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  1. Euthanasia tends to end in death for someone. I doubt many will die if the banning of the use of certain clothing Items goes ahead.
  2. I can confirm that the nose (nasal passage) contains both bone and cartilage. As a kid I had difficulty with breathing through my nose and I underwent surgery of partial cartilage removal, the bone scraped and adenoid removal to cure the problem.
  3. Well they would, wouldn't they, after all it is an obscure organisation whose leader refers to gay men as 'faggots'. When I catch a glimpse of the Grim ReaperđŸ§™â€â™‚ïž on the horizon, I'll be on the first plane to Switzerland, knocking, not on heaven's door but, that of Dignitas. ⌛
  4. Good call. While you are in editing mode, could you correct my error with the word "Auchant". It would seem a publishing house is morphing into a food retailer.
  5. There is no history on here pre 23rd August 2004, the date a change of software was released, resulting in the loss of all previous posts and membership details. I did find this on Archant (previous owners/publishers)on Wikipedia: Consumer magazine publisher Market Link Publishing, now Archant Specialist, based in Essex was acquired by ECNG for ÂŁ5 million in autumn 1999. Its titles now include Photography Monthly, Professional Photographer, Pilot, Sport Diver, Complete France, which sponsors a once popular, but failing French forum, French Property News, Living France, and France Property Shop. It also sponsors The France Show at Olympia and The French Property Exhibitions in London and Yorkshire
  6. AVG antivirus software launched in the US in 1998 and one of my first posts circa 2000/01 was to advise a member who was having issues updating their software definitions to download updates from the Czech. site (The parent company Grisoft) as the US site was having issues.
  7. We informed the agent during our first visit to the property as to how we intended to fund the purchase. Cash, with no requirement for our present home to be sold or the necessity to acquire loans. Maybe I'm missing something here. The email contact with the agent was Une Offre d'Achat. The offer was accepted with this reply: The Names and Addresses of the 3 sellers. It was an Inheritance Ci-aprĂšs "le Vendeur", DĂ©clare accepter sans rĂ©serve, purement et simplement, l'offre d'achat qui m'a Ă©tĂ© transmise par l'Agence FT Department and City location pour les biens situĂ©s Address of property to be purchased au prix de €in text and figures. Le montant des honoraires Ă  la charge du VENDEUR est de €in text and figures. Je reconnais que cette offre, comme son acceptation, ont Ă©tĂ© nĂ©gociĂ©es par l'Agence, exploitĂ©e par la sociĂ©tĂ© Foncia Transaction France , titulaire d'un mandat de nĂ©gociation No mention of funding was included in either correspondence. Any Clause Suspensive we wanted to be included would then be accepted or rejected by the sellers. If they are accepted, (we didn't request any)they would have been included within the Compromis de Vente along with a clause setting out the funding of the purchase etc, etc and signed. Within the Acte de Vente the following clause was included ORIGINE DES FONDS L’ACQUEREUR dĂ©clare avoir effectuĂ© le paiement du prix et des frais au moyen de ses fonds personnels.
  8. Last Wednesday we signed an Acte de Vente for an appartment we intend to downsize too in the next couple of years. We originally made a verbal offer to the agent which was rejected and the sellers propsed a higher offer price which we rejected. The following day the agent accepted our original offer on behalf of the sellers and requested the offer to be made in writing. We declined the request to use the sellers notaire. This is an edited copy of the offer we made via email. Objet: offre d’achat au prix concernant un bien immobilier situĂ© Ă  RĂ©sidence.... Full address. Madame, Monsieur, Nous souhaitons faire une offre d'achat pour RĂ©sidence ....Full address Les acquĂ©reurs: Monsieur Full name, rĂ©sidant Ă  Full address, nĂ© Date andPlace of birth. Madame Full name, rĂ©sidant Ă  Full address, nĂ©e Date and Place of birth. s’engagent Ă  acheter le bien immobilier dont les caractĂ©ristiques sont les suivantes : Appartement (avec terrace,garage et cellier) Full address xxx mÂČ, type x Notre offre d’achat s’élĂšve au prix de €xxxxxxx, offre text euros . ConformĂ©ment Ă  l’article 1583 du Code civil, le vendeur et l’acheteur sont rĂ©ciproquement engagĂ©s lorsqu’il y a un accord entre les deux parties sur la chose et le prix. Le prix mentionnĂ© dans cette offre vous sera versĂ© lors de la signature, chez le notaire, de l’acte authentique de vente. Dans l’attente d’une rĂ©ponse positive de votre part, nous vous prions, Madame, Monsieur, d’agrĂ©er l’expression de nos sentiments distinguĂ©s. Monsieur Full name et Madame Full name. The reason we included the terrace as a separate, independent plot was because the original purchasers/owners at the construction stage purchased the two top floor plots but only had an apartment constructed on one plot and the 2nd plot was constructed as a terrace but still retains its individual plot number. Do your research and your homework. Good Luck.
  9. Me too. Along with its fruit vegetable lookalike - Cucumber. đŸ€Ź I can feast on cauliflower florrets (with white sauce and cheese topping) but I only indulge in broccoli stems.
  10. An interesting and informative post. Interesting in so much that I was unaware of the existence of Wallace and these dual-purpose artefacts (looks and serving a usefulness). Certainly something to visit if in a nearby location. Informative by dispelling a 50+ year anomaly, for me, of the term "Wallace Collection". You see, I always assumed that the name could be solely attributed to a 1960s band from Belgium who attained a certain amount of success throughout Europe during that 'pop' era. Perhaps some of you of a certain age here will recollect this number they performed. Wallace Collection - Daydream HQ -1969-(3).mp4 .
  11. The snowdrops and crocus/croci 💐are in full bloom in the garden. Yesterday I saw a second butterfly 🩋 of the year and some bees 🐝. Unfortunately, there isn't any food available for them yet.
  12. I would suggest that you glean your information from a wider source than some 'Brit Forum'. This is not just a French agricultural issue but a European one, Holland, Germany, Romania, Ukraine,UK and soon to be global. It is basically driven by four issues. The madness of climate change 'green issues', unfavourable subsidies, low return to cost ratio and over population of the world. To not support the farming dilemma is sheer insanity, and who would want to be a farmer anyway? It's a no-brainer. Reports are saying that Paris's food stock is down to 3 days.
  13. Why do I get an inclination, Barack Obama would give you an argument? He was, after all, only 47. 😉
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