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  1. I hope that this is the correct section to post. I did not receive TdH via the post and 7 e-mails later eventually managed to get a reference so that I could pay it online. In my haste to avoid penalties I just paid the total amount. However, we have just sold our property and if the TV licence amount is an advance payment then we have overpaid. Any advice on how to recoup the over payment if in fact it is in advance? The TdH payment should not come out of my account until about the end of December.
  2. [quote user="breizh"]3 Key dates. Jan 9. France has to borrow EUR 29billion Jan 30. Italy has to borrow EUR 32billion Feb 28. Italy has to borrow EUR 46billion Very scary, considering what happened last week when Germany failed to get EUR 6billion!! I doubt the Dwarf will sleep well over Noel.[/quote] References?
  3. 5 e-mails later and still no T d H! Anyone else still waiting?
  4. Many thanks. I was beginning to panic because there is some mention of TdH on other threads.
  5. Have Not Received TdH. I keep sending e-mails which are ignored. Can anyone please advise on the last date for payment? Thanks
  6. Norman, was your diagnosis and treatment in the UK or France? One of the main criticisms of the UK NHS is the time taken for consultations and diagnosis. This leads to a statistically higher incidence of death from cancer than other European countries. Due to hip pain my wife had an X-ray, after a considerable wait. The report to the GP stated that an unidentified mass was obvious in her femur, but no cause for concern. The GP felt that this merited further investigation. After an almost 4 month wait the GP has received a letter from the hospital stating they don't intend to conduct further investigations. I know that this would not happen in France. We now have to decide where we go from here.
  7. [quote user="P-D de Rouffignac"]Replying to your question about notifying the French utility companies - This can be left to the agent or notaire, who will take readings just before completion, so the buyers can take over the services (water, gas, electricity) without delay and there is no cut-off/re-connection. Exception is of course the telephone and related services (internet etc) which are optional, and you can notify cessation when you want. The compromis de vente and acte finale will also state how the property taxes (foncière, habitation) will be apportioned, and any management costs if a co-ownership building. Hope this helps. P-D de R. [/quote] Yes it does. Thanks
  8. [quote user="Anton Redman"]As far as I am aware if the furniture etc. Is included in the price then there is no deduction for its cost. The separate listing of furniture allows the purchaser to pay lower costs of acquisition. In the third of the links below one of the drop down boxes allows you to input the costs of diagnostiques http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/F10864.xhtml#N10164 http://www.pap.fr/argent/calculettes/calcul-plus-value-immobiliere http://www.leparticulier.fr/jcms/c_35797/simulateur-de-calcul-de-plus-value-immobiliere[/quote] Thanks for your reply and for the useful references.
  9. I was told that the reason for the delay was essentially the tardiness of the seller's notaire. They were slow in getting documents to the selling notaire. We are still keeping our fingers crossed that all goes according to plan. Can anyone advise on when you should contact all the utility companies concerning the actual date of sale? We have been given a date of sale that states "it will be no later than". This makes it difficult to be precise and give adequate notice by recorded delivery letter. The sale is going to be completed through power of attorney.
  10. I have received the Plus Value calculation from the notaire. All the furniture was included in the total price and the Compromis indicates a value attributed to the furniture and to the property respectively. However, the official Plus Value document does not make this distinction or separation, it simply shows the total sale price with no mention of furniture. This obviously leads to CGT being payable on the attributed value of the furniture. Is it permissible under the French Plus Value system to deduct the value of the furniture from the total sale price? N.B. We did not buy the furniture with the property. We bought and added all the furniture. Is it also permissible to include the cost of all the diagnostiques eg DPE, termite survey etc in preparation for the sale, as a legitimate off-settable expense, as this too has not been taken into consideration. I would also appreciate direction to any official French reference or website that explains the above. I have been unable to find one.
  11. [quote user="Pommier"]You might find this site useful for sending lettre recommandée on line (so can be done from the UK) https://lettreenligne.laposte.fr/lregp/accueil.action[/quote] Many thanks
  12. Thanks again for the replies. There are some thoughtful comments. I chose a notaire who speaks English Benjamin, but translation of documents may take time as you imply. A Lettre avec Accuse de Reception is difficult from the UK Mikep. I have found that UK recorded etc is often disregarded. "I appreciate that your word is your bond but it is only as good as the other parties respect of it". How true, AnOther!
  13. Many thanks for all the replies. Given the comments, I must admit that I am a little more anxious now. I hope we are not being played, or the notaire is one of the more laid back ones. As I said we had a previous really bad experience with an unscrupulous seller and solicitor, where we subsequently ended up tens of thousands of pounds out of pocket. This was due to us being naive in the cut and thrust of buying and selling. We vowed to be more hard headed next time, but have been just as docile and soft this time. As I said another immobilier contacted us after our verbal acceptance of the sale and said they had an interested client who could possibly beat the offer, and provide an immediate C d V. Silly us said that our word was our bond, and here we are getting more anxious by each passing day, particularly as we were told that the buyer wanted a quick purchase! I hope the delay is due to the notaires being in two different cities and us in the UK. However, I would have expected to have had sight of a C d V by now, given that our notaire has had nine working days to produce it, and the facility of instant electronic communication. If we hear nothing by Monday afternoon, I may try to exert some pressure on the immobilier.
  14. [quote user="pachapapa"] [quote user="Frederick"]Well some Englishman does not have to worry about a Euro crash .. When it comes to the Euro .... he is 101 million quids worth better off by buying a lottery ticket .[/quote] Not a propitious use of an indefinite article in the plural.[:-))] [/quote] Almost on a par with 'idioticy' http://www.completefrance.com/cs/images/emotions/tongue.gif
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