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  1. I haven't been into a supermarket for over 5 years, so the problem doesn't arise for me. Fresh food I buy either in Les Halles or in one of the weekly markets, and the sort of bulky or heavy items I need from a supermarket ( loo paper, detergent etc) I order online to be delivered and get the receipt in my email...
  2. Perhaps because the power cuts are local not national, so the app needs to know where you are so it can give you warning of the situation where you are at the moment?
  3. To encourage repair and recycling .. https://www.midilibre.fr/2022/12/15/montpellier-un-ado-de-14-ans-est-decede-apres-avoir-ete-percute-par-une-voiture-apres-le-match-france-maroc-10869014.php See here for qualified repairers https://annuaire-qualirepar.ecosystem.eco
  4. https://www.monecowatt.fr/ they reckon to warn by 17h the evening before..
  5. I ate too many problems so I am ****ting solutions..
  6. A clear well-explained video typical of Le Monde which is my favourite newspaper
  7. Thanks for doing that Dave 😃
  8. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/11/18/veteran-who-gave-food-girl-france-second-world-war-reunited/
  9. I hope I won't end up in one, but I did have a good experience a few years back in a convalescent home, which is not unlike one of these institutions, except that the residents are a bit younger and still have most of their marbles... https://www.mfgs.fr/clinique/clinique-mutualiste-jean-leon
  10. Thanks a lot for the link, but..3000€ though😰
  11. There might be a plaque like that at the restaurant where they keep a table for me each day unless I phone to cancel. The other day we joked that when I am gone they can put up a sign 'This table is at last available' as it is in a rather nice sun-trap position 😀
  12. Pity about that as I find them very good. I suppose it might also be difficult for non British people to open a UK account at a distance, but as I have never tried I can't be sure..
  13. https://www.thefreshreads.com/of-truth/
  14. I bought a tricycle 8 years ago, thinking I was going to be able to use it easily in the little town in the Ariege where I was living. I was terribly disappointed to find that with the problems in my right leg I couldn't even manage to bend it enough to let that pedal turn over, and I had to get someone else to ride it to the local 'troc' where I sold it a a huge loss. I wish I had seen those two videos; they might have encouraged me to perservere...
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