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  1. Well, if your initial post was to enliven this forum the it has helped tremendously. I was totally fed up reading about flowers though now it seems it's going to be Turkeys!! Some people like their comfort zones I suppose!! As for comfort zones: Leigh on Sea, yes I know it. Southend is just down the road and that is the posh part of the coast with Leigh on Sea being a nothing place to visit. As a young cockney kid Southend always had its attractions; the Kurzal, whelks and kiss me quick hats. Leigh on Sea, just another retirement home on the coast! Now a quick ad. for the Pays Basque: Very few Brits, in fact I don't know of a single one so I don't get to hear any whinging apart from here! No fish and chip shops or pubs (there is an Irish one in Bayonne though!!) Fantastic scenery and a frontier with Spain that offers very competitive shopping. The language can be a little bit of a problem at times given that Basque is usually spoken by most 'natives' though most are bi-lingual. I often have to repeat like a parrot when talking as my cockney accent still dominates! A great place to live.
  2. He doesn't give me the impression of being an attention seeker or even have a 'Mussolini' feel. Of course his views won't be popular with the 'left' It is almost a given that anyone with views regarding controlling immigrants is automatically viewed as a 'Mussolini' or 'Hitler'. It is the default position every time and of course stifles serious debate.
  3. You don't sound a happy bunny at all! My son and his family all live in the U.K. and are perfectly happy with 'their lot'! Many of the things you are complaining about also exist in France. Just one example: Marseille is like a Wild West town on drugs!! Killings are fairly normal and the suburbs of Paris are almost a no go area for the Police. As for prices; well anyone here can tell that prices for everything is rocketing; from food, heating and petrol. Perhaps you should read the papers and listen to the news, particularly the French nows and you would realise that 'La belle France' like Britain is raising taxes and is having a tough time of it. I still have many friends and family in Britain and your picture of a 'rapidly declining society' isn't shared by them. Most of the problems you quote are as much a product of a 'tolerant' society as anything and the problems are as a result. That is a world wide thing too, not just Britain.
  4. Well the latest poll puts Zemmour in the final round with Macron. I doubt he would win (should he declare that is!) and unless he does so it is probably Macron-V- Le Pen again. He should put us all out of our misery and declare; must be good for his book sales anyway! I hope he does declare and furthermore hope he becomes President!! Politics needs a good shake up.
  5. Well, he has an opinion; as we all do! As he hasn't declared it is irrelevant regarding the Presidential. I hoprhe does declare and further I hope he wins!! Hope springs eternal!!
  6. I think Zemmour, should he ever become a politician (he still hasn't declared), is the only plain speaking person around. Definitely correct regarding his '1000 year enemies of France' comment. I do like his style. I use to listen to him speaking when he was on the panel on TV. Not particularly impressed with his personality but he does have a certain charisma that demands you listen to what he says rather than just thinking he is 'far right'; whatever that is! He reminds me a little of Enoch Powell actually. I'm also cynical enough to believe that all this 'political campaigning' is just a front to sell his books; which are selling very well and he has no intention of running. I hope thats not the case.
  7. So, now the Brits are Frances greatest enemies for a thousand years!!! According to Zenmour anyway. As it happens I tend to agree with him. Despite all the "happy happy' tourist stuff since when has Britain got on with France? At last someone saying it as it is!!
  8. Anyone, with sense anyway, who saw the 'offending' pointing of a rifle would have known it was meant as a joke. The left want to make capitol out of it of course. With firearms the general rule is that a weapon, loaded or not, should never be pointed at people and if Zenmour is guilty of the 'heinous crime' of doing so then point it out but to suggest some other motive is just ridiculous. This pandering to to the left has to stop. Hopefully the coming election will do so but I doubt it.
  9. Well, no more grue. In fact we haven't seen any for weeks which at this time of the year is unusual. Probably the very warm weather is keeping them in the north. The small flight I saw several weeks ago had almost certainly come from Germany to claim the best spot in the south!!!!!
  10. As we live just 5 minutes from the frontier (About ten seconds if you are flying!!!!) I feel sure they do also overnight in Spain. Every year I spend a great deal of time watching them try and cross the mountains against a strong, and warm, southerly. In a way it's heartbreaking to see their formations broken up by the strong winds as they are pushed back into France. They never give up of course and reform and just try again until they succeed. It is when the strong southerly is blowing that they often come down very low and I would estimate that sometimes they are only several hundred metres above the house; the noise in incredible when that happens. In actual fact we saw our first flight this year about three weeks ago, quite early. The earlier they migrate then the worse the winter will be (that's the folk lore anyway!!)
  11. Living in the Pyrenees they are a regular feature here and often overnight in an adjacent field. The row is incredible when they come into land. Often they wake us at night if the wind is strong (against them) so they fly very low to avoid it. Love to see them each year. I bet you never see them going back!!!!!! They do of course but don't make the same row as heading south so people don't look up and see them on the return trip!
  12. I would agree about Macron using Britain as a whipping boy and also his reach for the vote of the right. The E.U. army thing is virtually dead in the water as a couple of the nordic countries have already stated that NATO is too important to break up by having a European army. What Macron has already done though is sign an accord (outside of NATO and the E.U.) with the Greeks that is giving concern to many countries. I can't say that I agree that Zemmour 'is a thoroughly nasty piece of work' Reading what his conviction was (his only one) it wasn't a particularly racist point at all and he was fined. As for unsavoury candidates on the right, well whom may they be? Zemmour hasn't declared himself a candidate though It would seem he may well do so given that he is just behind Macron in the polls. Should the polls be right and Zemmour declare then it would be Zemmour and Macron in the final round. In effect another presidential term for Jupiter! As for Phillipe, apparently he is 'looking' at starting his own party with an eye to the election after next! Personally I would like to see Zemmour win this election but my head tells me to prepare for another term of Macron.
  13. If it helps: I had a delivery in August 2021 = Price 1.11€ per ltr. Before that: December 2020 = Price 1.19€ per ltr. Before that: March 2020 =Price 1.10€ per ltr (that is in total, tva etc) You can see from that the price varies according to market forces. Generally though over several years, as you would expect, prices go up. I have had a 'warning' recently that gas prices will increase considerably soon!!! Obviously the company want me to fill up but as I only had a 're-fill' in August I don't need to. My own view is that (LPG) gas will be considerably more expensive in the coming months and if I had the opportunity to 'top up' I would do so. I have found in the past that the company have been quite fair and warned me of price increases to come which gave me the opportunity to 'top up' before I needed to so saving a few 'bob'! There is an energy crisis on the way, manufactured or otherwise. It means gas, electricity and oil will all become more expensive. What I'm always a little bemused by is that when there is a shortage, increasing the price always solves it!!!!!
  14. Ken

    Travel and cats!

    Now it would appear that we can travel again without too much hassle I'm looking forward to a holiday next year. The problem is cat care! I won't subject them to a cattery and will only have 'live in' people to look after them. In the past I have had some smashing people come and stay to look after them and at the same time enjoy a holiday in the Pays Basque. I know I could probably get 'professional' sitters but really prefer someone who loves animals rather than 'loving' money. Should there be anyone out there who does fancy a stay in the Pays Basque, any time of the year, and is prepared to look after 4 cats please get in touch. The only expenses that would be incurred would be how much you spend on delicious Basque cuisine and wine!!!
  15. There may be only two French nationals here;. The point is that no one has championed the u.K. The criticism is for Macron and his Ministers. Not for praising the U.K. If you support Macron, no problem.

    You sound like Macron: Condemning the U.K. without justification, just pique! As for the exchange rate, no problem.

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