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  1. Running Windows 2000 and IE6, on ADSL, with Norton Personal Firewall 2003. I cannot see Control Panel. I cannot see posters names. I cannot view posts since last visit because I cannot see the Recent Posts option. I keep losing all the "gold stars" showing me which posts are unread. I can see smilies. It is painfully slow.
  2. If you can't see Control Panel, you probably have ad blocking switched on.  If you switch it off and refresh the page you should be able to see it.
  3. >>Jill:  do you have an ASDL line, this super speedy Broadband thing?  It's really worth getting, so much faster.   I do find the format is vastly better, however I have super speedy ADSL at home and even speedier 10G connection at work and still find it tediously slow compared with a number of other discussion boards I visit.  I can't see who has posted unless I turn off ad blocking through my firewall which adds to the tedium. I cannot find a way of quoting parts of a previous post which ought to be an option  rather than re-posting the whole thing or copying and pasting, as I did above.
  4. Well I think I see what the problem is, or at least in my case.  I could see no names or control panel either until I switched off ad blocking in my firewall.  Is there nothing that can be done about that?  I don't want to have to keep switching it on and off. It's still like wading through treacle when I go from post to post.
  5. There is at least one right in the centre of Chateauroux. I remember noticing it when we were last there.
  6. M Claude Robert of Saint Avit Senieur in the Dordogne. He also has brocante/antique shops in Beaumont and Lalinde. He travels up to Paris regularly for work and is happy to stop on the way.
  7. We find the Alencon - Le Mans route very tedious and now always use the Evreux - Dreux route in preference. They are gradually improving the single carriageway sections but the main problem we find are all the roundabouts in the towns.
  8. Don't ask me any of the technicalities, but I know my son has Sky + in Monte Carlo, so it must be possible.
  9. Do you know about BookCrossing? See http://www.bookcrossing.com/friend/nyassa Although the original principle was for people to read a book and then leave it somewhere for anyone in the general public to find, it has developed to include swaps, trades, and sending books on round trips, often right around the world. Local meet-ups are arranged too. Tomorrow I will be posting a novel to an American living in Paris and within a week hope to receive one from Iran. It can be as international or as local as you want. It's great fun as well as giving you a chance to discover a new books to read. I love it. You can see the books on my "bookshelf" at http://www.bookcrossing.com/mybookshelf/nyassa
  10. LAST EDITED ON 25-Feb-04 AT 09:08 PM (GMT) There are others: eg http://www.onlinetefl.com/ but the following link gives some things to consider when choosing a course http://education.guardian.co.uk/tefl/story/0,5500,531964,00.html which might help. You will need to copy and paste the link because it breaks at the commas.
  11. I had a friend whose son would eat NOTHING but breakfast cereal or white bread cheese sandwiches (without butter, and the cheese had to be coloured cheddar ie not pale) for many years - until he was in his early teens. It wasn't until he was taken to away matches with his rugby team that he started to eat in any way normally. He has survived. He now lives near Toulon where I am quite sure he can't be eating white bread cheese sandwiches.
  12. You will find loads of hotels just off the junction of the A11/N123 ring road round Chartres, and also N10/A11 junction. A huge choice.
  13. To put forward a completely different point of view, I think there are many children brought up moving from school to school - I was myself, because of my father's work. The longest I had in any one school was between the ages of 11 and 16. I went on to univesity and graduated. My sons have had a similar background, including three years in France. They too have now graduated and made some success of their lives. There are advantages and disadvantages.
  14. Two of my favourites are Musee Nissim de Camondo and the Musee Jacquemart-Andr. They are both houses decorated and furnished in the style of their times.
  15. LAST EDITED ON 13-Jan-04 AT 10:05 PM (GMT) Just last week we were walking along the river bank in St Gaultier and it didn't seem too bad then, though we were told it frequently laps over the edges. Have you seen the markings on the buildings in Argenton showing the level of the river in 1845? That must have been some flood!
  16. My son's girlfriend, who lives in Monaco, considers Nice to be *A Very Dangerous Place*. I don't at all mean this to be taken as a serious comment - all things are relative!
  17. If he has a record like that, why ever was he allowed work at a school of all places? I thought everyone was screened these days
  18. Click on Refresh on your menu bar - the icon looks like a sheet of paper with two green arrows on it.
  19. Where did you hear/see that? I'm trying not to get too excited!
  20. Join http://www.bookcrossing.com where you will find plenty of people happy to exchange books by post.
  21. Yes there is a French version of Scrabble with different values for the letters. We bought ours many years ago in somewhere like Auchan. I imagine Toy r Us would be another good bet.
  22. Now, now, now, totalfrance is a very elegant site! And you don't have to spend 10 minutes working out which are the most recent postings within a thread.
  23. Are you near enough to the D-Day sites to make a feature of that, to attract Americans? A huge number of Americans visit those sites as an extra, say, to a stay in Paris.
  24. I found it impossible to get into the site at all earlier this morning, and judging by the number of postings dated 20 May, others have had the same problem. Strangely though, some postings that came up as being new are dated yesterday, and I did look at the site yesterday.
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