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  1. [quote]Just shows how the drinking patterns are so different. I often wonder just how many ladies who refuse or take very little to drink at table will actually have a tipple when alone.[/quote] Could not agree more about the ladies. A glass of watered down wine would not pass their lips in public; at home they drink Banyuls like Prohibition starts tomorrow!
  2. http://french.about.com/library/blxm-adventcalendar.htm    
  3. Try www.epicerieanglaise.com if all else fails
  4. There are a couple of veggie restaurants in Caen. Look in a copy of La petite fute in your local bookshop; the Caen edition. Also try the one for Calvados; there might be something other than a creperie in Bayeux! BIO CORNER 2, rue aux Chanoines 14000 CAEN Tél : 02 31 93 86 09 Ouvert le mardi et mercredi midi et du jeudi au samedi midi et soir. A l’étage de l’épicerie maintenant bien connue des amateurs de la nourriture bio, se loge le resto qui permet de manger bio, et uniquement bio. La déco est de pierres apparentes. Les tables pas nombreuses se remplissent assez vite. Et le plat du jour change tous les jours. C’est frais, bien cuisiné et d’ambiance très cool. L’après-midi, le resto se transforme en salon de thé. Faiblesse : trop petit. Talent : l’ouverture le samedi midi.
  5. Don't forget the crackers and if you want a BIG turkey, bring one with you! The French tend to celebrate on Christmas Eve and are still  "out of it" Christmas Day as they probably did not go to bed until 7am... I arrived on the 23rd December many years ago!
  6. You shouldn't find a shortage of fish; why not make your own? Not being bloody minded, but the only takeaway (and you have to go and get it) in the Normandy area I was in for 15 years was a mini-Indian, opened when he felt like it so you could never tell, didn't have a phone and was run by someone from Birmingham! Some pizza places do takeaway, as do many lebanese/oriental (not chinese), you collect, they knock 10% off the resto price. And I didn't have a car!
  7. [quote]You do go on Real Tit. Some of us are married to Froggies and can just about cope you know.[/quote] Some us aren't even married to French other halves...but still cope OK!
  8. I wish you hadn't mentioned this; I was depressed enough already being in London...   ...and worse still, youngest daughter is off to France this morning (middle one and self remain stuck here) but at age 11, is too young to bring me any back!
  9. If you work on the principal that the cloudier it is, the worse you will feel the next morning, you won't go far wrong. On the other hand, I have had utterly clear fluids in the past that laid me out for days... Sante. (meant to have an accent, I know)
  10. [quote]I spotted 4 illegal UK cars in that time, so I would suggest that this issue has reached epidemic (or even pandemic) proportions. Like bird flu?[/quote] Bother, you beat me to it! (bird flu, that is)
  11. From backbreaking experience I would suggest that you pour wine into glasses on the right hand and leave spades on the left. It may not work, but if you don't drink it, others will.   Then YOU drink the wine and persuade some other person to shift the gravel. Believe me (and anyone else who has been there and done it and has the Tshirt), spreading gravel will have you on your knees in no time. The more you spread, the less it looks...
  12. [quote]I'm handicapped, an invalid, disabled or any other names people want to call it. What does it matter!? Could it come from ca[/quote] Well, in my experience don't bother going hand in cap or cap in hand or foot in mouth or...in England. Classisfied as an invalid in England, I moved to France. They agreed. Now back in London, I am amazed to learn that I am valid. I can't move all that much, mind you, but I am valid. Sadly, this has a negative effect on my heating bills, cab fares, electricity for the scooterthingy and so forth. On the whole, being INvalid was preferable. No offence is meant; please don't take me out and shoot me.
  13. I am still waiting for two letters (both containing cash, which I know is stupid!). Funny how the non cash ones get from France to London in 2 days flat...
  14. Well I wonder if the indigens       Well, I had figured out that the French were the French and the British/English/Welsh/Northern Irish/ those from Scotland were well...not French. Now I am worried. Who on earth are the indigens? Are they related to the carboys?
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