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  1. If you need something to cheer you up through the long , dark and cold winter to come then outie is prepared to rejoin and entertain you
  2. Is anyone traveling to Nimes airport on Friday23rd September from perpignan direction?? Do you have room for one adult and hand luggage, or do you need a lift? share costs. Is anyone traveling to perpignan from Nimes airport on Friday 30th september,
  3. I was in my house , in bed at 11 oclock at night, 2 little girls sleeping in the next beedroom. I heard some banging and at first thought it was my neighbour trying to close his outside shed door. After a few momments i realised that it was someone banging at my patio doors in the kitchen down stairs at the back of the house, my heart was banging too I can tell you! I did not have a phone next to the bed , so had to go downstairs to use the hall phone, all this time this person is trying to jemmy my patio door and I was only a room away.........the police station was at the bottom of my road so hoped on a rapid response but obviously the call goes to central switch, I then ran back upstairs and got my camera, should this person enter my house i would photo him/her , sounds daft but logic at the time; I then went into the childrens bedroom and closed tthe door, this room was at the front of the house so I could see trafic coming and going, then the police were here, flashing lights and all! so the attemted burgler jumps over the back fence and is away on his toes, brilliant! Looking back now I should have filled a bucket with hot water from the bathroom and chucked it over him, but to be honest I was terrified, and heaven knows what i would have done to him if he had got in........nothing? or the other extreme? You do not know how you would react untill you are faced with the situation!
  4. Trendy trecking??  the mind boggles[:$] What on earth do you get upto in your place Q?[:-))]
  5. You would probably be surprised at the amount of Brits that have lived in France for more than a year and claim UK Family allowance, I am suprised why they bother as the French one beats it hands down, especially for the Rentree allowance , given that most of the claimants have children under teenage years........just under 300 euros to get your child equiped with a few pens , paper and a bag to put them in[blink] oh yes I do know of a few of them, not necessarily know them.
  6. [quote user="dandaz"]Hello I have a employer who has given my building work for the next three months ,he has agreed to pay me cheque emploi.... What exactly do I have to do now? [ie who to inform etc][/quote] You had your answers on the first page of this thread. You also changed your job tittle from builder to gardener given that you were told you cannot be a builder on this scheme. You do not do anything when employed under this system, apart from provide your name, address, DOB and place of birth. Oh and declare it on your french tax return......but that is the easy bit, that will come in aready completed by the authorities[;-)]
  7. 9 months on and no social security number? Brit reg car and UK family allowance perhaps? [Www]
  8. Ditto. I visit perpignan on a weekly basis and am honestly struggling to think of where I have seen shops boarded up, one springs to mind near the prefecture and they had a fire last year.
  9. I have just caught up with this thread. I have had my French plated RHD car keyed twice , both times I know who did it! The first time was when i went to Leroy Merlin and reversed into a space that another `lady` driver wanted . She TOLD me to recule , that it was HER space. I didn`t and went into the store. i was only in there about 3 mins and when I returned to my car it had been keyed and a note declaring that I was a `sal Anglaise` was under my wiper blade.............stupid thing was , she had parked in the space next to me!!!!!!! I did not do anything about it but left her a polite note[:-))] The second time was at the time of the soldes, again I got a space that this lady claimed the car which had just left was her friend and had saved the place for her!  the woman was about 6th inline in a queue waiting for a space.  Again I noted the car , when i came back another scratch.............good job I have a can of black paint and some t cut and a hubby who doesn`t mind phaffing about to sort it out. I suppose I should have taken the numbers and reported it, but proving it is another story altogether isn`t it!
  10. [quote user="Russethouse"] I agree with Will, but I'd like to know what the Independent Police Complaints Commision made, or what was said that satisfied them. Derf, Do you think those cops and drivers programs are all genuine ? [/quote] Well they had 2 officers who could corroborate their lies.
