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  1. La HAS recommande d’utiliser les vaccins à ARNm actuellement disponibles (COMIRNATY ou vaccin Covid-19 Moderna) pour l’administration,  avec leur accord,  de la deuxième dose chez les personnes de moins de 55 ans ayant reçu une première dose du vaccin VAXZEVRIA avec un intervalle de 12 semaines entre les doses.   Source: https://www.has-sante.fr/jcms/p_3260361/fr/avis-n-2021-0027/ac/seesp-du-8-avril-2021-du-college-de-la-haute-autorite-de-sante-concernant-le-type-de-vaccin-a-utiliser-pour-la-seconde-dose-chez-les-personnes-de-moins-de-55-ans-ayant-recu-une-premiere-dose-du-vaccin-astrazeneca-nouvellement-appele-vaxzevria-contre-la-covid-19
  2. Opacité is the diesel smoke test, yours is a diesel engine I presume? As part of the CT they now interrogate the OBD port for stored fault codes, these are only the high level normalised OBDII generic codes common across all manufacturers and are only for safety critical systems like airbags, ABS or those that affect emissions, bulb failure, A/C system pressure low etc will be not be recorded at the level they can interrogate.   So you have a fault with (probably) a sensor, mass airflow, manifold pressure, Lambda sensor etc that has not put your engine outside of the CT emissions requirements but should be attended to as you may be consuming excess fuel & possibly clogging the DPF or catastrophic convertor if fitted.   Not sure why its recorded under Opacité, probably the OBDII check comes under the emissions section.
  3. Travel between regions was never banned, it was another example of what the Boss said that did not make it into the décret or the successive one but everybody, the media especially believed it.   That said everybody should be confined to their homes except for the few "exceptions" permitted and aside from the distance for exercise there are no limitations on distance let alone limiting travel to within the region.   The soundbite of "people will once again be able to travel between régions" was a clumsy attempt at face saving.   l’article 5 de la Déclaration des droits de l’homme et du citoyen - "Tout ce qui n'est pas interdit est permis"
  4. Then my work here is done [:D]   Some good ideas, many of them have already been done and there are brand new buildings like Le Hub & Industrilab with office & workshop space for start ups standing empty aside from the bored out of their heads supermodel receptionists, this area has always managed to raise EU funds to build white éléphants but have never had the savoir faire to exploit them.   And that will be the problem for either letting or selling it for business use, there are literally hundreds of unlet & unsold new energy efficient buildings with rent free deals for 5 years with no property taxes either, the existing businesses just play musical chairs hopping from one to another, in the time that I have been here I have seen ZACS built, occupied & then deserted, there must be 4 ZACS less than 15 years old all completely empty, you cannot give away old commercial property & eventually you have to demolish it to stop paying the property taxes, the whole of the original Airbus factory opposite me will be demolished, the apprentice training school (moved to Industrilab) has already been flattened.   Small serviced units for kinés etc might work, these types seem to be spread all around in garden sheds etc.   The tarmac is very deep and the remblai underneath done properly, you could stand an A380 on it.   In an ideal world I would like to buy the building & tennis court & resell the building but I would have to create something that has value, owning a car park behind all the buildings or to be accurate owning the only road access to it as I do, is the key to being able to develop all the terraced properties, none of them can be converted to residential use or even used as ERP's because of not having parking spaces and them having non compliant street entrances, they are up steep steps from the trottoir and no possibility for a ramp/wheelchair lift, access from the rear car park is level.
  5. I am considering exactly that as one of the options, I know someone doing it already, it comes with its problems of course but I would rather those than the ones I know that come from housing anybody from the locality.   I would appreciate your lateral thinking on another opportunity, there is a large tarmacked area behind me that is a tennis court unused for 20 years, its enclavé and I have the only vehicular access to it, I wanted to buy it to extend my car parking, giving up my existing car park as the access ramp to the new one, now there is no need as even if I were to get customers again there is plenty of on street parking with nobody working at the factory.   It will be for sale next year but only as a job lot with the building next door, I'm not really interested but equally I dont want it going into the hands of anybody else, the outside parking/storage area is 664m2 and I estimate that the single story building is 225m2. It is effectively worthless as nobody would buy an old commercial property, the economy of the area is dead with the "krach" of the aéronautique secteur and there are hundreds of new buildings they are paying people to occupy, I would have extended the hôtel to create a lo-cost budget workers accomodation but thats dead in the water now, it has an asbestos roof so any conversion to domestic use would be uneconomic, its kind of worthless but I dont want anyone else to buy it and the combined properties will have value in a few years.   So given that I can probably sit here being paid to do nothing for next year as well and am desperate for a project, one on my doorstep is very tempting if only I could think of a good way of exploiting the secure outside compound with vehicular access and the building, it does not even need to be a long term thing, just something to trade for a few years to cover the costs of setting up and fitting out.   What ideas do you have? - its the sort of area that would be used by one of the construction equipment  sellers, trailers, motor caravans etc but the building is not really tall enough to use as a workshop with vehicle lifts etc.
