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  1. Yet again hi-jacking a topic and diverting it to seek attention. Once pointed out it is easy to spot, so why not try something else?
  2. My North African friends use 'bled' in both a pejorative and ironic sense. 'Je vais passer mes vacance au bled' is not totally negative for example.
  3. From the Ministry of the Economy (Bercy); and valid all year round: https://www.economie.gouv.fr/achats-fin-annee-conseils-consommateurs-black-friday-noel?xtor=ES-39-[BI_343_20231121]-20231121-[https://www.economie.gouv.fr/achats-fin-annee-conseils-consommateurs-black-friday-noel]
  4. I hate to think of cleaning the toothbrush after
  5. NormanH


    There are some good recipe ideas on the site I linked to , menthe
  6. https://www.economie.gouv.fr/particuliers Lots of useful and official information on a wide range of topics
  7. NormanH


    Thanks for bothering to do that. I think you are right.
  8. NormanH


    Has anybody any idea why a perfectly good photograph would look so dark here?
  9. NormanH


    I have recently discovered this cereal thanks to a local restaurant which I find I much prefer to rice: https://blog.lafourche.fr/petit-epeautre-bienfaits-recettes It has more body and a firmer texture and when cooked in a stock it holds the flavour well/home
  10. It is often closed for maintenance in the winter but never so early or potentially for so long https://actu.fr/societe/occitanie-le-canal-du-midi-sera-ferme-a-la-navigation-beaucoup-plus-longtemps-cet-hiver_60253277.html https://www.thelocal.fr/20230313/famous-canal-du-midi-stays-closed-amid-water-level-fears-in-france
  11. If I pronounce my version (which is an argued-through version of Lori's) into my French note taker it gives Ajaccio.
  12. Auden knew his "Beaux Arts" 🤓
  13. I think the first is hard as in "ak" then the second is soft as in is "sio" ( in the French version anyway) if you think about it there is d'AC as in "d'accord" and "cio" as in "ciel" or "cimes"
  14. Yes it's possible. That, France Service, or the helpline offer a range of options. Thanks 👍
  15. That may have been the previous system. I think this 'Espace Santé" may have replaced it..
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