  11. [quote user="Russethouse"] But we are 14 months down the line and the liklihood of getting this money returned doesn't seem that great.....and its quite an investment of time. I think it highlights a bigger issue, do we trust the police force to use their instinct , or not ? If we do we have to accept that sometimes mistakes are made. [/quote] Not just a matter of money RH, we only started to go for that a few weeks ago. it is loss of Liberty and the flaming shambles of the whole situation. Like Derf we exported a car in 2003 and another (the Xantia in 2004) neither seem to be recognised as exported by the system at DVLA, even though we followed the instructions given on this very website and from personal advise of a previous member who owned a Band B in Normandie with a penchant for the gee gees[:-))]
  12. QUOTED FROM ANOTHER FORUM. A few weeks ago details were posted of the impounding of my Spanish-registered vehicle by Northamptonshire Police on the ridiculous grounds that it had "been in the U.K. for more than six months in twelve without U.K. Road Tax having been paid." It had actually made two visits, in June/July 2008 and then in February/March 2009, a total of 67 days. The police had spotted it on Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras on June 21st 2008 and March 27th 2009. They therefore claimed that the car had been in the U.K. for nine months. It did not occur to them that the reason they had not seen it for nine months was because it had returned to Spain. Another nightmare from another foum. The Association of Chief Police Officers has now confirmed to the A.A. and to the U.K. Liberal Democrats, who took up my case, that any foreign vehicle, seen twice, more than six months apart, WILL be impounded. The D.V.L.A. confirm this and have refused to moderate their policy. They say that it is up to the driver to prove that his vehicle has returned to the continent - a negation of English Common Law, which states that you are innocent until proven guilty. In my case, the police officer refused to examine my documents and, quite frankly, just stole the car and tried to extort money. The implications are horrendous for both ex-patriates and tourists visiting the U.K. more than once in a year. So, please warn everyone to keep all ferry tickets, take them in the car and DEMAND that the police officer examines them. Finally, a message to your member, "St. Florentin," who doubted the veracity of the story when it was printed and stated that the police would show common-sense - "Start living in the 21st Century, when the U.K. police are more interested in milking motorists than fighting crime." UNQUOTE
  13. Yes they would have spare bulbs, but they have now been stopped  so they just decide to do a roadside check. Yes they probably would have other paperwork relating to where they lived...........Just as my husband did, but that was not accepted was it! I suppose you could put it down to the individual Officers discretion common sense[blink] I will find another true case later, which was posted on another forum and copy it.
  14. [quote user="AnOther"][quote user="opas"]They have no address to give, and their re regd car is checked off the chassis /vin no and comes up as unlicensed,[/quote]Not if they've properly exported it it won't.[;-)] [/quote]  Oh yes it will, try it and see!
  15. So here is a scenario. Mrs and Mr average in their right hand drive car they have imported from UK, now French reg`d and their 2 kids go to the UK from France for a half term break to tour the lakes and Blackpool, but have not booked a Band B as they are not sure where they are going to visit first. They arrive in the UK on a Saturday, its October and dusk by 3pm.  They cruise up the motorway and their now French reg`d car gets stopped for having a defective light. The coppers then decide to do a full check on the car and ask for insurance documents. They booked their ferry online one way because they were waiting to see how the weather was and if not so good would book the tunnel for their return.  They tidy their car after a mc Do at the services and throw their spent ferry ticket away with the rubbish.They then cannot prove how long they have been in the UK . They have no address to give, and their re regd car is checked off the chassis /vin no and comes up as unlicensed, The asked for Ins document is in French, the Officer says he  does not understand it , says they are not insured and impounds their car and they are left at the roadside. If you ever watch the Traffic Cop type programmes  on TV the un insured driver just gets kicked out of his vehicle and the car seized, until of course he turns up with valid insurance and a sum of money for the seizure. I suppose now I am just going round in circles. I only came back on to update the situation. The facts are in the thread.
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