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  1. For those interested in seeing how Bloodhound is developing, watch now. http://www.bloodhoundssc.com/rocket It's presently on live. 15:40
  2. Rupert Murdoch has been deeply touched by some of the messages people left on Amy Winehouse's phone..
  3. Try this website, when it loads click on [other] for listings of sports schedule. F1 broadcast now. Edited. That is of course for those who have no UK tv. You can watch cricket as well.
  4. [quote user="Dog"]. As a kid all my bicycles were made up from discarded frames found in ditches and we had great fun scavenging at a local tip. I don't think you'd be allowed to do that today. [/quote] [:-))] When I was a kid I had a bike like that...couldn't keep the blooming thing going in a straight line, I used to proceed in a crab-like manner. I am sure that's why now one leg is shorter than the other. Now that I am close to moving house and all of my furniture was loaded onto the removal lorry on Wednesday, I have a barn with lots of very useful bits of plastic sheeting of various sizes saved over the last 10 years. Yesterday the new purchasers came round to have anothe look prior to completion on Friday (I am then homeless). I think I got away with explaining to him that plastic sheeting is useful for covering up stuff in the barn. I couldn't quite bring myself to sell him the idea that the solid bag of cement would make a great garden feature. Having had to do a de-clutter prior to moving I had to get rid of anything that had not been used, sat on or otherwise made use of in the last 6 years, some of which went to the local dechetterie. The helpful chap there used to help me unload my trailer and I came to notice that his wooden hut started to take on a similar look to the inside of my own house. Lovely to read about the bits and pieces that you folks can't bear to part with.    
  5. A little while ago whilst travelling in my camper my GPS failed to start when I wanted to set off to my next destination. No problem I thought, just take off the head assembly turn it upside down and stick something sharp in the hole marked [reset]. Search camper for something sharp to stick in the hole. A fork is no good as the other tines get in the way, and they are too big anyway, don't be silly...cocktail sticks in a camper, I don't think so. What can I take apart that has something small and sharp in it? I had not got any magazines so no staples to prise apart. After a 20 minute search found nothing suitable I thought the solution was to drive out of town to find a supermarket. Found supermarket. Where to find pins, any pins, safety pins perhaps, do they still make them, does France know about safety pins? The last time I saw a safety pin was the one time I tried changing a nappy on middle child (45 years ago) and was more nervous then about jabbing myself than the child (couldn't pluck up the nerve to change a nappy for the first child). Incidentally I refused to have a go at the third child, I mean have you seen that stuff in there?[+o(] Finally found a wrapped pack of safety pins on a stand marked "odds and s ods" at least I reckon it did. Blimey oh riley!!! 8 euros for a pack of about 6 safety pins!! That's the problem with France, where are all the tatooed people with piercings when you want them? In my neck of the woods in the UK there's hundreds of them, one of them would have loaned me something I bet.  
  6. Really sorry we cannot make it this week as I believe crossy curry is on the menu. Is it going to be a pig-out in the park, and is the pig-out short for pigeon?
  7. Thanks for the suggestion but I think the local village shop is all out of falcon's, red kite's and kestrel's, I don't think he asked about a hawk though.
  8. Recently I met somebody whose life is being ruined by pigeons in his eaves, and having been plagued myself by moles (garden type not skin) I know how these things can get to you. I thought his best attempt, if a little tricky, was to balance on a windowsill whilst swiping at them with a broom. I reckon his neighbours think it is a quaint English version of housework rather than pest control though. I suggested a catapult or a fancy water pistol with dye so he could see if the same pigeon comes back.   Anybody else have any suggestions for a very cross pigeon non-fancier?[:D] Edited:- Cos I can't think why I thought there was a D in Pigeon.  
  9. A nice wedding song..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J-3mIpk67c Edited:- Blooming website was slow so I punched the [post] twice.
  10. A nice wedding song..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J-3mIpk67c
  11. No need to worry JJ and Crossy I won't let you down I shall be there, cos I don't have any other friends great or otherwise[:P].
  12. [:-))][:D] I wouldn't even think of trying that. So now how do I feel? A bulldog can do things on a skateboard I couldn't, and a poodle plays the piano better than me.[:$]
  13. I'm impressed with the piano playing as it's better than I could do, and the high notes are pretty good, if a little off-key imho. I particularly like the way he looks around to see if anybody is listening.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcQai--9AHQ
  14. Yes yes yes...that's enough please. Now can pachapapa get on to sorting out this persons right of way/neighbour dispute, I want to see how it's sorted. I feel like I'm a neighbour myself peeping out of my window waiting for it to escalate into some pushing and shoving.
  15. French farmers make use of their synchronised blocking tactics and make it into a piece of art. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCXqyrZcUWQ
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