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  1. I can never decide between autumn or winter as favourite times of year, but autumn always seems like an old lady remembering her salad days and enjoying the season of mellow fruitfulness. in reality here it seems to herald a season of jam and chutney making and hoping I have enough dried fruit for Christmas Pufding, Cakes and mincemeat ?
  2. Notifications seems to be under your name, click on it > Settings > various options come up, email notifications daily or per post ….
  3. Is that a better size ? Go to 16 under size tab Not sure how to make it a permanent change on my posts though ?
  4. That’s a shame Idun - I always enjoyed your contributions - I hope things improve for you soon.
  5. Some of us can multi task despite appearances to the contrary ? I’m just waiting for Miki , Coco and Outcast to show up ??? ( Just kidding, I’m sure the software is more discriminating )
  6. No notifications of replies - is that right or am I missing an option ? is there an email or PM option ?
  7. Well at last I’m able to log in - nice to see you all ?
  8. I'm sure she is a very bright woman....just has a weakness for older and ( insert word of choice ) men.... How long will they be together after he has served his term ? Or is it true love ?
  9. I've been a few times and hope to go again....it's good to see plant combinations, see new hybrids, talk to growers and experts, pick up catalogues wander around the gardens ( I like the Yorkshire one too) etc. It also acts as a competition for nurseries and organisations and is an enjoyable day. Since I'm an RHS member I can get tickets if I remember to apply early in the year. ( which I often don't ) The only problem is that you really do have to get there as early as possible and head straight for the bit you want to see most, ( the main marquee in my case ) otherwise it gets horribly crowded. I would like to see the show gardens have less of a fantasy aspect and more that can be translated to an average suburban garden, but there are always the small gardens for that. It's a good, but tiring, day out if you are interested. Maybe next year ?
  10. Retiring and being made a grandmother is exhausting ? From reports I saw medics were initially treating victims as sadly 'normal' casualties when non medics started shouting chemical attack and throwing water around .... In any case my feeling is Mrs May would have been as well to recall Parliament and go through the process, I suspect there isn't much appetite for 'war' among the general public.
  11. May be they should have waited for definitive proof they were chemical weapons, which seems far from clear from some witness reports.
  12. There's a difference of opinion, that's all. That's what happens in forums, people discuss things and sometimes disagree. For what it's worth I'd go via La Baule if only because there seems a large population of second home owners there and restaurants seem to remain open out of season, and there's a good choice of hotels. I love the Guerand, but not sure how much would be open. ( Although thinking about it there is a decent chain hotel just outside the village itself ) We once stayed in Blois but it was many years ago and my abiding memory is of our truculent toddler rather than a good hotel, sorry. Worth a look though I'd have thought.
  13. Five years ago today that Coops passed away..so missed.
  14. Those that remember dear Coops with fondness may like to know that Ian is still living in France and has now remarried.( an English lady I believe they both knew from long ago ) He has had a couple of health problems over the years but currently seems to be fine. Sadly Coops old horse Valerian passed away last month but she had made a very good age, due largely to Ian's tender care....he sometimes posts on FB
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