  6. [quote user="nomoss"][quote user="Chancer"] Its been an interesting experience being paid not to work and having to turn away business or price myself out of what tiny market that has reappeared in order not to exceed 50% of last years monthly or average turnover or effectively be fined €1500 for doing so.[/quote] I looked at your place on Booking and was surprised at the prices. [/quote]   If you looked recently then unless it was at the beginning of a month then the prices will be deliberately high to put off any potential customers that might be out there, not that there are any but I am just being carefull.   If I take (declare) one centime more than 50% of either the figure for that month last year or the average monthly figure (you pick the highest) then I will lose the €1500 bung from the fonds de solidarité, its why I say I am being paid not to work.   Pretty much the only company sending people here to work have been a saviour to me this summer, they booked 2 apparts for 11 days straight at the end on September just going into October, I had to do a deal with them to split the invoicing between the two months or refuse their custom, so the part carried over plus the one long term rented appartment (a student aged 14 [:-))]) plus one 3 day rental means I cannot accept any more bookings this month, unlike others I cannot take the money and remain closed so I have to use demand pricing.   The recently built 60 room Hôtel Ibis that is usually at 100% from June through to November and always at 100% in July and August close down for the whole of July & August & passed on the one or two bookings they had to people like me, they only re-opened at the end of September and then only Monday - Thursday & they are at about 10% capacity those days.   Last year there were 105 hotel rooms in the town, now there are only 19 of which maybe 3 or 4 are booked at weekends & the Ibis adding 60 in the week of which 5 or 6 are let.
  7. BritinBretagne wrote the following post at 08/10/2020 18:01:ALBF, Don’t forget your friend Chancer made a fortune from his gites. Just as well or I would not have had a fortune to lose this year [:D] Its been an interesting experience being paid not to work and having to turn away business or price myself out of what tiny market that has reappeared in order not to exceed 50% of last years monthly or average turnover or effectively be fined €1500 for doing so. Its given me time to consider and establish my next venture, I now sell pallets and old car tyres and have 4 very good local customers and a rapidly expanding customer base , no sooner do I deliver them than they are ordering more for the next day, honestly you would think that they are burning them or something [:D]
  8. I am only now picking up these things because I took an abonnement to the Courrier Picard during the confinement to fill my time. I doubt that its in the interests of the Mairie to talk about or publish these things, they do owe the owners some sort of confidentiality regarding their finances, the notices that I have read are the final public appeal for the owners to come forward before the Tribunale takes control. I have a friend 1ière adjoint of the village under the flightpath of the aéroport, he is a fervent opponent and is mounting a campaign to oppose the extension of the runway from 2.2km to 3.5km. He was in disbelief when I told him that there had already been a public enquiry to extend the servitude de dégagement around the aéroport which would allow such an extension although it was never mentioned then. There were expositions and permanences in 3 Mairies for a week at a time and there were no visitors and no objections written or oral, he knew nothing about it they had done it so much on the sly and used other Mairies & not the ones like his that would be affected. 
  9. [quote user="Mandy"]Can he insist on selling the house at a low price just to get back his costs ie. €40k? [/quote]   In a way yes but it wont be him doing the selling or making the decision but the Mandataire Judiciare.   I am making the assumption that if they have no way of contacting you then the property taxes will not have been paid, those together with the demolition costs will be registered against your property as hypothèques, I know about this subject because I bought my hôtel direct from the Mandataire.   When the permission is sought of the Tribunale de Grande Instance to sell the property to recover the debts their only obligation is to sell it for enough to cover the debts and the Mandataire Judiciare & Notaires fees, not a centime more and its easy for a bidder to find out what is owed via any Notaire.   The €40K may be a trigger point because thats what I paid for mine.  
