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  1. Is there still a little ferry running between the Medoc and the southern part of the Charente Maritime? It used to run when we lived on the Medoc, but I just wondered if it's still operating. Any info on fares and times would also be interesting as we are visiting the area again in September. Thanks Sashabel
  2. Is there still a little ferry running between the Medoc and the southern part of the Charente Maritime? It used to run when we lived on the Medoc, but I just wondered if it's still operating. Any info on fares and times would also be interesting as we are visiting the area again in September. Thanks Sashabel 
  3. The traps only start to stink when they are really full. It all depends on where you put them in the first place. They should be placed about 2 - 3 metres above ground and about 8 - 10 metres away from the house. If you follow these guidelines and put the trap in a part of the garden you don't use much, you will not notice any smell. Be careful to fix it well as it get quite heavy when full of 50,000 rotting flies. Sasha
  4. Just Google "Red Top Fly Traps" and you'll come up with several suppliers. The more you buy the cheaper they get. They apparently work by attracting mainly female flies, which reduces reproduction over a period of time. We had much the same result as Nectarine and by the third year we could leave windows open and sit out without any bother. Not to forget the reduction in bites!! Can't recommend them highly enough. Sashabel
  5. When we lived in the Charente we used the Red Top Fly Traps and they were brilliant. We'd put the first one up about 25 feet away from the house at the beginning of June and when it was full, we'd take it down (it really stinks at this stage) and replace it with another which would last until mid October. Anyone else used these? Sashabel
  6. Going back about 8-10 years, whilst sitting in our car at the Portsmouth Ferry Terminal waiting to board our crossing to France, we were approached by a representative of Brittany Ferries with a questionnaire. It asked the usual - our reasons for travel, our final destination in France, how long we were planning to stay, etc. Then the final question asked whether we would be interested in or likely to use a ferry service to somewhere like La Rochelle as opposed to the northern ports. Everyone in the boarding queue got very excited about a possible longer crossing and everyone we spoke to had responded to the last question in a very positive way. I was just wondering if anyone else remembers this questionnaire? Obviously nothing ever came of it - shame
  7. It appears that a lot of gite owners are missing the bigger picture here. I think most people would pay a little more for better quality facilities, but I also think that the gite owners would benefit by having a fuller booking schedule each season because their gite would more in demand. When searching on the internet for accmmodation, you see photos of 30 year old sofas with throws over them to make them look cleaner (they never stay on when in use), tatty old furniture with a 12" tv in the corner etc., and then you look at the availability section of the site and see that there's hardly any bookings. A lot of holidaymakers save all year for their two week break, so why should they have to put up with worse conditions than they have at home AND pay for it? One of the gites we use regularly, although not luxurious, has every facility one could wish for and is booked solid every season from early may to the end of September. It even has 7 weeks already booked in for 2012.
  8. So everyone who prefers a kingsize bed to a double is overweight?!!! How patronizing!! You can keep your old french beds - give me a modern, comfortable and decent sized bed any day.
  9. To clarify in cms (width x length): A standard UK double measures 135 x 190 A standard UK king - 150 x 200 A standard UK superking - 183 x 198 What we call a king size in the UK is called a queen size in USA and Australia Ikea beds are a little larger again: double 140 x 200 king 160 x 200 superking 190 x 200
  10. Glad I'm not the only one thinking along these lines, Frederick. In one gite we stayed in, the mattress was so old and stained that we took ourselves off the the nearest Decathlon and bought inflateable mattresses to sleep on. We pushed the old bed to one side (cleaned under it - that's another story!) and slept on the floor on our very comfy inflateables. A good nights sleep and not having to get up at the crack of dawn is a fundamental part of any holiday. If the Chambre d'hote owners have recognised this, why haven't the large majority of gite owners?
  11. We go to France 2 or 3 times a year and so far we've never stayed in a gite that can't fit a kingsize (or even a superking) in a bedroom. A kingsize bed is only 6 inches wider than a double!! Why should you charge more for a 5 foot bed than and 4' 6" one?
  12. Have just been searching through all the holiday rental websites looking for a couple of gites/cottages for 2012 and noticed how many of them still only offer double beds. I don't know of anyone (couples) who sleep in double beds any more. A standard kingsize is the smallest most couples go for nowadays. Having trawled through what seems like hundreds of descriptions, I have shortlisted all those who offer a kingsize bed in their double bedroom and will be contacting them for prices & availability. I couldn't think of anything worse than spending a fortnight back in a tiny double bed with my partner and neither could he. Come on, gite owners, consider upgrading and upsizing!!
  13. I want to install the Franco Belge woodburner in our house in the UK. I've got prices from plenty of UK websites, but cannot find anything on the French ones. I was wondering if the price difference between UK and France would make it worth while coming over for a long weekend to pick one up in the Pas de Calais/Normandie areas. This would depend very much on being able to just walk in and purchase the one I want (the Savoy Elegance in Enamelled Red). Does anyone know of a retailer in this region who actually holds stock of these? Even when I have found a stockist online, they do not tell you which ones they supply or (heaven forbid!) give any prices. I know things in France internet wise are still at least 10 years behind everywhere else, so if someone could help it would be most appreciated. And a good excuse for a few days in France too!!!!
  14. The only way I can fit a tumble dryer next to my washing machine in my rather small utility room here in the UK is to buy one of those narrow top loading ones. I used to have one when I lived in France and it was great. The only way I can see of getting hold of one is to pop over for a few days and purchase it over there (I'm not bothered about guarantees etc.) Are there any stores that hold stock of these that you can actually load into your car on purchase as opposed to having to have it delivered? Do the hypermarkets have them in stock to take away? Any help would be most appreciated Thanks
  15. We have just returned from a 2 week gite holiday which we cut short by 2 days because we just couldn't stand another night in the lumpy, hard bed. We go on 2 or 3 gite holidays a year and always seem to have the same problem. This latest gite was beautifully equipped and very tastefully decorated and the holiday would have been perfect had it note been for the aches and pains suffered after each nights sleep. Gites are getting better and better with satellite TV, internet access, dishwashers etc., but the quality of the beds never seems to improve. Why???
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