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  1. 'I have never forgotten when I lost money to Speedferries, NW did a Visa chargeback immediately whereas an English guy I know paid who had paid with his Visa carte bleue lost all his money (£250), his French bank just gave him the bums rush, he has lived here 30+ years is bilingual and cadre, he even went back to the bank with all the details of visa chargeback in French and they refused to even look at them.' That's a very good reason for keeping a UK credit card! Thanks for pointing that out. Also for ordering things from UK/while in UK.
  2. Thanks for that Val. The problem is also when we use a cattery (not often) as they require up to date vaccinations. Our kitten is recovering at last, now back to tormenting the dogs and biting everyone.
  3. Well, I remembered this a bit late (had lots of other things to worry about) and withdrew 320 euros on 30th and again on 31st October. I've just looked at the bank statements online and they are both dated 2nd November! I guess that means I didn't beat the charges. Oddly enough, money withdrawn on 27th came up on the statement on 28th with a note 'withdrawn on 27th' , ut this did not happen the 2 later withdrawals.
  4. With a debit card, it's a £1 fee every time plus 2%, so you save a small amount by withddrawing the maximum rather then small amounts.
  5. I sent a message to Nationwide via my online account. Someone phoned me in France! He seemed to understand our problem and said if I use the credit card for purchases AND transfer money to the credit card account the same day, there will be no charges. I mentioned that usually one has up to a month to pay off the card. Maybe that doesn't apply abroad? I tried using the credit card for petrol at the local Intermarche but it wouldn't work! Our debit card always did.. I thought of Britline but it's so complicatated and they insist NW send a reference straight to them. NW said they don't do that!
  6. We took our kitten for his first injection. Next day he was holding up his right paw, seemed very hot and unwell, not eating or drinking, just sleeping. Back to vet, who agreed maybe our big cat had bitten the kitten. Injection for fever, and 1 for anti biotics. Next evening the kitten was so unwell we feared he'd die, could hardly stand and held up his left paw, slept all the time, crying out in pain occasionally. We suddently wondered if the injection was the cause. The 2nd one was on his left side where he seemed to be hurting. So we did not return to the vet. Kitten is now much better, but still wobbly and very sleepy - he was incredibly lively before. He was rescued from the village bins where he was with 4 dead siblings. I bottle fed him and was so pleased he survived. Any thoughts?
  7. That sort of unpleasant sarcasm reminds me why I seldom bother with this forum these days. Ryanair used to fly this route regularly and the planes were always full when I or my visitors used them. I simply remarked that it would be helpful if Ryanair published their schedules - especially if they have decided to only fly this route in August!
  8. Ryanair claim to fly Bergerac-Nottingham East Midlands but when I put in dates I get nothing. Why can't they publish schedules like other airlines, saying which months of the year they fly? I hate them but there is no other airline flying from near me in France to EMA. The alternative is a much longer drive (and parking charges) in France or going to Birmingham or Manchester and hiring a car.
  9. We use Avantix for the dog and I thought there was a cat version - must have confused in with Advantage. My vet said that not only in Advantix fatal to cats, they can become ill if they are near a dog that had been treated with it.
  10. I've been thinking about changing from CA for a while but am not sure of the advantages of other accounts. I believe La Poste has lower charges than most banks? And Britline can be helpful sorting problems with other organisations. So far we've resisted having our modest pension paid directly into a French bank each month, but will have to do this. What would the charge be for that? We've just been charged 20 euros by CA for a direct debit failing plus 9.50 for being overddrawn. Our fault. I've always been very careful not to get overdrawn but wrote a cheque for a friend a month ago, it's just gone through which with the SAUR bill pushed us into debit.... Now I'll have to go down to the bank where they are generally unsmiling and unhelpful....
  11. Thanks, I'll have a look at the Halifax. There must be loads of other people with a bit of savings in UK accounts. Do they all pay tax and then claim it baxk? As far as I can see, you are liable to pay tax on UK interest if you live in France and no-one would want to pay it twice!
  12. Llantony

    Homes wanted.

    Surely you have time to get them passports? If you have to sell your house, and wait for the inevitable bureaucracy before completion? With all the costs of selling a house and moving back to UK, the extra bit for micro-chippping the cats is a tiny percentage. They might not like the UK house as much, but will get used to it. With so many cats and kittens in need of homes it might be hard to find them a good home. You took cats on and they depend on you. Sorry if that sounds judgmental. I have just lots a beloved cat and nothing would have persuaded me to abandon him. But I do not want another..
  13. Not really French finance, but.. It seems horribly complicated to have to complete Inland revenue forms to get tax back that has been taken off interest on a savings account. Then to declare it and pay tax on it in France. Are there any UK accounts available to non-residents that give interest without taking tax off it? (and give decent interest) ISAs are only for UK residents.
  14. Our insurance agent said that if the car was a write-off we'd only get a loan car for 3 days! Not exactly time for them to sort out the money and us to buy a new one. The 'expert' didn't even authorise the repair for 4 days...
  15. Thanks for the message, I don't know why I posted really as I know hardly anyone personally. It does helpl that people understand. It seems over reaction, but we feel as if a light has gone out of our lives, can't focus on anything. And all so pointless and unnecessary. We failed him, should not have let him out. We have a rescued dog, who is very sweet. Also a horrible French cat who walked in one day and stayed, and bullied Cato. But Cato was a joy every time I looked at him or stroked him. So gentle.
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