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  1. Packing - hot in the summer, surprisingly cold/freezing  in the winter.   You can get cheap clothes in places like Tati or Babou, but you'd be better to stock up in Primark before you leave the UK.    
  2. There are an awful lot of you getting taxis around France.    Sounds like the public transport isn't all that good?
  3. "Integrate by drinking with local salt-of-the-earth peasants in your local bar;"    How often has THAT been said on these forums! I think the mods should fix the profanity filter so that that suggestion is replaced by "Hang around your local bar with the local salt-of-the-earth peasants and become a loser just like them".   Doh!    
  4. I'm not sure they're generally any more respected than in the UK, I think most people just don't care, that's all.  They have a reputation for living by criminal means (no offence, but it makes sense, because it's pretty certain that no-one will employ them!).   They certainly don't mingle/integrate, although it's not clear whether they don't want to or whether they're not encouraged to.   Probably both.   They also don't all travel.   The chap who was shot dead by the gendarmes last week in Provence for evading arrest, his camp have been there for 10 years. There's a camp about a mile down the road from us, also been there for at least 10 years if not more, right next to the déchetterie.  They hang around seeing what they can grab before it goes into the déchetterie, because there's no access to the skips.   And good luck to them too.  [:)]          
  5. I wouldn't use the conditional to express "they wouldn't give me........", because "would" in this case means willingness. I'd say "ils ne voulaient pas me donner........."  or "ils n'ont pas voulu me donner.......", depending on the importance of that action. You could use the conditional if the sentence was "they told me they wouldn't give me........"   "ils m'ont dit qu'ils ne me donneraient pas.......".      
  6. I say well done to Britain for having a black singer in what was a predominantly white competition (apart from that lovely Israeli bloke, yum!).
  7. Cerise and NormanH are spot on. If you can get a decent, well-paid job with ANYONE in France, take it!   Minimum wage is okay while it's a novelty, but as Cerise says, don't bank on it being an "opportunity" in any way.  It's minimum wage work, point final, and if it's your only income, it's no way to live.         
  8. I've been looking into this recently.   It seems that registered childminders get the SMIC (minimum wage). Say you'll teach her English, then you can charge more.  [;-)] You'll get a better hourly rate overall if you're paid cash in hand, but if you're paid in cheque d'emploi you're declared and are building up points for whatever they build up points for.
  9. Move to France and replace a real social life with a virtual one!   All the pleasure, none of the mess of having to invite them round to dinner or go out with them! Says a lot about the British expat life, innit?  [:D]  
  10. [quote user="EmilyGA"] Would most people in France be able to tell that I'm American and because of that, would people most likely be turned off by that? [/quote] Yes, they can usually spot an American accent.   No, they won't hate you for it! I think the two countries have more in common than either would care to admit, which is probably why they have this love-hate thing going on.   There's a very strong American influence in French culture, from Lucky Luke to jazz, rock'n'roll, country'n'western, gospel choirs, and lots more besides.    Beloved President Sarkozy is keen to be friendly with the Transpondians. Just don't try to tell them that you won the war for them.  [:D]      
  11. Mr Cassis, you dare to show your sausagey face after such a barbarous crime against fluffy ragondinity.  [blink]
  12. It also depends on the airport.  Luton do a "one bag" policy for going through security, but the Ryanair crew have never checked baggage at boarding time. At Nimes, we went through security with a bag of toiletries no problem.   Coming back through Luton we had to put the contents in the clear plastic bags. Prepare for the worst case (one piece of hand luggage, no liquids) and there should be no problem. 
  13. [quote user="Dick Smith"] Apparently I'm a condescending bully and a forum death-eater. [/quote] That's quite an achievement for one so young.   You won't let it go to your head, will you?  [:-))]
  14. [quote user="NormanH"] getting close  to arrogant smugness. [/quote] Only getting close?    Ah, Norman, you know how to wound a girl.  [8-)]    I've been working on arrogant smugness for YEARS!  
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