  10. The Mairie will have gone through the correct procédures in trying to contact you including a legal notice in the regional newspaper before having the right, in fact the obligation to act in your absence and on your behalf in the interests of public safety. A hypothèque will have been raised against your property so you could never sell it without the Mairie being repaid their costs plus interest. I read these notices frequently and quite a large proportion show the owners have English names and the last recorded addresses in the UK, often what looks like family members so perhaps they were inheritances. Often they can take a very long time to go through, a property is currently finally being demolished in another town that has been abandoned and uninhabited for 45 years.   Where there is a danger to the public they have to act much faster, they would otherwise not speculatively have spent €40K having no idea if you would come forward to pay it.
  11. I'm fine, never been better, thanks for your concern. [:D]
  12. [quote user="Cathar Tours"]"I am surprised that you dont know anyone with a Free.fr ADSL abonnement as they are I believe the major FAI in France because all of their landline numbers start with 09." Why would I?[/quote]   Well I assumed that you knew at least some people when you said that you know of nobody whose number started with 09, had you said "personally I dont know anyone" then it would have been clear.
  13. [quote user="Cathar Tours"] I personally don’t know of anyone with a number that starts with 09 [/quote]   I am surprised that you dont know anyone with a Free.fr ADSL abonnement as they are I believe the major FAI in France because all of their landline numbers start with 09.   You can keep your old landline number for example 0123456789 and people can call you on that but when you call out, and most use the ligne fixe as the calls are free, then the number that you are calling from will be 09xx456789
  14. I rapidly adapted to monocular vision and was very happy that way, but I could also wear monocular corrected long vision glasses, remove them for close work and adapt immediately, its the progression of the longsightedness in the unoperated on eye that means I have lost the intermediate vision and probably aggravated by the growing cataract.   Neither system considers it acute enough to operate but in terms of quality of life I struggle to do what Ilove to do with glasses be it bricolage or sport.   Thanks for your précisions, when I wore multifocaux contact lenses everthing was great when they worked, when they were correctly aligned and formed to the eye, I believe that with implants my vision would be just like that and I think that you have confirmed that.   The progressive lenses I have tried have been from the net then also a local optician, its not a problem with me adapting but that they are just unusable, to see long distance more than say 4 metres there is just a tiny bit at the top and I have to have my head tipped all the time, for reading its just a tiny bit in the centre at the bottom, I cant read a line of text, only one or two words at a time.   When you wear your progressive glasses and have binocular vision, you can read the vehicle instrument panel but would you have to remove the glasses to read a newspaper, use the computer, read the instructions on packaging etc?   I realise that there will be times i need to put on reading glasses, small print, bad light, precision work etc but I want to be able to do DIY without constantly switching between pairs of glasses.
  15. Can you explain why you need to wear the progressive specs for me Nomoss please?   I have eyes as you describe, one had the cataract op after a detached retina and a series of post op recidives, one for close one for long and it was great until the last couple of years, I have a cataract developing in the good eye which now needs spectacles because of an astigmatism.   My problem which is rapidly worsening is losing intermediate vision, working at arms length, finding things on the bench or that have fallen on the floor,  selecting stuff from shop rayons (keep purchasing the wrong articles) reading glasses OK for close, distance glasses for long but lacking the inbetween, progressive lenses dont work for me because of the big difference between +ve correction in one eye and -ve in the other.   Multi-focaux contact lenses work well but move around and seperate from the curvature of the eye so are only effective maybe 10% of the time and are a huge hindrance the rest of the time.   I have decided to have elective lens replacement surgery with multi-focaux lenses to both eyes as the best solution, they will need to fit a tandem lens to the existing one. I am concerned however that you have to wear glasses in addition to your implanted lenses.   I am hoping that its because the multi-focaux ones were not available then and your long distance eye has developed like mine with advancing presbyte and that if you had multi-focaux lens implants the glasses would not be needed.   Really interested to hear as its a lot of money that I am about to commit to a one way trip.   dont visit the forum often so could you PM me when you reply or reply by PM if you prefer.   Many thanks. 
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