that will be needed!! I suppose the lorries that cart the E.U. between Brussels and Strasbourg twice a year will also be converted to electricity! As the cost of this backwards and forwards is in excess of €100 million a year there won't be any saving but at least there will be zero emissions on all the trucks doing this work ( Conveniently forgetting of course the pollution regarding minerals for batteries and coal for producing electricity!!) There are going to be some wonderful electricity bills in the future!!!
  9. I wonder why stadiums and organisations don't adopt the system used by airlines where security is essential. Anyone wanting a ticket applies on line: a ticket is sent bar coded. The ticket is presented at the entrance to the stadium in the same way as at an airiport; on a reading machine. I don't know of any forged tickets getting through airport security!! Maybe I'm missing something! I'm sure someone will let me know!
  10. Darmanin has now given an 'apology' of sorts for his blatant lies and misinformation, reportedly after a rollicking from his master! It will blow over of course, these things do but will the voters remember it in a couple of weeks time? probably not! As for the scousers, you malign them!! They got around that problem without quite easily, they took the whole car!!!
  11. Not defending Darmanin at all. He is obviously either lying or been badly advised by another liar or simply hates the British as does his master! As for the Police, well the French Police, as most European Police forces tend to do, know only one way to Police and that is with tear gas and batons. Liverpool supporters, surprisingly, come out of this fiasco reasonably well but it should be said that football supporters have a track record of bad, drunken and violent behaviour so the mix of violent Police and violent 'supporters' is always going to end in a disgraceful confrontation. This time, incredibly, Liverpool supporters don't appear to have behaved in the predicted fashion and the Police appear to have been completely taken by surprise by their good behaviour, as we all were, but the Police could only respond in their usual thuggish way. The really big issues are the lies, false accusations and disinformation put out by Darmanin and other French officials. That is the real disgrace. EUFA also is coming under the microscope! France hosts the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics in the next two years. Paris is almost a 'no go zone' thanks to the socialist Maire so it doesn't Look good at the moment. The 'entertainment' we see on our T.V. screens may not be the sports but the riots and mayhem!!!
  12. Not to mention the stance France has regarding Ukraine!!!! Football is nothing compared to the French attitude and assistance to Ukraine. A certain perspective is required!!!!!
  13. With due respect if you can't associate Putin's recent threats to Finland and Sweden with my comments about swimming between the two countries you must have been living on a desert Island!! You do know that there is a war going on I suppose?
  14. So, the E.U. has reached an agreement that it will reduce the import of Russian oil by 90%! Mind you that doesn't start to come into effect until the end of the year! Nothing at all about the import of gas which is supplying Russia with finance to continue war on Ukraine. Throw into the mix that Germany hasn't supplied one piece of promised heavy equipment; a promise made months ago and one has to wonder who's side Germany is on, no don't wonder; it does seem obvious!!! Then of course Germany, along with France have made yet another phone call to Putin asking for God know's what. The three great appeasers, France, Germany and Italy will, I feel sure, quite happily betray Ukraine, well I suppose they already are! The tide is turning against Ukraine and it is undoubtedly the lack of support from the E.U. with France and Germany the wort of the bunch. Only Poland of the E.U. can hold its head high and the remaining countries should hold their collective heads in shame? It is a thoroughly disgusting state of affairs that Europe isn't offering strong support to Ukraine and even worse that countries are hiding behind their 'collective front' of the E.U. and using it as an excuse too do nothing. The huge upsurge of feeling that the populations have shown for Ukraine is also waining, five minute wonder, as I thought it would be. The world deserves Putin for its shameful response.
  15. No question but prices, generally, have increased a lot. Transport costs have rocketed and shortages for several reasons are blamed, not least of which is Ukraine! Oddly though, despite the 'shortages' the cure always appears to be that price increases will cure it, and lo and behold it does, no shortages at all!!!!!
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